IN FINLAND, parents of pre-teen white Christian girls don’t mind that their young daughters are hanging out with Muslim men who are two and three times their age

Screen-Shot-2016-04-14-at-3.44.39-PM-448x600Images have surfaced on the Finnish image board ylilauta of adult Muslim migrants and their preteen white girlfriends posing on Instagram and Facebook in the Finnish city of Saarijärvi. The men of Arab Muslim descent in their 20’s-40’s are seen posing with the young girls with captions such as “Beautiful” “My baby” and “I love you.” And the parents of these girls aren’t in jail?

Anongalatic  (h/t Ellen H) On contacting the families of some of the girls, we were told,  “they are just friends, it’s normal for adult guys to call young girls beautiful and tell them they love them.” Obviously, in Finland as it is in the west, this is not normal behavior.


In another conversation the mother of one of the children states “That’s pretty normal for adult males to be hanging out with 13 [year old] girls.” Another parent said her girl was supervised by adults.

According to one of the girls mothers works at a migrant camp. Her child is believed to be 10 and the parents are trying to teach her kids to be more multicultural and accepting.


This is not the first instance of pedophilia among refugees. Teenage boys are being raped in the Calais Jungle, aid workers have claimed, amid concerns over the lack of child protection measures in place in the refugee camp – and the risks of abuse facing thousands of displaced children across the continent.


Medical volunteers helping those camped outside the French town told The Independent they have treated seven boys aged between 14 and 16 in the past six months. who claimed to have been raped. They all had injuries consistent with these claims.


Another boy was allegedly brutally raped in southwestern Vienna by a 20-year-old refugee in the changing rooms at a swimming pool.

The anons on the image board followed the images to find the girls and warned their parents but were met with the mothers and older sisters telling the anons that this behavior is normal. Why are they so worried to say it as it is?

Asylum seekers in Finland with preteen girls 4

It would seem like Swedes and Fins would rather not talk about this issue, after all, they are just innocent refugees who come from a violent and war torn country, they don’t know how to act in our countries.

Asylum seekers in Finland with preteen girls 7

Today, Europe is facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Sweden alone took in nearly 163,000 refugees in 2015, according to the country’s migration service.


Refugees have been the cause of many problems in Europe in recent months. Mass rapes in Cologne, rapes of aid workers in refugee camps and the gang rape of a 12 year old boy are just a few things.

Sweden alone saw 77% of it’s rapes commited by it’s 2% Muslim population. Finland is taking in only 750 a year and are already experience troubles. When will Europe learn?

Asylum seekers in Finland with preteen girls 8


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  1. Time to Nuke Sweden and Finland. This is beyond disgusting. Soon I think enough people will have been disgusted enough by religion, Islam in particular, and demand they be eradicated from the planet. It cannot happen too soon for me. I just hope it is as painful as possible for these cockroach scum. They deserve life in hell. I wish it existed.

  2. You ask, “Why aren’t the parents of these girls in jail?” Because the ones who would prosecute for such an offense are the very ones who are promoting it.

  3. There is no God! Most of the people who posted pure hate in the name of God. In your fairy tale land of heaven and he’ll did it ever occur to anyone that this was staged to make sure you hate with extreme prejudice? Or perhaps different LOOKING people have relatives in a different country. You people make John Lennon and me sick with your one way thinking Christianity! Keep hating in you’re hell.

    • Hey butt buddy….wanna know the one sure thing about life? In the game of life, nobody gets out alive. You see one day (sooner the better for you), you will breathe your last breath and your spirit, soul, whatever you want to call it, will depart your body and you will be instantly present in front of the God who created you. At that specific point in time how do you plan on explaining to God that there is no God? Just because YOU choose not to believe something doesn’t make it any less real.

      You see, I want to believe Islam is truely a beautiful religion of peace, but that belief will not, even for one second, change the fact that pisslam is an evil, satanic, pedophilic, death cult.

  4. I wanna throw up! I’m a Muzzie and I don’t even trust or like the looks of these guys. That smirking dude at the top? Oh Yeah! Something shitty gonna happen to those kids at some point of time alright!

    By the way, Trump’s having a homerun in today’s primaries. Wooo hooo! Trump Train is steadily cruising to D.C. Praying hard for No Convention!

    • Why would you lie about being one of those things? it doesn’t add anything, no actual mudslime’s would refer to themselves as a “muzzie” it only makes me question your motives.

  5. Say nice parenting. letting their daughter date people as old as their parents.(same girl on photos??) I gather the thought of gangrape and murder never crossed their minds?? Idiot much??

  6. Absolutely mind numbing, that the parents of these children are allowing this to go on, they are literally sacrificing their children on the PC altar. Every one of these parents should be placed in prison for excessive child endangerment. This is what the muslim in the white mosque has in store for the USA. Obviously these are devout muslims, following in the footsteps of their pedophile prophet moohammed.

  7. The children should be removed from the parents. Any parent who exposes their children to scum like this is not fit to have them.

  8. WTF is wrong with the parents? I expect this from Muslims as even their prophet was a pedophile, so nothing they do is surprising anymore. But the parents? They should be doing everything they can to stop this from happening and protecting their daughters and sons.

    If I had a young daughter hanging out with a grown man and acting like a couple, much less a Muslim, I would be outrage. I would want them nowhere near my kids if I had any.

    I am guessing the Viking spirit died and was replace with corruption.

  9. TRUMP is the only person who can stop this madness. He will bomb the shit out of Isis and get rid of Muslims. Please volunteer for his campaign and don’t even think of voting for anyone else.

  10. Hopefully some how these pics will be seen by authorities if there are any in this country so this can be investigated. Why in the word would these little girls be sitting on the laps of the pieces of garbage. Why have these guys with their arms around them? I want to know the back story. If this one of my kids and one of these losers so much as looked at my kids I would casterate them and gouge their eyes out. American men wouldn’t stand for this. These European men must be compete losers.

  11. Canada has a problem too -

    • Not to mention the junior savages who are choking girls and uttering death threats at the school in Halifax. The media hushed it this savagery because it was deemed “racist” to report the truth about Syrian savages.

      Ezra Levant / the Rebel is one of the only (Canadian) sources of truth re: muslim savages, and have reported on the Halifax savages. The rest of the media pretty much (except for BNI:) is silent.

        • Beheadings not withstanding, these pictures of these young girls from Finland
          Sitting with pieces of dogshit are probably the most despicable I’ve seen. These people are really centuries back in mentality, with low one digit IQs. Are they sitting in these Finland parents homes?
          If so, why? Who took these pictures? The Finland people are afraid, they are very afraid. Wil their pussified government help them? Will the next pictures be of these girls kneeling naked blowing these guys?
          Will that be considered normal too?
          ISIS=Insane Sadistic Infantry of Satan
          ISIS=Insane Sadistic Infantry of Lucifer
          Death to Islam.

      • You are the only one who has any sense. How can the world look at pictures, make assumptions and believe that the biggest egotistical bigot is going to save 10yr Olds when he is plotting WWIII? He will get the bad guys and every child who isn’t his as well.

  12. Did the moslems pay off the parents? Where are the parents if I can even call them that. What the hell is going on over there. Have people completely lost their minds? Doesn’t anyone care about what’s in store for them if they fall for their evil cultism. Damn.

  13. Is it just me that sees the same girl in about 5 of these pics? Is it just the few girls pimped– er I mean friends with muslim men?

  14. I’ve always thought that our only hope is that, when things turn REALLY ugly and we have to fight, whatever fight remains in us will be basically for our children’s future, and I do not mean only our biological children, but our younger generation in its entirety. Therefore, when I see sickening pictures like these, I can’t help feeling a cold sweat down my spine, for the thought starts looming its ugly head that maybe we Europeans are so far, far gone as a race, as a culture, as a civilisation, that we’re even surrendering our own children. If that’s the case, then all is lost. We can only hope most parents would not be as sickeningly deluded as these are.

  15. This is so perverted that I can hardly wrap my brain around it. The parents are as sick and twisted as the moslem perverts! You can’t tell me that the parents aren’t getting something out of this, whether it be some emotional, sexual or financial gain, these parents should be investigated and put under scrutiny! Look at these poses, the children’s body language goes against their facial expressions!! This is sick! All I can think of is that this is why these men masterbate in jacuzzis! These parents, at the least, give their children over to sexually arouse them, they leave their homes and go out into the community and rape the unsuspecting innocent. They’re getting lap dances and these parents think it’s wonderful. Children should be removed from the homes and parents should be sterilized!!

      • This is one of the most repulsive posts that you’ve ever put out! These little GIRLS are not old enough to know what’s going on! They are NOT!! I remember a young man whose intentions may have been above board pursuing me when I was 13. My dad told my brothers, “You know what to do with this.”. He sent me flowers, jewelry, professed his love. I couldn’t fathom why my parents hated him. I think he was 20, maybe 19. My mother told me that any MAN who can’t find a woman his own age, has ” problems “. Still, I didn’t understand what the issue was. I’ m sure these CHILDREN don’t either, but their parents should! Hell, I wasn’t even allowed on a single date until I was 16!! I felt so alienated from my peers. Now, quite a few of them are single mothers barely surviving while trying to support 2/3 children on their own. Me, I’m doing just fine😊

        How can these parents prostitute their own children? I can’t understand why they would give up their little girls and then publicize it . Are they themselves trying to impress everyone with how tolerant they are( like Pope Francis)? Or are they being paid to do this? One cannot be a good parent and at the same time be a friend.

        To those in the US, watch your daughters. Especially in the Southwestern States. There are many reported incidents of human trafficking of young girls. Most are offered modeling assignments and are being found (when they are found) in Las Vegas, locked up for months with no contact with the outside world. Guess who loves Vegas?? If you guessed Saudis, you win!! Let your daughters know that there are legitimate modeling agencies that require portfolios and they are NOT recruiting in malls and on street corners! Too many reports and bulletins coming out on this AND agents are NOT looking for models on face book!!! You’d think suckerburger would worry about this rather than some moslem feelings being hurt, but your daughters are not his priority!!!!

  16. Morons. Obviously they’ve never heard of Rotherham. Those girls will soon be raped or coerced into sex, if they haven’t already been, or forced into prostitution. And if they resist, they will be beaten severely and/or killed.

  17. We got all our views on what to do with Muslims,cmost would probably like to see every one killed.

    The trouble is how to get out of this mess, when most world governments have one or the other party that has ruled for years and have taken countries down the garden path onecway ticket to hell.

    If you got a better idea do tell, but this is the only one I can give is power of prayer. But I still believe in Godly miracles and we need to take up the Cross of Christ. I donnot mean the one he was nailed to on the Cross but the one Constantine’s vision of the Chi-Rho. First two letters of Christ in Greek to form the Labarum. In the vision was “In this sign you shall conquer” He did and made the Roman Empire Christiam.

    We have let it go after his deaths as Christian faiths could not unite as he wanted.

    I stii say that we should take up the Chi-Rho and wear it.

    I managed to get a belt from Russia with the Chi-Rho buckle. Belt is good and strong. One can find msny types from rings, brooches to cups, all sorts of prices. It did take awhile for it to get from Russiavto Australia but I get it. Pity other countries do not make it close to home.

    Please take up the Cross of Christ, I only wish it may have the power it did then with many wearing. Constantine had all his troops mark their shields.

    Just remember Christ came to free us and we crucified a innocent mam without sin. In his desth he bore our sins to set us free from sin. The only thing he asks is that you believe in him and that he is the Son of God, and in his ressurection showed he had power over life and death. . There is no noose around ones neck, not like Islam, lleave Islam and your dead.

    I am certain you can be a better Christisn than me, but I will not let people tear his name to shreds. I will try and defend his name although many others do better than me.

  18. If this was white men doing this in the UK – it would be all over the news, communities in uproar – they guys would have the crap kicked out them and put on the sex offender list!

    But if it’s muslim men or men from South Asia as the British press reports!! – nothing would be done.

    God – I hate our left wing, liberal press and media. The UK is slowly sinking along with Europe – when will we wake up and stop this invasion?

    • “God – I hate our left wing, liberal press and media.” …
      Absolutely right Mike, the lying MSM are the biggest perpetrators of ALL the evil that is advancing across the world today. They have been obfuscating, twisting, and outright lying about the truth of things for at least 45 years. And there are utter fools (raca) who still follow them blindly.

  19. What comes around goes around.
    Don’t you want to destroy every Muslim, to help restore peace, but also remove those that back Islam as they are just as evil

    As much as I see what is happening and hate what I see also stems from the free society these countries adapted and, I belive in stripping away Christian values. There is a darker side to Scandinavia where the Vikings participated with the Muslims in the slave trade.

    To me the only reason the Mediterranean, and Atlantic slave trade stopped considerable was it wss costing European countries and USA lots of money. Not for the people but money brought on the end to the Barbary Coast pirates with Battle of Derne. US Marines first engagement overseas.

    Islam’s Role in the Viking & Atlantic Slave Trades

    • Dear knightsstrength; I too have been saying all along that until every Muslim on the face of this earth is “removed” from the face of this earth … there will be no chance of peace upon it. There is no other way to combat Islamic jihad unless we are willing to wage it in return with equal or greater brutality. I am a knight. I am a fighter. I descend from a family of Spanish knights who fought in Reconquista. My wife’s 32 great uncle was Master of Templars in England. I know the history all too well and we seemed doomed to repeat it. I would be willing to go to war (at my advanced age) just to try to save Western Civilization for my descendants and theirs. It is in my blood. But I can’t get people around me to even understand how serious an issue this is. I try every day because the only way I know of (at present) to combat this evil is to try to enlighten the people around me. Point them to blogs like BNI and others. Compel them to study Islam’s Satanic practices. Let them know that the pedophilia shown here is real and is socially acceptable in the Islamic world.

  20. These North European Scandinavians (Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, and Finns) are an embarrassment to their Viking ancestors.

    • I agree Bob. I am a Viking descendent and can’t believe what has become of these once great nations of WARRIORS. Even their women were warriors!

      • I have to admit this leaves me a little shaken. I was soooo hoping we would see the females of the a Western nations waking up and becoming moma Bears, but this looks like capitulation from the strongest arm of our society, the Mother instinct. It is devastating to see this filth just walking in and taking over. Well we will either roll over and pee on ourselves or we will arm up… Promanutis promanitus… Forewarned is forearmed!

  21. These parents live in a fairy tale, obviously…

    This is really happenning here in Europe. I’m French, and I can say medias lie to us, no one can see anything of what’s really going on.

    “Migrants” juste arrived everywhere, if you say you don’t want them you’re juste called a racist, and you’re told racism is worst than being raped because it lasts longer.

    I’m shocked people can only imagine these people are peaceful and juste want to live among us. The truth is that they destroy, steal, rape and spit on us.

    This is the only thing they do, anyway.

  22. Have some pride White European men and women. Do not lay with these mud races. You pollute the race. Every other race is allowed to be proud of who they are. You have been beaten into submission. Resist or perish.

    • This isn’t about race and this isn’t stormfront. This is about the dangers of Muslims and how they oppress other minorities yet cry oppress if they are minorities. How they kill, rape, etc….don’t be fooled by thinking Muslim is a race, it is a political ideology and there are Muslims from all background.

      If you really care about your people and culture, I suggest focusing on stopping Muslims and the Left or there would be nothing else left.

  23. This is disgusting, shows how nords are really retarded when dealing with migrants. What parents would leave their children with strangers, let alone muslim strangers?
    Guess the motto up north is, “If I’m the nicest person in the world, all ppl will be nice to me”….
    mmm, no they won’t.
    There’s a lot of evil in this world, which can’t be cured with love alone.


    • Michal, Poland is leading by example. I’m in Spain, and I can truly say I envy your guts, guys. Keep up the good work.

    • Keep doing what you guys are doing in Poland. Poland, Russia, Romania, etc…are the only ones protecting their country and people from being destroyed by these scum. You guys are our last hope (unless Trump wins, which is looking grim, America as I know will be gone for good and most our leaders affect other parts of the world as well. Europe is falling, etc,,,soon Muslims will take over the world if we don’t do something now).

  25. Ok, well, it’s clear to me now-Western Europe has gone suicidal.
    I had always thought that the leftist mental disorder would stop as soon as the lefties are personally attacked-killed, injured, beaten, raped. I thought the problem was they lived far enough away from muslim no-go zones and that’s what kept them from facig reality; that most leftists lived in their utopian hashtag world and simply wouldn’t open their eyes unless they are PERSONALLY harmed by the muslims.
    Seems like I was wrong-they all have just gone completely suicidal. If parents lose their instincts to protect their CHILDREN, then that’s it.You yourself may endure a lot if things for the sake of your illusion and ideology; but the moment you consciously decide to sacrifice your own child in the process…that’s just it.
    Why don’t the parents of these poor little girls just throw them into a cage of hungry hyenas at the zoo? Prety much the same result.

    This is so sickening!!!!

    • It is mind numbing isn’t it Elle, Makes me feel nauseated looking at these vile creatures whose HIGHEST aim in life is to be just like their sexually deviant, pedophile, “prophet” fondling these once innocent littl girls. Where are all the “feminists” fools on this. Whenever they don’t speak out for these things it makes it very clear that they really could care less about, women’s rights, and well being. The feminists are gutless wonders.Real females speak up for their own in every situation.

      • Don-the word ‘feminism’ has long lost its true meaning. Today’s ‘feminists’ are a bunch of fluffy deranged bunnies, offended by their own shadows, and demanding safe spaces with kittens and baloons in them, and trigger warnings and war on microaggressions (whateve f*ck that is). These people all suffer from a severe leftie mental disorder.Most normal women despise the SJW posse.
        But when they pimp their little children out…Then you can really see how rotten their morals are, how they decompose as we speak.

        Cure for cancer will have to wait-we need a vaccine for a blind madness now sweeping through Europe!

        • So right Elle, the thing that got my attention first and drew me to Mr. Trump was his coming out about to the need to stop the Muslims. ISSLIME is THE. Number one glaring, worst problem in the entire world today.

    • Leftists do it all the time through abortion. What the hell kind of mother would murder their own child because they are an inconvenience.

      • And right there is where we have kicked God out of the equation, Mrs. P. If this whole thing is fulfilling prophecy, as I fully believe it is, we are soon going to see the hand of a God who has had enough.

  26. This is so creepy. What makes it worse is, when I was growing up nearly every mozlem male I met or was left alone w/ tried to rape me. If I had kids, I’d never leave them alone w/ a mozlem male – from any mozlem nation.

  27. In the minds of these Muslims, because the parents are encouraging/condoning ‘friendship’ with their underage girls, are they interpreting this as ‘permission’ to rape? They will certainly use it as a defence when the inevitable occurs.

  28. I’ve just noticed another man in the shadows, taking up the same position with a young girl. These kids need to be made to concentrate on their education not sexual titillation for refugees ‘in need’.

  29. It would be bad enough if the young girl in pic with man and two other girls, was sitting on the man’s knee, but it appears that her little bottom is planted on his genitals. No-one could persuade me that this man does not feel excited by this closeness.
    Truly disgusting.

    • This is absolutely disgusting. Posting these pics should be evidence of grooming. In one of them it’s looks like they are laying down for crying out loud! Does no one read the news up there? Come on…this is just pure insanity. What kind of idiot parents let their young girls sit on the lap of foreign men?

  30. Islam is the religion of peace!

    That when after the large scale raping and murdering everyone converts to Islam and the land goes from Dar al harm (land of war) to Dar al Islam (land of peace)

    Look at afganistan. They are 100% Muslim, which is the same vote sadam hussien got.

    They are the model embodiment of peace

    The quicker CAIR and Obama destroy America the more peaceful you will become.

  31. Finland doesn’t exactly have a large native population! They’ll be overrun by these slime balls in no time. This is so sickening and difficult to wrap my head around! These parents should be shot( I live in Texas, soooo). Seriously, can’t the parents go to jail for allowing this craziness to happen? I guess no one gives a damn in that part of the world!

    • I know the feeling. I’m from Texas as well. They would not be able to get away with that down here in Dixie. They would get shot and wouldn’t survive. Not only that but the law would be on our side. This is what happens when citizens aren’t allowed to have guns. I can tell those little girls already done lost their innocence. Makes my Texas blood boil.

      • Nikki,

        Good for you! I sure hope you, and all Americans who visit BNI, are voting for Trump and volunteering for his campaign, as he is the ONLY one who can or will stop these filthy savages.

        • I am so shocked and angry about this insanity! I was born and raised in the US. I grew up in Fla. I’ve lived in Texas for 35 yrs. I’m of Northern European heritage(1/4 Swedish). My Swedish grandmother,if she were still around,would horrified by these present- day Scandinavians! My entire family always voted Rebublican. Not me,I was the liberal Democrat,until the last few years! The older I became,I also became more conservative. Obama, unintentionally, opened my eyes! I realized he was taking us all on a dangerous ride,along with,Clinton,etc. God help us, and the world,if we don’t take care of our kids! The future for all of us! At least here in Texas,these scum bags would be shot,first. I hope!

    • Further to my last posting, this raping of very young girls in Britain (from about ten years old and up to probably fourteen) has been going on for a long time. It was outed and made public by Nick Griffin who was arrested and charged with Race Hate in 2004. It was not generally in the news until around 2012 when everyone was “in shock” that such a thing could happen. But by that time it had been going on FOR AROUND THIRTY YEARS. Councils, police, Social workers and the press had put a tight lid on it.

      Also, the journalist most given credit for reporting the story actually sat through the Nick Griffin trial KNOWING GRIFFIN WAS TELLING THE TRUTH but did not speak up because Griffin was of “The Far Right” Not actually true but what is “the Far Right ” ?).

      • Michael, I believe it has been going on for longer than 30 years. UK authorities knew all about it. The gang raping, torturing and forced prostitution and sex slavery of Britain’s little white girls always had the full approval of UK authorities. They ALLOWED it and continue to allow it.

        It’s profoundly evil that Nick Griffin was arrested and jailed for telling the TRUTH that Muslims were gang raping, torturing and sexually enslaving Britain’s innocent children which is clearly regarded by evil authorities as completely ACCEPTABLE and to be ALLOWED.

        What UK authorities considered UNACCEPTABLE was for Nick Griffin to tell the public what dirty, demonic, savage, INHUMAN Muslim monsters — the Spawn of Satan, were doing to Britain’s children — targeted for SATANIC SEXUAL TERRORISM by Muslims because they’re non-Muslim WHITE CHRISTIANS.

        British authorities regard it a ‘CRIME’ to seek to PROTECT defenceless, innocent white, Christian children from SATANIC MUSLIM SEXUAL TERRORISTS and therefore arrested and prosecuted Nick Griffin.

        The wicked authorities respond to the Huge, Satanic Muslim Sexual Terrorism of Britain’s little white Christian girls by massively increasing Muslim immigration into Britain in order to massively increase the gang rapes, tortures and sexual enslavement of Britain’s most precious possession — her children.

        • Linda, the sad Brits have completely lost their moorings, they have been drifting about for over 60-70 years. They never had real strong attachments to God but at one time they at least did try to follow Christian principals. “Stand for nothing you will fall for anything” . Really quite sad, I have always loved Britain, my granddad was a Brit.

    • That “one day” is today my friend…..this world that stands by and allows this and all of the other insane and morose situations to continue, deserves exactly what they are just STARTING to receive…..I just despise that God given innocence gets slaughtered before it has any opportunity to be lived out. I know, I was a “pimped” 13 year old and it’s a lifetime of memories. Thanks to a Loving and Supportive Family along with the Grace of an even MORE LOVING and MERCIFUL God, I’ve had an awesome, richly Blessed life after I was able to get through years and years of recovery. This Islam….the “peaceful” religion, is not one bit short of a religion alright…’s SATANS ONLY RELIGION. Get prepared for revelation to take full swing, for we’re about to do full spiritual/physical battle …..time to put on the armor of God and make our way HOME. Be well and Be Blessed all…..

      • Pam D just too good not to respond to. That is the attitude we are so going to have to have. God bless you and all the other folks here with the same readiness attitude

    • Scandinavian free society break down of Christian values and teachings left the door right open when not taught the dangers of Islam right under our noses.

      I wonder where have our churches been, our politicians toopen the flood gates.

      Love to take the politicians hang them with their families.

      • “Where have our churches been?” Good question! Can you imagine if rather than moslem immigrants, the photos taken would have been with Catholic Priests? It would have been an international incident that would have been pounded on nonstop by msm!! or, what if one of these photos had been (God forbid) a TRUMP supporter??? Instead, crickets. Bastard media whores don’t report the truth!!

  32. I just can’t even begin to fathom my parents thinking it was ok for a female child to “hang out” with adult males, no matter what their race or country of origin. If a vehicle ever approached me, and a male driver offered me candy, I was told to run away. Of course, I didn’t understand what could happen. If a carload of adult males drove up to my house, told my dad that they were my friends, and wanted to hang out with me at my house, or wanted me to drive off with them, all hell would break loose. My dad would be screaming and punching, all the neighbors would be outside to see what was happening, and the cops would be called.
    Why don’t these parents think it is weird that adult males want to hang out with little girls?

    • Exactly Liz! I wouldn’t even let my once teenage girls date boys more than a year or so older than they were. Older boys or men and young girls are not a good combination! My father, God rest his soul even went so far as to tell me after the birth of my first daughter to NEVER, NEVER, EVER leave my child alone in the company of ANY man except her father including grandfathers. Of course my girls were perfectly safe in his presence but he was making a very important point so I would never just blindly trust anyone as to their safely. Remember most children are molested by either a male relative or someone they know. He was a very wise man, as my mother had been molested by a male relative, the good news is myself, my 2 sisters and all 8 of my parent’s granddaughters (yup, only girls) grew up unmolseted.

    • Worse still when we hear about the child abuse, prostitution, rapes, torture, and deaths in their own country and overseas.

      What is wrong with them and put aside their ways and fight to protect their children and homes.

  33. These kids will think its normal to be raped and pimped out by Muslim Vermin after all mum and dad say its ok.The photos are chilling,it takes no imagination to see whats going on here,the parents should be charged with child abuse/child rape and the kids for their own safety taken into care,as for the Muslim Vermin,gaol and deportation.

  34. When this happens in America, the news will report a tally every evening of the numbers of Muslim savages killed by patriots.

  35. Something is desperately wrong with the parents. It appears that Europe is simply a continent of the living dead.

  36. Parents are chicken shits. They fear these Muslim scum bags. Kill them and take back your country and children sissy cowards.

  37. Puzzling at the least. They are thousands of miles from me, so I am not going to get distraught about it. Nothing I can do.

    Multiculturalism is a mistake. Social mores and customs do not mix. This human engineering doesn’t work.

    Hundreds of African “migrants” drowned today in the Med. Like so fuckin’ what? Yeah they were human beings, but what the fuck were they doing crossing hundreds of miles of salt water in non sea worthy vessels? How can poor agrarian people afford to pay the smugglers? This is where guys like Soros come in. He’s paying the traffickers! Should have his nuts cut off and shoved down his miserable throat!

    Some liberal/marxist mo fo’s are planning and financing this entire fiasco, world wide! It has the same modis operandi every where you look. It is about moving millions of Muslims into places they have never been and do not belong. The only countries I do hear or read about are in Central and South America, China, Japan, and eastern Europe. Hungary, Poland, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and some of the Balkan Countries.

    And Israel! No Muslims migrating to Israel!

  38. What is going on? These are not even pre-teens these are little girls. They look about 10. Why are they alone with adult men? What’s the back story? Why aren’t the police involved?

  39. The Norwegians have an old saying: “A Swede is a Norwegian with the brains knocked out.” (Yes, I know it sounds racist. I’m sorry, but I’m trying to make a point, so please bear with me.) I’ve met Swedes that this saying definitely did not apply to and Norwegians that it did. But the Finns — I thought they were a grade above, but I guess I was wrong. What kind of drugs are currently going around in Scandinavia, anyway? And who is selling them?

    • Marylou, Norwegians are as pussy as Swedish. No difference whatsoever. I have lived in this country for many years now and they are cowards (with very, very few exceptions)

      I have shown these pictures to my 11 year old daughter and warn her that the person she should fear the most is not a Muslim man after she poses with him for a picture, BUT ME. She knows if she even gets close to think about doing something like this she is going to get in deep shit with me.

      If I ever feel she gets friendly with these guys, I will show her the videos of what Muslims do to each other. I know som of you will say this is cruel, but there is nothing I am not willing to do to keep Muslims away from my children. No apologies to offer.

      • Right on!! You are teaching her the facts of life to keep her safe!! No apology needed, YOU ARE AN EXCELENT PARENT!

        • Combine, We are living in the most highly educated times there has ever been on the planet. AND in one of the MOST shaky, frightening, out of control times, how do you explain that. There are many who are truly “educated way beyond their ability”.

      • You remind me of my parents! Keep up the good work. Your daughters will cry and not understand, then, they’ll turn into their twenties and they will see thee truth, and thank God for you!

        • Don,
          My father had a paddle. I don’t remember him ever hitting anyone with it. He never laid a hand on me. I had a lot of brothers and weekends their friends would be over, my friends would be over and if we were watching a movie or just sitting talking, my father would come out with that paddle, probably about 6-8 in. wide and swipe it between the girls and the boys. If the paddle didn’t fit, we were sitting too close to each other and had to move over. I can’t count the # of times that my father embarrassed me to the point that I thought that I would never recover!!! I can’t imagine a father condoning this behavior! I wonder if these girls’ fathers are present in their lives? I can’t imagine a man handing his little girls over like this. Even friends with fathers who were part time had fathers who just would not stand for this. Word would go out in the neighborhood and some muzzie would be in a world of hurt! What the hell is wrong with these people??

      • Scared, you are fabulous – read these comments again if you ever feel down.

        I have schooled my children to not have anything to do with them, no matter how seductive or friendly they may appear as their ultimate goal is to subdue and exterminate.

        We never knowingly eat halal junk either.

    • The Norwegians are just as stupid as the Swedish people. Especially Arbeiderpartiet with their Hadija Tajik supreme islamist leader. And the master of Clouds himself, Jonas Gahr Store. And then you Norwegians got communist leader Jens Stoltenberg as supreme socialistic NATO alliance commander. And Norway also gives free housing, free food and free women. I seen the video’s. You ain’t better than Sweden.

      The only people that are better than Europe itself. Is Poland and Poland will be Islamic free nation. Norwegian women keeps converting to Islam all the time. And Norwegian men imports Chinese, Vietnamese, Philippine, Japanese and Korean women to Norway. Norwegian women are so freaking bad. Not even ethnic Norwegian men wants to marry them. Like I said. Poland is the only nation that have brains in Europe. This is not to offend you. I am only telling the truth.

      Here is a Norwegian girl. She is viking and she wears Islamic clothes. There are like 100 videoes out there of ethnic Norwegians that convert to Islam. But I cannot post them all cause of moderators 😀 Theres a limit to how many video you can post.

        • Seriously? Are these White European women really that dumb and self-loathing? I genuinely think White European women, especially from Sweden, could be really gorgeous. Too bad dumbasses like this lower the market value.

        • It is not only the women. Even most of the males in Norway are stupid. NATO is leaded by the worst Norwegian communist ever. His name is Jens Stoltenberg and he is chief of NATO. Man I am beginning to think USA is socialist communist nation. American alliance are leaded by a Norwegian communist who thinks adult Muslims are children. Jens Stoltenberg was Prime minister of Norway for 8 years straight. And he imported many Muslims during his reign as prime minister of Norway. Jens Stoltenberg is also responsible for removing Gadaffi in Lybia with Norwegian troops. Jens Stoltenberg was is the man responsible for destroying Lybia and removing Gadaffi.

          Because he was so good at removing Gadaffi. USA gives him a promotion as Chief of NATO. Just so so you know. NATO chief is a Norwegian communist leader. No wonder Trump hates NATO so much.

          • Steklov, Does Norway even have an anti-Muslim immigration party? I know there is the Norwegian Defence League but don’t know of any political parties.

      • This what I keep trying to tell people. Muslims is not a race and even their own people are becoming Muslims yet nobody seems to want to listen or believe that and continued to be fooled and slowly lose their country bit by bit. Doesn’t matter if a European man wants to marry and have children with European women if their woman is also a Muslim and a huge part of the reason why their country and culture is being destroyed.

        Maybe now people will finally start to listen and stop believing the Muslims is a race nonsense. Once we rid of that line of thought, it will be easier to see the real threat and fight it. I think that is part of the reason why people aren’t fighting back, because they are being told it is racist to even say anything against Muslims and doing all they can to stop people from speaking out against the Muzzie scum.

  40. Horrifying. ‘Mothers and older sisters telling the anons that this behavior is normal.’ What?????????????????

    Although in the pics the girls are smiling for the camera, in the pic with the old black Muslim guys, the girls are NOT smiling. Observe their body language and facial expressions. The children look tense, nervous, depressed, stressed, hopeless — and defeated. Very, very BAD things are being done to the Christian children. Europe’s Children have been ABANDONED.

    Who will rescue the children in Hell on Earth Europe where Europe’s wicked leaders invited Mohammad’s army to invade and conquer?

    • Looks like these girls (are there any boys?) don’t have a choice. These pictures make me feel very uncomfortable.

    • Linda, I noticed that also. Pictures don!t lie, those girls look miserable. Put into this horrendous situation by the very people who are suppose to love and protect them.

  41. Has the world gone crazy!! What kinda of parents would give their child to preditors? Those poor little girls, makes me sick what their parents are allowing. Would they allow Fiinsh men that age to be with their daughters? No one gives their child to adults to play with ! I can’t understand why countries and the stupid people in them, are allowing muslims to take over. They must be having a good laugh. Are there any sane countries left..??

      • The Soviet Union was wanting to annex Finland an absorb it into the USSR. To be the Finland Soviet Socialist Republic like Belarus, Ukraine and Armenia, etcetera. Fearing their fate under communism the Finns sided with the Germans though many Finns were not fans of the Nazis. Between Scylla and Charbydis… they felt their nation was going to be devoured no matter what they did. They made a choice and it kept them from being a Soviet Republic.

      • Finland was Originally Russian. Then it was conquered by Sweden. And then there was an independence movement and Finland became a Republic. I recommend Epic History for historic overview. Please do have a nice day.

      • Actually Bonni, the Finns did fight the Germans in 1944, although they came very close to defeating the Soviets in the 1939-40 Winter War.
        Why do they allow these people to go after their little girls? Don’t they understand these men will rape them if given the chance?

  42. Before going completely insane have a good stretch of the imagination as far as you can imagine. It is all coming to pass by degree and decree. You ain’t got no knickers you can’t pull ’em up. Is there one go is man anywhere to be found?

  43. Beheaders are soo exciting aren’t they. I would not let my kids out if this trash started showing up. They’d be grounded until they are adults, like 18 or 21 or something. And monitored like a hawk. And kids aborted if pregnancies develop. Seriously.

  44. I bet these “boys” are all 14 years of age, so they can glean the greatest amount of financial and housing support from the Finns.

    • I thought many of these “boys” were really men? Like this one immigrant in Sweden who in reality was in his late 20’s at most, despite being officially 14?

  45. Pure degeneracy. No excuses Manureolsnd. “And your mama too”, as the dregs of humanity embrace each other. Hopefully the USA really is exceptional and will do something to arrest the same rot before too long. It’s becoming very easy to imagine Manuroland being flushed down the pan very quickly. Something like the Azrecs or Incas.

  46. Really nauseating, when you consider these apes are bringing not just spanking new interracial babies and child brides as young as 10 years of age of younger, but super gonorrhea and flesh eating Leishmaniasis, and probably Syphilis, to the politically correct masses of Finland. Also AIDS. Some Ebola. Now ZIKA. What next. I wouldn’t let any kid of mine within 3 miles of one of these apes.

      • You are right Don, I am personally not surprised for the vermin so posing smiling with the girls, I am outraged for their parents allowing this leftist “all together now” bullshit display at the expense of heir kids. This is a proof tha Muslims are not our worst enemy, but the left. God I have so much hatred in my heart today. I would kill myself after watching this if I didn’t have kids to take care of.

        • Don’t even think of suicide, not with your children needing you. Turn those violent thoughts (there is righteous violence) to a target other than yourself if you get my drift.

          This is THE most disgusting thing that I have ever read on BNL! Bad enough what the evil muzzie savages do, but now it’s enabled by their victims!!?

          I’m American & I’m proud of our gun rights, disarmed Euroweenies can call me names. Muzzies know they may pay a deadly price for attempting their savage acts here as they do in Europe.

  47. Insanity and you can not fix the stupidity of lie bral left idiot parents, who would sacrifice their innocent daughters on the tomb of political corruption.

  48. What?????………. I thought those girls were with , “The Refugee Children” who fled the war zone to become Europeans and assimilate. I can’t believe my eyes. I know if this was happening msnbc would be reporting this so this story with photos as proof can’t be true. besides, I had a full goatee at age 13 too so we must allow more in !

  49. This is the worst thing I’ve seen lately. Unreal. Wrong on so many levels. Where are the parents??? Makes me sick.

  50. Im sure the parents are stupid leftwings!
    In the Netherlands many people are also totally brainwashed-I read that sometimes the 18-20 years old Rapist/Pimps of 12 year old girls visit the parents(to show that there are nice guys) of their “Girlfriends”!!!What will a normal person make if a 20 year old cama and say:Hello Im the friend of youre daughter!

    off topic:
    An Austrian Politician sayed in a TV Show that the EU had an Commisar for Immigration and that the EU want to Import 70 MILLION foreigners!!!
    The EU had noe 50 Mil. or so Unemployed People!!!Millions are living on the street,or have no money to pay electricity or gas/oil for heating!

  51. Why in GODS good name????? Are these poor young females anywhere near these God forsaken animals, much less setting on their laps and being fondled by them, YUUUUK,
    PUKE!!!! BARF!!!! Words fail me… Where are their parents or guardians????

  52. The rapes will start soon! And may be then .. The parents wil protect their children. Or, it will be like it is in England, the Muslims will drug the girls, rape them and turn them into Prostitutes!

    What’s them problem with these adults?? Have they no normal caring for their children??