Oh, NOES! Designated Terrorist Group CAIR thinks Trump’s new Connecticut campaign headquarters is too close to a mosque

 mongi_dThe head of the Hamas-linked Connecticut Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is in panic mode after Donald Trump’s campaign opened up its state headquarters within spitting distance of a mosque…(making it easier to round up all the Muslim illegals and deport them after Trump becomes president?)


BizPac Review (h/t Mike F)   Trump’s campaign opened up a headquarters in Berlin, Conn., Tuesday ahead of the state’s primary on April 26 with 71 delegates at stake, the Record Journal reported. The Republican presidential candidate will be visiting Hartford Friday.

About three miles away from the New York billionaire’s headquarters is the mosque for the Islamic Association for Greater Hartford, which has drawn the ire of Mongi Dhaouadi, executive director for the Connecticut Council of American-Islamic Relations.

“Obviously we believe in free speech (NO, nothing like that is obvious when it comes to Muslims), and Mr. Trump has the right to organize anywhere,” Dhaouadi told the Record-Journal. “We are concerned though that they are a few miles away based on various things we’ve seen at rallies. We’ve seen violence and they are quite tense. We will continue to come to the mosque, and we will listen to everybody as long as the discourse is civil.”