CITADEL MILITARY COLLEGE punishes cadet for leaking Muslim headbag story

CgGhpxYUEAASdYnA cadet at The Citadel in South Carolina said he is being punished with 33 hours of marching after he revealed in a Facebook post that the school was considering allowing an incoming cadet to wear a Muslim supremacist headbag in uniform.


Post & Courier  The cadet, senior political science student Nick Pinelli, said officials at the public military college originally sought to charge him with behavior “unbecoming to a cadet,” a Class I offense that can lead to dismissal under the school’s disciplinary code.

Instead, he said the school reduced the charge to “gross poor judgment” and handed him the maximum punishment: 40 “tours,” each consisting of 50 minutes of silent marching with a rifle in a barracks quadrangle.


Pinelli, who has also been working as an intern for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, must complete the tours before graduating on May 7. “If I valued liberal ideology, I would go to UC Berkeley,” Pinelli wrote in the post.

The Citadel is considering accepting a Muslim freshman who has asked to be able to wear the head scarf — an exception to the school’s military dress code. No final decision has been made on the issue.