Whatever happened to “Never Again?” Jews in Germany are pandering to the same enemy who fought alongside Hitler in WWII

Quotation-George-Santayana-past-history-Meetville-Quotes-162717The President of the Central Council of (leftist) Jews, Josef Schuster, considers the most recent statements about Islam by leading representatives of the AfD (anti-Islamization Alternative for Germany) party and the passages from their draft party programme that have become public to be “completely unacceptable.”


DMF  In an opinion published in Berlin on Tuesday it says: “To claim that Islam is generally not compatible with the constitution is untrue, derogatory and discriminates against an entire religious community.

I also protest against the statement of the AfD deputy leader von Storch that antisemitic attacks mainly have an Islamic background today.” 


With her statement Ms. von Storch deliberately wants to cast general suspicion on millions of people for attacks carried out by radical groups or extremists in the name of their religion, continues Schuster.


It is especially infamous that a party such as the AfD, which tolerates far-right thinking in its own ranks, now accuses other people of antisemitism, said the Central Council President. “Most antisemitic attacks in Germany are still carried out by right-wing extremists.” (No, they are increasingly carried out by Muslims)



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  1. AfD is one of the best things that can happen to the Jews of Germany. Who’s targeting the community 99% of the time? Hint: It’s not AfD.

  2. The Jewish people have probably contributed more, per person, to humanity than any other ethnic group.

    As for Muslims, on the other hand: Almost everything that Muslims do shows them to be worthless, sadistic, evil, ferocious, stupid, atavistic, etc., contributing almost nothing to this planet except making people superior to them (pretty much everybody) experience suffering and pain and torment. The fires of evil inside of them never seem to burn out. And yet, they seem to be PROUD of the way they are! I wish Muslims would stop being proud of their evil, sadistic selves and realise how intensely worthless and beast-like they are. Sadly that’ll never happen.

    Jews should realise how undescribably superior they are to Muslims. They are like gods compared to the Muslim filth which is sadly spread over so much of this planet, and they should STOP BELIEVING IN MUSLIM EQUALITY. Muslims are inferior to them, Muslims have no value, Muslims are dog turds.

  3. Awwww, Geee ! and Barack Obama says that the islamics have made soooo many contributions to the civilized world ! Why what would mankind ever do without their single greatest masterstroke that you can allow no one else to claim !
    Wow, when you think of it, it’s simply mind boggling. I mean, how ever did a guy in a nightgown ever catch one in the first place ? Did he use a carrot on a string ? Oh, I forgot. No carrots. It’s a really good thing that animals have no common language, or the sheep would have told the Camels about that guy, boy ! They would have told the Camels he was a really b-a-a-a-a-a-d guy ! Just think about it !
    OK BNI. Am I banned yet ?

  4. BNI your Mein Kampf meme is incorrect as it does not mention allah, but the Lord “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”

  5. The AFD has also Jews as members!

    I think the Jews are afraid to say something against Islam because the next day they will be attacked….

  6. You cannot save those who insist upon committing suicide. Let them do it and save us from having to ferret them out in battle.

  7. The bottom line is, it’s the world against Jews and Christians, and many Jewish people hate Christianity, yet where Christianity flourishes, civilization moves forward in a healthy fashion. It seems simple to me that good and evil are very apparent here but so few people want to acknowledge there is good and evil that civilization is just stuck and slowly stumbling backwards.

    • Mad Jewess :
      I don’t think you are so mad. I’m not a Jew and i understand that a kikel s a small zero.
      Stating that I think you are giving these sock tuckers way too much credit.

  8. LOL, you obviously lack any sense of politics. Hitler didn’t love us, or we were went like great allies, however, he supported us by words just to work towards his representatives(Oil resources). Arabs liked him because at a time were there is fighting between Jews and Muslims for Palestinian land at that time. Second of all. lets not forget that almost all nazis were Christians, they were not Muslims or Buddhists or jews, the killings are on the hands of Germans. Do you have any evidence, that Muslims worked along side nazis, any action not words.

  9. So many Kapos still, one would think they have learned but they still believe in feeding the crodile in the hope it will not eat them. It will, even if a little later than the REAL, self-respecting Jews.
    Incidentally, PEGIDA marches (AdF is close to Pegida) always feature also Israeli Flags next to German flags….you won’t see those on the violent Left Antifa, pro Palesteeeeeenian and assorted REAL Nazis’ marches.
    And, wouldn’t you know it, Hitler was of the Left despite the propaganda you may hear. The real Nazis today also: the Left eg Antifa, Without Borders, Refugees welcome and whatever they call themselves, financed by Soros who is NOT a real Jew, despite rumours.

      • There is no such thing as a “child court” except in Israel where palestinian children are treated as adults. In Australia and all of the developed world it’s a youth court, for youths usually 15 and above but below 18 at the time of crime. There is on the other hand examples where a court decided to treat children as adults, the only western country that does this is USA in the less developed southern states.

        • “Less developed southern states.” You must not be American or you would know better than this. If you want real backwoods rednecks try any rural area of any northern state and you will find the same people as in the south. All the major cities in the south are more advanced than any in the north except Wash. D.C, N.Y C., Boston , and Philadelphia. That’s because cities in the north have become economic graveyards while industry has moved to lower crime and taxes in the south.

  10. The leadership is saying this… but I wonder about the average Jewish person in Germany. Are they “wising up” and like the Jews of France and Belgium heading to Canada or Israel? I’ve heard of Jewish French citizens are leaving France in large numbers as they see the writing on the wall. Same for Belgian Jews. Haven’t heard if the same is happening in Germany…. even if the leaders of Jewish organizations and synagogues still claim everything is fine.

    Hopefully, the average Jewish citizen in Germany knows better and is preparing to leave.

      • So the Muslim Hijra of Europe is compete and they win huh…???

        Just impossible to believe. They didn’t fight for the beliefs, rights or culture. And when the invaders got too much they just left.

        In Australia we live on an island. Nowhere for us to go. It will be a blood bath.

    • Why should they have to leave the it homes in Europe, in which they have lived for the last 1500 years, just because of some barbaric immigrants? They should stand up for this BS, and AfD offers theme a platform to do it.

  11. Anti- Semitic attacks will always rise when you increase the Moslem population living around them, how dare these scummy Moslems compare themselves to what went on in 1930s&40s, muzzies make me sick , always playing the victim , while always being the perpetrator. They should of been marched to the chambers. Not the Jewish people!