GONE TO HELL: Yet another planned Muslim invader center in Sweden has been torched by fed-up Swedes

swedishimmigrationThe latest in a series of arson attacks on Muslim migrant centers in Sweden, has taken place in Härnösand. The fire, which was started early on Monday morning, April 25, completely gutted the building which was being prepared as a “home for unaccompanied refugee children.” (In Muslim invader speak, a “child” can be up to 40 years old)


New Observer Sweden, with a population of 9.5 million, hosts the most refugees per capita of any European country: 142,000 refugees and about 57,000 asylum seekers, according to UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency.

It was the second time the building had been attacked, with the earlier incident (on April 9) being unsuccessful in its objective, fire services said.


A police spokesman told Swedish media that by the time the fire services arrived, the building was completely in flames and all they could do was to try and prevent the fire from spreading to adjacent buildings.

“The flames burst out through the roof,” Västernorrland County police spokesman Markus Grahn said. “It’s all gone to hell.”


“In light of the previous arson attack, and in the absence of any other reasonable explanation, we suspect arson,” Grahn added.

“The fire is under control, but the entire roof is gone and the school is completely burned down,” emergency services spokesman Peter Hellström said.



Police, who were called out to the scene shortly after 4 a.m., said they would launch an investigation into suspected arson as soon as the flames had been put out and the area of the fire had cooled off.

No one was injured in the blaze, the latest in a series of at least 30 similar attacks on invader housing in recent months.

Sweden “took in” around 163,000 Muslim invaders posing as asylum seekers last year, even though they had crossed dozens of safe countries to reach their destination—and had therefore broken every existing international convention  on “asylum.”

This video is from November, and many more Muslim invader centers have been burned down since then: