Did you know that some of the best restaurants in America are serving you barbarically-slaughtered, Islamic-blessed ‘Halal’ beef without your knowing it?

Creekstone_LogoIf your restaurant is serving you ‘Creekstone Farms’ Beef, you are eating meat that has been inhumanely slaughtered by Muslim halal butchers. If it’s not indicated on the menu, be sure to ask the waiter or manager if their beef is from Creekstone. If it is, what you do next is up to you.

MuslimEater (h/t Edna K & Susan K)  What if I told you that the high-quality beef served top restaurants across America was actually Halal? Impossible, right? Well, guess what? It’s actually true. Creekstone Farms, one of the top choices of beef for restaurants across America, just so happens to be a fully Halal beef processing company. As in ZABIHAH Halal.


That means you can walk into any restaurant that serves items with Creekstone Farms beef, and know that the animal from which your tasty steak came from was forced to suffer agonizing pain while he slowly bled out because Muslims think this makes the meat taste better.

According to Rich Swearingen, head of international sales for Creekstone, the company has already received backlash from people in the Kansas area who are outraged by halal slaughter for posting the job ad to hire Muslim employees.

But this didn’t stop Creekstone from keeping Halal. They continued their Halal certification through the Halal Transactions of Omaha despite the Islamophobic backlash and still only hire Muslim slaughtermen. In a way, they fought against it during a time when xenophobes go as far as document meat suppliers that go Halal on their blogs.

There are probably people who so against Halal meat but end up eating Creekstone beef at a high end restaurant only they have no idea it’s actually Halal,” Rich laughed.

So, what would drive a company like Creekstone to convert to a fully Halal process? According to to Rich Swearingen, head of international sales for Creekstone that Dr. Alabsy routed me to, the answer lies in the Middle East.

Apparently, within the past decade or so, the company decided to expand their business to the Middle East by getting into the meat export business. Restaurants in rich Gulf countries like the UAE or metropolitan cities like Cairo would probably pay top dollar for high quality fatty juicy American Angus beef which is in abundance over the leaner, scarcer local grass-fed stuff. Dr. Alabsy proposed the idea himself, the company went for it, and the rest is, as they say, history.

How I Found Out: A good friend of mine sent me an email with a list of high-end restaurants in downtown Chicago that serve dishes made with Creekstone Farms beef with the words, “LET’S GO!” 

I was confused. I knew her and her family only eat Halal meat so why was she linking me to restaurants with meat from that company. But that’s when the thought came to mind. “Is Creekstone Halal?” I wondered.

A quick Google search for “Creekstone + Halal” found me at Creekstone’s website which states that their premium Angus beef is Halal certified through the Halal Transactions of Omaha.

Apparently, this is known for those familiar with Creekstone. In fact, my friend found out from another mutual friend who follows the scholarly opinion that conventional meat in America is Halal. While he was dining at one of the top steak restaurants in New York, Minetta Tavern, he met with the head chef at the time, Nasr Ahmed, a Muslim. Chef Nasr informed him the steaks and burgers he had been eating that he thought were from cattle conventionally slaughtered were actually made from barbarically-slaughtered Halal beef.

That means all of those high-end restaurants from the Chicago list sent to me also had beef dishes that were made with Halal meat. And the same goes for cities all across the country that carry Creekstone. The crazy thing about this? Creekstone Farms’ is considered some of the best beef in America. It’s not standard stuff that gets sourced to fast food joints.

It is extremely high quality beef. According to Creekstone’s website, they produce all Angus beef. The cattle are all-American from the Midwest. No antibiotics or hormones, so effectively the same as organic. According to other sources online, the cattle are given a special proprietary feed to make them extra fatty and flavorful unlike any other cattle in the nation.

(And they are slaughtered unlike any other cattle in the nation. They have their throats cut while they are fully conscious but the spinal cord is left in tact (cutting the spinal cord eliminates all pain for the animal. The animals writhe in agony while they bleed out which can take up to 5 minutes or more. The screaming and moaning sounds coming from the animals are too much for anyone but Muslims to bear)

Its touted by top food authorities: The New York Times wrote a huge article praising Creekstone Farms beef. Pat LaFreida, the famous meat purveyor of New York, sources a lot of Creekston.

The name is such a big deal it’s printed on menus. Top steakhouses order Creekstone Farms’ beef for their menus. In fact, many of them even list the name “Creekstone” next to their respective dishes, as in “24 oz. dry aged Creekstone Farms ribeye steak,” because it’s a big deal.

I began by reaching out to Creekstone Farms themselves, asking if they indeed do perform Halal slaughter. I also wanted to know if all of their beef is processed Halal or just a portion of it. I assumed, at first, that they must have a Halal program that slaughters just a portion of their beef according to Islamic law.

Turns out that not only was Creekstone able to confirm that they perform Halal slaughter, their entire operation was actually Halal.

“All Creekstone Farms cattle are processed in a manner that meets the religious qualifications of Halal,” Courtney Every, Marketing Coordinator for Creekstone Farms, responded via email.However, we only certify it as Halal if it is requested by the customer.”


So every one of the cattle at Creekstone Farms was being slaughtered in a Halal manner. But not every supplier ordering from the company would know that since they were ordering the beef because of its quality, not its Halal status. This means that there are probably a ton of restaurants all over America with Halal meat and they don’t even know it.

Directly contacting the Halal certifier, Halal Transactions of Omaha, was the only way to know exactly how the cattle at Creekstone are slaughtered.

“We do certify the Halal beef of Creekstone Farms and all their beef is hand slaughtered,” wrote Dr. Ahmad Alabsy, director of HTO, in an email. “All the beef that we certify is hand slaughtered by trained Muslim slaughtermen. The Muslim slaughterman pronounces the Tasmiah, Bismillah Allahu Akbar, and the knife is used by hand to perform the slaughtering of animals.”


Holy cow. So the beef at Creekstone is slaughtered in a fully Halal manner: hand slaughtered (zabihah), by a Muslim, in God’s name.

Find out if your favorite restaurant is a Creekstone buyer. The list below is from 2014, so there might be a lot more by now: the-ultimate-list-of-restaurants-that-carry-creekstone-farms-beef

You can also check here for a comprehensive list of stores and restaurants that sell halal products to see if a store or restaurant in your area is making you pay for Halal-certification: ZABIHAH






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  1. Ignorance is one of those rare skills that do not require any certification and this article clearly shows that the writer has acquired the highest level in this category.

    For all of those who have just a few working brain cells, please do your research by at least going to a slaughter house before judging this practice. At least don’t trust a certified idiot like this article write who doesn’t even know jack S&%$t about the process but ended up making a lot of you believe that there is something wrong with the practice or with the meat!

    The good news is that very soon the Mars traveling will start and we can send dumb asses like him up there so we all can COEXIST.

    • NOS, There’s an entire Category here in the sidebar called “Halal Slaughter.” Check it out for visual proof or the animal cruelty that muslims impose on every animal they slaughter this way. Do you understand the meaning of “useful idiot?” I suggest you look it up because because that’s what you are for Islam.

  2. I was surprised to find Burger Bach on North Thompson in Richmond VA on the Zabibah list for their beef and lamb burgers. I will no longer eat there!

  3. The McDonald’s in the Broomall Pa area has been infected with muzzies workers. To have a little fun, when I go in to get ONLY my coffee I always say to the raghead she devil… “Gee, I’m so in the mood for just a double bacon sandwich….nothing else….is that possible “? Then after they check, I conveniently change mind.

    Just to F with them….

  4. Why aren’t the Greens up in arms and being very vocal about these barbaric practices????
    Why do the Greens promote their incredibly stupid open borders policies and the immigration of people who practice (and relish) such incredible cruelty????

  5. Everyone has the right to ask if the meat is halal, then if it is just walk out and tell the owner thats why yoou are leaving.

  6. Here’s a clue if it a Halal outfit look at the customers if the majority of them are Muslim ”BINGO” it serves Halal just a thought.

  7. The workers who do the halal slaughtering; I guess are among the few muzz maggots who hold down a job. And DO THEY ENJOY IT that is so obvious they get their jollies out of animal torture. And halal slaughter pumps the dying animal with noxious body chemicals and hormones, the sites are filthy, the knives an cleavers unsanitary, the workers have no comprehension of hygiene or proper toilet habits, an of course the cult of moo HAM med “pray” during this horror.

    I do my best to not go to chains that have halal on the menu as I don’t know if the restaurant chains just have halal “regionally” or nation wide. The bigger challenge is that there are so many “symbols” that denote halal amongst regular symbols, fine print, corporate logos and all… I literally have to take a sheet of paper with all the halal symbols with me to see if they are on any packaging.

    Even things such as Cadbury Easter candy. I mean seriously? Whey would muzz demand Easter candy to be halal when they don’t celebrate Easter? Its simply their playing their hand at having their death cult be the center of attention and squawking about their superiority.

  8. Where’s the list?? I would happily avoid and promote who is involved but you advertised a list but I can’t find one. If you want support, provide the list!

  9. Thanks for posting this Bonni. This is really starting to cause an uproar in western Canada. I am starting to hear (rumors?) of other well known eateries and grocery stores switching to halal. I am mortified and will do whAtno can to find the truth. Sure am missing the days of my youth on my parents hobby farm. We did our own buttering and thus knew what was in our plate.

    • So glad u discourage spelling police here Bonni. I’m actually a spelling freak…prob a product of raising 2 boys who struggled with spelling.

      • I try to correct mis-spellings by people who have been posting here for a long time. But I hate when people attack others for spelling/grammar errors. There are a lot of non-native English speakers who post here.

  10. I, too, could NOT watch the videos, and had to blink my eyes as I was hurriedly scrolling down to comment. How ANYONE could think that killing these poor animals is PLEASING to their “god”, is beyond me!! What kind of “god” would be PLEASED by having ANYTHING that he had created, suffer, UNNECESSARILY???? These people are SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! This INHUMANE SAVAGERY is NOT pleasing to the GOD I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brother and sister Infidels, DON’T be a part of financing cruel global jihad against our people!

    Spain: Kebab Shops Financing Global Jihad.

    Elmedjeri, a specialist in forging documents, is also known for operating one of the best kebab shops in Málaga. Terrorism analysts say this points to another problem: many of the tens of thousands of kebab and shawarma shops operating in Spain and other parts of Europe may be using their business proceeds actively to finance global jihad in Syria and elsewhere…

    • Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the Infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

      Why would ANY non-Muslim risk their health and lives buying ANY prepared food from Muslims? Muslims are commanded to wage jihad against us. Jihad is waged in many different ways.

      How do hated infidels know WHAT has been added to their food? Brother and sister infidels, don’t finance global jihad by patronizing kebab shops and curry houses! Google how to make these dishes yourselves!

      Authentic Turkish doner kebab


  12. “There are probably a ton of restaurants all over America with Halal meat and they don’t even know it.”

    Muslims HATE God and HATE the humans and animals that God created with such infinite LOVE and CARE.

    Paedophile founder of Islam, war lord Mohammad, barbaric mass murderer, thief, serial rapist, beheader and huge Sex Slaver of non-Muslim females, declared, WAR is DECEPTION.

    Creekstone Farms follow Mohammad’s instructions and DECEIVE hated infidels by maliciously selling infidels meat and not informing the infidels the DEFENCELESS animals were TORTURED to Death.

    The precious animals suffer TERROR and EXCRUCIATING PHYSICAL AGONY at the hands of Muslim barbarians.

    The screams and moans of the terrified animals CRY OUT to God, their Creator. Muslims and their helpers IGNORE God’s Biblical WARNING — God will give back to the evil ones the terrible things they did to humans and animals:

    Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

    All who sell and/or knowingly serve cruelly slaughtered halal are GUILTY of Aiding and Abetting ANIMAL TORTURE. They sold their souls for money. Jesus said (Mark 8:36) “For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”

  13. To be on the safe side, when I go to a restaurant I order pork meat. I can go without beef or chicken. Hopefully, Trump will be our president, eventually, then things will be NORMAL again.

    • I like your optimism but I fear you my be dissappointed looking for an instant return to anything resembling “normalcy”. Half, 50% of this country will HAVE TO BE eliminated BEFORE that comes about. And that’s just a “hopeful” estimate…

  14. Where the Hell is PETA …. they used to send spies …. into slaughter houses …. are they too busy …. bombing cancer research laboratories …. that use rats and mice ?

  15. Any restaurant that KNOWINGLY serves this beef deserves to be put out of business.
    Quality is no excuse for the acquiescence to this inhuman, filthy muslim practice !
    If you find a place serving this stuff, be sure and tell everyone !

    • Technically,, here in Maine, this can be considered “Theft by Deception”. Selling a product under the premise that it’s another item is ILLEGAL.
      You CANNOT sell as Haddock, Pollock.

  16. Thanks BNI.

    The greatest enemy of Islam is to shine the light of their evil and darkness.

    Please keep shining…. We can eventually turn this tanker around.

  17. Should cut the head of a Muslim, just like what happened to that poor cattle. Islam is so barbarian. Islam is pure satanism

  18. It may be very harmful to eat halal-meat, because the animal suffers from acute stress and fear due to the nature of the slaughter-method. I have read that this causes stress-hormones to immediately flow out into the muscles (the meat that we eat), and we thus eat meat that is full of stress-hormones!!

  19. Meanwhile at McDonald’s …? And it has also been discovered that the British Army (and maybe the other Brit. forces) are being fed Halal meat.

  20. I got sick just scrolling down to the comments box (there goes breakfast!) looking for the restaurant list.
    My thoughts: EAT AT HOME and cook PORK! It’s the ONLY “safe meat”. And fish…
    I cannot wait for the games to begin. These vermin NEED TO GO!

    • Did you forget that the owner of this website, is Jewish and they dont eat pork just like Muslims. Too bad LOL!

      • Yes, I am Jewish and I eat pork all the time. Jews who keep Kosher do not. But unlike Muslims, Jews never try to force Kosher on non-Muslims or demand that school menus eliminate pork from their menus.

        And before you attempt to say that Halal is just like Kosher, here’s why it isn’t. (BTW, this is why Muslims are allowed to eat Kosher but Jews are not allowed to eat Halal.


      • What’s your point? Have you ever heard of a Jew going on mad rampage because they came across a sausage vendor?

        • And it doesn’t matter what goes INTO your mouth, it’s what come OUT that matters.

      • Don’t know the difference between kosher and Halal, do you, moron? When was the last time that a kosher deli in NY sent proceeds back to finance a terrorist cell? Maybe you should educate yourself before posting. Goddamn, I’m so sick and tired of dimwits posting on line acting as if they have some knowledge only privy to themselves when they know nothing. You are an ignorant fool! (lol). Like anyone uses that anymore! What are you, third grade??

        • This comes from growing up and living in a safe space” (mommy’s cellar). “Bubble people”.