CANADA: Follow-up on the Cover-up of the Halifax school story where Syrian Muslim refugee children are abusing and assaulting Canadian children

Parents and students CONFIRM that Syrian Muslim refugee children are choking, slapping, and threatening Canadian students in their school.

ORIGINAL STORY: canadian-media-cover-up-of-muslim-refugee-children-using-chains-to-choke-a-9-year-old-canadian-girl-with-a-chain


The Rebel  Last week an article by the Chronicle Herald detailed multiple instances of Syrian refugees assaulting Canadian children. The article featured comments by a woman nicknamed “Missy” who explained how her daughter had been choked with a chain and her son had been visibly threatened on the soccer field.


The story was pulled soon after it was posted with members of the left-wing media decrying the story as “racist,” “Islamophobic,” “xenophobic” or simply just not true. In place of the story, an apologetic message was left in its place saying the story needed more research and was “insensitive” to the refugees.


Multiple parents and even one student spoke to Rebel reporter Faith Goldy who confirmed initial reports in the Herald’s story. We sat down with Missy, a mother quoted in the original story. She says she feared backlash, and being branded a bigot. Missy said that she had run out options at the school after learning her daughter was allegedly choked twice in one week by two different refugee students.

Missy said, “it’s happening a lot. And it hasn’t just been this week. There has been numerous things that have happened. Not just with my kids.” She also confirmed that  that refugees had shouted “Muslims rule the world” while choking her daughter.


“They stopped intramurals in school due to rough play. The kids are being slammed to the ground, choked, and hit. It’s not fair,” she said.

Days after being choked for a second time, Missy’s daughter was allegedly slapped across the face by a refugee student. When Missy reported the incidents to the principal, she ran into another child with a welt on her face after she, too, was smacked. Missy told The Rebel that addressing bullying of any sort is a problem school-wide; but now, there seems to be a double standard at play.


Another parent who didn’t want her name used, spoke to us and revealed that her daughter had also been slapped in the face by a Syrian refugee. But when the mother’s daughter told the school they simply told her to not approach the refugee students. “[The school] told her not to go near them, walk away, that’s their solution for everything.”

We reached out to Halifax Regional School Board spokesperson, Doug Hadley, so see if these allegations were being investigated. He said:

“We have to stand up and stop allowing people target a specific group or suggest groups of people behave in a certain way based on who they are and where they’re from. We have to be tolerant of all people and respect their differences. Students have to follow the rules, but we have no indication that any of the allegations in that original article actually happened.”


He then said that no student or parent had come forward, which was a direct contradiction to what the parents we had spoken to told us.

“When we look at the specific allegations … we ask the school what do you know about this… they tell us not only did they not see anyone doing those things, no parent, no student ever came forward to tell an adult that this was a problem or it would have been dealt with immediately.”

“Some of the parents at the centre of this article, the school was speaking to just last week and will continue to speak with them,” Hadey admitted despite the fact he just claimed no student or parent had come forward about the refugee problem.

So, which was it? We asked one mom if she thought there is a cover up at Chebucto Heights right now. She answered:

“Yes, I do. They gotta look good is what it is. Nobody wants to believe children are being bullied and nobody’s doing anything about it but it’s the truth.”

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