SOUTHERN GUN SHOWS: The one place in America where people can exercise their First Amendment right to offend Muslims

TENNESSEE: Muslim man says selling T-shirts like the one below “hurts my wittle fweewings.”


Fox 13  “What can 9-11 teach everybody about Muslims? If you think all you have to know about Islam is what happened on 9-11, you’re in for a rude awakening,” a man, who identified himself only as Sam, told FOX13.

Sam took pictures of a number of insensitive shirts at the gun show. One read “Everything I ever needed to know about Islam I learned on 9/11” and another read “BLACK GUNS MATTER.” Sam also spoke to FOX13 in January when he went to a gun show in Southaven. At that event, some merchants refused to sell guns to Muslims.

“NO GUNS FOR MUSLIMS” sign seen at Tri-Lake Productions Mississippi Gun and Knife Show in Southaven

FOX 13  A local Muslim told FOX13 he was discriminated against at a North Mississippi gun show due to his ethnic background (Uh, no, it’s your religious background). “We asked the individual that had the sign posted ‘Hey who’s in charge of this booth? I’d like to purchase this gun. I am a Muslim,’” the man said of his encounter. “Nobody gave us attention. If anything we were kinda just zoned out and overlooked.”

Muslims weren’t the only group of people in the crosshairs. This was another sign he came across. That one said “Sorry, we don’t sell guns to terrorists or Democrats! It’s too hard to tell the difference!”