IRAQI prisoner accused of being gay is thrown to his death off a roof by the Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists

The images show the captive being held over the edge of a high-rise building by a group of masked militants as a crowd including young children watch on from the ground. He is then pushed off, falling 100ft on to the concrete below.


UK Daily Mail  Notorious for their gruesome methods of killing, ISIS reserves one of its most brutal for suspected homosexuals. Videos it has released show masked militants dangling men over the precipices of buildings by their legs to drop them head-first or tossing them over the edge. (See links below)

As of last December, at least 36 men in Syria and Iraq have been killed by ISIS militants on charges of sodomy, according to the New York-based OutRight Action International.


The fear of a horrific death among gay men under ISIS rule is further compounded by their isolation in a deeply conservative society that largely shuns them. Gay men are haunted constantly by the possibility that someone, perhaps even a relative, will betray them to the militants – whether to curry favour with ISIS or simply out of hatred for their sexual orientation.

ISIS group fighters sometimes torture suspected homosexuals to reveal their friends’ names and search their laptops and mobile phones. Even among ISIS opponents, gays find little sympathy. Some in the public who might be shocked by other ISIS atrocities say killings of gays is justified. 

Muslim crowds always gather to witness these roof-tossing events
Muslim crowds always gather to witness these roof-tossing events