HOORAY! After massive public outrage, The Citadel Military College in South Carolina will NOT allow a Muslim woman to wear an Islamic headbag/hijab while in uniform

Designated terrorist group CAIR’s litigation jihadists will now file a lawsuit on her behalf against the college. This should make military institutions think twice before ever accepting a Muslim student.


KOAA  A spokesman for the family of a newly-accepted Muslim student at the Citadel military school in South Carolina says the prospective cadet is disappointed that the school has rejected her request to wear a head covering as part of her uniform.


Ibrahim Hooper with the CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) in Washington said he spoke with the family Tuesday morning after Citadel officials called to tell the woman she could not wear a hijab. Citadel President John Rosa said the cadet system is based on a common uniform and standardization of cadets in appearance, actions and privileges, which he called essential to a military system.

Hooper said the woman will not attend the Charleston school this fall unless there is a change. He also said the family is considering legal options.



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  1. You choose a school, if you can’t follow their rules, leave. No one will miss you…the military has strict policies….don’t be a jerk just to force your belief on everyone.

  2. Go back to Saudi Arabia or some other sharia law middle east country and JOIN their army I’m suuure they would let you wear your self righteous head crap bag!!!!

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it about the one cohesive “unit” as a whole, and NOT any one individual? At least that what I was taught in cadets years ago.

  4. Seriously? How practical is a burkha in combat?? Firstly extreme peripheral vision is hampered.it can get caught on equipment. you stand out compared to other people in your unit that if the enemy had a sweet tooth for killing muslim women, you’d stick out like a sore thumb. bad idea.

  5. I find it disgusting that a Cadet is being punished because he posted about this situation on Facebook. I’m glad he did! Does this mean The Citadel would have allowed to wear her hijab? Alumni flooded the school & board with demands that the rules not change. How about we start a petition to have Cadet Pinelli’s punishment (until graduation, I might add) lifted? He did the right thing by outing this situation.

  6. Why not give a machine gun to kill all the others so she can wave the black flag and yell ab

    Just stupid training any of these that could do harm to the country when they keep to their Islam way.

    You got to keep them away from politics, military, communications and list goes on and on

  7. Quite apart from the supremacist angle, why would any cadet want a handy strangulation tool on their person? As this is a military training institution uniformity rules.

    The paralell would be a stripper who doesn’t want to disrobe. Don’t sign on for something you’re clearly unsuited for and anyway she is a spy.

    If she wants to be different why doesn’t she sign up for some liberal college why she can study beardy-weirdy gender studies whilst wearing Brazilian rope-soled sandals?

    Well done Citadel – stick to your guns – we all need a shot of hope in the arm.

  8. Don’t these cretins know the meaning of these words, DRESS CODES, RULES, REGULATIONS??!!!! WHY do they think they don’t have to follow them??!! She was “disappointed”??!!!! TOUGH SHIT!!!! You are NOT above following the dress codes, rules, and regulations of ANYTHING you want to be a part of in AMERICA!!!!

  9. That’s all these goddamn Muslims do. Force people to constantly make exceptions for them. One change after another. One brick in the wall of freedom eroded after another. One more special request. One more special whatever. I for one am sick of it.

  10. Blessed news for sure. At least for now. God bless all the folks that spoke out against this sharia miscreant.

  11. The problem with Muslims in the military is this.

    Islam is not only a religion it is a political military ideology who’s goal is the wage jihad on the unbelievers. When they pray, they now not to Washington but to Mecca.

    It is this conflicted loyalty that should prevent many of them belong in the military or civil forces.

  12. Wow ! This Bucking Fitch and her cause must be REALLY important ! No common, run-o-the-mill, bitching and complaining raghead for her, no sir !
    She gets CURLY himself ! Taking his time away from his busy schedule of getting “tinked” on the skull with hammers by Larry and Moe (for Mohammad, of course), he turns his tearful countenance to her and relates that she will not be permitted to wear her headbag while in military uniform.
    OH HORROR OF HORRORS ! Her “Linus’ blanket” of security will have to be forgone.
    SOB ! So she won’t be able to attend the nasty old school after all !
    HEH !

  13. Funny how they’re not allowed to do shit all in their home countries but when they come here, they can go all jihad on us and join our military. How convenient.

  14. Just think about all the Muslim men who apply they don’t wear hijab… That’s what scares me, they also change there names to seem American. It’s not good.

  15. YTF is that terrorist-supporting scum given admission in the first place? Time and again they have shown that they CANNOT be trusted with any form of service.

  16. Well unfortunately this is not over there will be MASSIVE litigation over this and the left will win. The demoncrats are still boiling over the 2000 election and will stop at nothing even if george soros (not capitalized deliberately) runs out of money or if he finally dies which may never happen. The Citadel will pay for this with blood and treasure. I don’t recognize America anymore, and thank God I only have a few years left before I pass on and our younger patriots are entered into re-education centers.

  17. When all of our families came to this country we became American, my family did not wear there lederhosen any more, they did not wear wooden shoes to work, even being Catholic, we did not wear a veil to work. These people will never assimilate into the Western culture. That girl needs to know in American things are done different and as Americans i guess we all need to complain.

  18. Charleston School & Americas military is soooo much better off with out this bitch. Let CAIR complain all they want, besides how would she get a helmet over a bag on her head?

    • ” . . . how would she get a helmet over a bag on her head?”

      A helmet could be fitted over a hijab. The question is; could it be fitted up her ass? She’s a big enough ass, so, possibly it would be doable; certainly would be great fun attempting it.

      • The fun part would be if her burkha gets caught on equipment during a night ops in a period of extreme duress. oh the fun.

  19. How about a cross dresser? If the Citadel were to allow a dress code change, that would open the door to many other demands. Maybe a Transvestite or cross dress would demand they be allowed to decide what sex they are in any given day. Isn’t this where the Obama regime is heading.

  20. The power of knowledge wins out. Does anyone believe that had we the people not spoken out against the potential change in the Citadel dress code, the powers to be at the Citadel would have caved to her demands. If we really want to send a message to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, we must elect Donald Trump as President of the United States. Paul Ryan has already been quoted as saying we must take Muslim refugees. Ryan is no better then Hillary when it comes to immigration. Don’t forget it was Ryan who helped double the number of visas from 150,000 to 300,000 this year and he also said it won’t be negotiated in the next budget. Its clear Ryan is bought and paid for by big business.

  21. She knew it going in. So that is that. Can the Citadel back it up with the necessary money to fight the Trogs?

  22. Yay! And I hope she gets squat if she sues. We as a country need to stand up to all of this kind of bull from the muslims. She should just go to another school and STFU.

  23. These Muslim fckrs are mad. Disloyal, unreliable fifth column bums. The fact that we even let these Christian and Jew exterminators circulate freely in society means we need to have our heads and chiefs examined – and soon. If one of these worms gets their bloody Devil’s claws on a nuke we are smoke. Jesus weeps.

  24. The recently accepted Student is clearly not the type of person you want to have at the citadel. Demanding right off for special disopensation. Glad the Citadel said no. Everyone equal, no one special. I do not think putting ones faith over the service to the country would be a good thing. I hope she does not try to get back in. But let her sue and spend money. The decision was correct.

    • How about the practicality of wearing it over night vision or other equipment that sits or passes over a soldiers head when transitioning?? Fun times in the dark.

  25. The recently acepoted Student is clearly not the type of person you want to have at the citadel. Demanding right off for special disopensation. Glad the Citadel said no. Everyone equal, no one special. I do not think putting ones faith over the service to the country would be a good thing. I hope she does not try to get back in. But let her sue and spend money. The decision was correct.

  26. “Hooper said the woman will not attend the Charleston school this fall unless there is a change. He also said the family is considering legal options.”

    OH NOES! She might not attend!

    Let’s see. CAIR is threatening us with yet another frivolous lawsuit on behalf of the female student, who SHOULD CONSIDER HERSELF DAMN LUCKY TO BE GETTING AN EDUCATION, because is almost all Islamic countries, it is forbidden for women to be educated. They are to stay barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen

    What’s next? Camo Burqas? At The Citadel or in the US Military? And any US Military recruiter who signs up Muslimes needs to be shot at dawn….either that or posted to a one man commo post located about 10 miles south of the North Pole for the remainder of his or her career.

    It wasn’t that long ago that The Citadel even became co-ed. And now some Muslime idiots want to set them back 200 years.

    I side with The Citadel, and hope that any judge with an ounce of decency throws the case out

    • How about burkhas in wrestling or MMA?? at least a competitor would have something to grab or pull off easily to strangle her into submission.

  27. I believe the Citadel is a private university so no legal options exist. The Citadel has more moral courage than the United States Military Academy at West Point.

  28. Uncle Abe says she won’t be going back to the school in the fall unless she’s allowed to wear her headbag. Good, I’m sure they’ll all breathe a sigh of relief.

  29. I’m glad for the decision but question the fidelity to the United States of anyone who demands the wearing of the headbag then whines to CAIR & threatens to sue when she doesn’t get her pathetic, sharia way.
    Well I guess we really DO know where here loyalty is then!
    If those in command at the Citadel had an ounce of non-pc dignity, they would boot this canker out post-haste and tell the herpes virus aka, ibrahim pooper to crawl back under the canadian rock he slithered out from.
    The U.S. no longer has the luxury of abiding, conceding or accepting anything relating to the sick cult of islam especially, in our military and our government.

  30. Because Muslims are commanded in their BLOODTHIRSTY QURAN to wage BARBARIC, ETERNAL WAR AGAINST INFIDELS, Muslims should NEVER be allowed in the military, police force, or any position of power.

    And of course, NEVER ALLOWED residency or citizenship in our nations. Because of the Cruel, Genocidal commands in the Quran, it’s highly dangerous to allow Muslims into our countries as tourists.

    The BLOOD of Hundreds of Millions of Non-Muslim innocents Savagely Slaughtered by Muslims CRIES OUT from the Ground to God.

    Almighty God, our Wonderful Creator, REQUIRES that our leaders PROTECT our people and nations.

    • Linda I think I will call you Deborah, love your attitude, wish there were a few Million like you armed and dangerous. ISSLIME simply must be finally forever PUT IN ITS PLACE, I.e. the dust bin of history. Civilization cannot continue to develop and become heLthy and well again as long as the vile disease exists.

    • Amen, Allah wills it, the Qur’an is Not Compatible w/ US CONSTITUTION, AND SHARI’A SPITS ON ANY EQUALITY FOR WOMEN…..

  31. Wonderful news. Muslima was never serious about enrolling, only attempting to change the rules (supremacist) for litigation (lawsuit) purposes.
    She knew had College accepted, students would be upset, she would have quit and then sued for hostile behavior.
    It’s a lose-lose situation for the College and Muslims know it.
    Rules are clear and apply to all.

  32. She, the Muslim student does not HAVE to go to the same school as she can go to another allowing what she wants. Let her change her school

      • I’m a Citadel alumnus and this sordid Shariah business went public due to one brave cadet using Facebook, Nick Pinelli. He is already being punished by walking punishment tours until the day he graduates. Cadet Pinelli should be recognized for his service to the Corps of Cadets.

        As a result of his deed, an informal alumni network went into action and we deluged the Citadel president & board of visitors with emails protesting admision of the Hijabi Muslimah & all the special Islamic privileges she would have received.

        They had a fire lit under them and buckled.

        Now CAIR & Fibrahim Hooper threaten to sue. So let them.

        • Herb, I posted the video about that cadet but Youtube has already taken it down. Now all the people who protested the hijab demand should also protest the punishment of this cadet. If there is any petition that is put up for him, let me know and I will post it here.

      • Wearing a head bag is not part of her muslim faith or religion. It is a personal choice , usually made by family if she is under age or not married or her husband if she is married. But she has a choice not to wear it, as the quran does not say she must. This is part of the deception being sold to America. Its my religion she cries. Werll it is not your Freaking religion it is your choice. Our choice is conform to our uniform code or shove off and go elksewhere. As for Ibrahim. HE knows there is nothing can be done. He tries to use threat of law suit to bring the Citadel to the table.

    • Having read from several sources, it appears cair is going to try an all-out legal offensive against the Citadel in an attempt to force it to see that it’s “outdated traditions” were responsible for the hijab denial, the same traditions being basically equivalent to African-Americans and women admittance being denied (into similar/such institutions) in earlier times, and are therefore discriminatory and illegal. That is so fucked up. I hope a cair-filed suit is immediately rejected and loudly laughed out of town. Then, outlaw cair.

  33. Thank god that something and someone stood by their rules and regulations rather than give in to this Musilm. Every day someone is conceding to the Muslims. Enough is a enough. Obama can spew all the BS he wants Muslims aren’t dying in droves defending our country in the military I’d like to see these numbers he claims. Muslims weren’t here shaping the foundation of this country. They where to busy beheading others and enslaving others at the time of the Revolution. Muslims aren’t more likely to earn more and be more successful then many Americans that have been here for much longer. He is talking out his Muslim ass and thank go the Citadel stood by its policies and chose not to give in to one rag head.

    As a side not I don’t care what they pledge allegiance to or what oath they take I wouldn’t trust any Muslim that joined any branch of service. I feel they all have other motives such as committing an act of Jihad once in or plotting with other Muslims to do something.

    Let CAIR and all their terrorist members protest till they drop dead. F them all and send them back to the Middle East.

  34. Hoorah, that’s one for the sane. They’re spies not part of our military. They’ll use their training and turn it against us. Screw them. Reminds me of the UK moslem marine that recently joined isis with all his knowledge now and UK training. Stupid people running all our countries.

  35. Great news. WTF are we thinking even considering letting Muslims in the armed forces? You can never trust a Muslim. I would not want a Muslim fighting next to me supposedly on my side I would always be ill at ease.

    • Etti :
      If she did that, the sight of her (wait for it ) (here it comes ) NUDE (there it is) scalp would so inflame all the muslim males within thinking distance of the unadorned cranium as to cause them to lose all sense of propriety (they had some ?) and revert to their natural drooling, twitching, upper thigh grabbing, snorting, selves.
      Garden plots and barnyards for miles around would be trampled by medium sized domesticated animals running in fear of their virtue.
      I think it’s best she keep her hair.

      • Thanks for pointing that out, Bob. I should stop and think before I comment, but I was only trying to be helpful.😀