CALIPHORNIA: Bangladeshi Muslim couple with a strange name were found murdered inside their San Jose home

Rabbi_1461646861401_1225607_ver1.0The couple’s two sons ages 17 and 21, have not yet been located. Police are investigating after Golam and Shamima Rabbi were found dead inside their San Jose home Sunday by friends who came to check up on them. Police said the victims were shot at least once, but said they have no information on a suspect or motive at this time.


ABC News  Friends said the Rabbi’s left Bangladesh decades ago, and since then have cultivated a nice life in the United States. Golam was an engineer, and his wife was an accountant. “So that’s why it’s so difficult to reconcile to the tragic, violent end to such simple, gentle souls,” Evergreen Islamic Center member Hasan Rahim said.

A source told ABC7 News off-camera they found a gruesome scene as their bodies were found on the hardwood floor along with a message written in ink reading: “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy.”