Designated Terrorist Group CAIR slams NY Post for saying “‘Good Muslims’ are those who spy on their Muslim neighbors”

NY Post What do these six people have in common? They are, you might say, “good Muslims” who spy on bad Muslims and any other troublemakers who might cross their paths. They live and work in the New York area and regularly tip off law enforcement to wrongdoing.

One of the cabbies — who is a Hindu posing as a Muslim — says he personally knows of at least 10 Muslims who have been keeping their ears and eyes open for potential problems and reporting them to various US government agencies.

Even the “good Muslims” will tell you that there are bad Muslims from their countries who live in the US. And I think they’d agree that some people simply shouldn’t be allowed to enter.

CAIR, on the other hand warns Muslims NOT to talk to the FBI:


Even threatening Muslims who do: