Hey, Muslims…let me be clear, nobody cares that Muslim terrorists are killing more of you than they are of us

We care that you do nothing to stop your Muslim co-religionists from terrorizing the world other than giving occasional lip service to “being against ISIS.”



We care that you do nothing to reform your violent cult posing as a religion, which commands Muslims to convert or kill all unbelievers, execute homosexuals, stone women to death who misbehave, beat your wives, genitally mutilate little girls, then force them to marry while they are still little girls. Most of all, we care that you keep trying to impose your anti-Western, anti-social, anti-democratic and inhumane religious traditions on countries in which you have chosen to live in the West.


So if you find anti-Muslim hatred and rhetoric on the rise in America, you have only yourselves to blame. Don’t like it? Leave. Nobody asked for you to come here and nobody wants you here anyway.