Left wing Christian and Jewish bleeding hearts will help Muslims “Celebrate Islam Week” in Missoula, Montana

Maybe YOU, but not most Missoulans
Maybe YOURS does, but not most Missoulans

Rejecting anti-Muslim sentiments, a small number of members of different faith groups in Missoula mountain valleys of western Montana are marking “Celebrate Islam Week” event this week, to promote understanding of the world’s second-largest fascist ideology/death cult posing as a religion.

About Islam  “The current atmosphere and environment nationwide is basically compelling us to address this issue and become involved,” Samir Bitar, an Arabic professor at the University of Montana and member of SALAM, (Standing Alongside America’s Muslims), told ktvq.com.


Marked from April 25-30, the Islam week includes a series of events to celebrate Islam and its traditions put on by SALAM and the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center. Organizers hope to cultivate productive dialogue around deep-rooted Islamic culture in the US.

SALAM is a group organized by Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims and others of no religion to support Muslims. The event was suggested to reject blaming all followers of Islam for the evil committed by thousands of Muslims.


“Muslims in general deserve our support (Why? They don’t support us). They love their families (But they hate ours). They honor their elders (Only if they are Muslims). They work hard (Especially at trying to get all the free welfare benefits available). They’re loyal (As Islam requires, loyalty is only to Islam, not to America). They contribute to their communities (As long as there is a mosque there). They’re leaders and followers, patriots and slackers, educated and ignorant, pious and indifferent human beings,” (Don’t forget jihadists and terrorists) a column for Jameel Chaudhry and Clem Work published by The Missoulain reads.


“In other words, they’re just like us (NO, they aren’t) – and they are among us (Sadly, they are). A hundred years ago, we feared Germans (With good reason), even though they were already one of the larger immigrant communities in the US. Eighty years ago, we feared Jews from Europe (No, we didn’t fear them, we just didn’t like them) and now that paranoia is all but forgotten. (Yes, because now, only Muslims pose a threat to our country). Yet we always seem to need an other to hate and scorn,” they added. (And Muslims have proven they more than fit the bill)


Obama’s plan to flood America with Muslims is targeting smaller cities like Missoula, Montana.  

The intent of the Obama administration is to grow the muslim seedling communities into larger entities eventually overtaking the small cities they had been given sanctuary in as part of a greater plan to overtake the host nation. The Obama task force even discussed replacing the Thanksgiving holiday with “Celebrate Immigrant Day” by executive order. Their main directive being that these 15 million plus “New Americans” will replace the old Americans and grow as a separate nation within the United States.