SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY president under fire from Muslim students

 Muslim students at IMG_3432_1461860013464_37166040_ver1.0_640_480San Diego State University gathered Wednesday afternoon to protest the university president’s response, or lack thereof, to anti-BDS fliers naming certain Muslim students on campus who have known terrorist affiliations.

FOX5  (h/t Ms A) Muslim student protesters were angry after BDS fliers were posted by the David Horowitz Freedom Project around campus that specifically named seven Muslim students as being terrorists and terrorist sympathizers for their frequent displays of of abject Jew/Israel-hatred targeting Jewish students.


Students say a statement Hirshman sent Tuesday was “pathetic” and failed to condemn the posters.

The protest, hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood front group, (MSA) Muslim Student Association, and the Hamas-linked Students for Justice in Palestine, kept Hirshman from being able to leave campus in a police car. He sat in the car for around an hour before getting out.

Hirshman eventually apologized for declining to speak with the students, but he did not condemn the posters. David Horowitz is expected to speak at the university next week.