NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #154 (Part 2) They insist on praying during working hours several times a day

somali_women_prayerDesignated Terrorist Group CAIR demands that the 21 Somali Muslim employees who were fired for taking unscheduled prayer break times throughout the day should be reinstated and allowed to pray whenever they hell they feel like it. They also want the companies to undergo Muslim sensitivity training.

Somali Muslim woman insists she must pray at certain times during the day everyday which is a blatant lie. She is allowed to make up for missed prayers at a later time, anytime.

ORIGINAL STORY: never-hire-a-muslim-reason-154-yet-another-company-is-being-sued-by-designated-terrorist-group-cair-on-behalf-of-somali-muslim-sludge-who-want-extra-paid-prayer-time-during-working-hours