ILLINOIS: Islamic Center of Wheaton’s ‘OPEN MOSQUE DAY’ draws ‘big’ crowd, they say


Apparently, this so-called “big crowd” was comprised mostly of Muslims and a handful of non-Muslims who visited the Islamic Center of Wheaton as it invited the public inside to find out more about Islam’s teachings and understanding their Muslim neighbors. 

Chicago Tribune  The event welcomed members of the non-Muslim community and neighbors with their family to the mosque, who came to see, explore and even spend a nice time. The event was marked with a line-up of attendees which included the requisite useful idiots from churches, temples and a synagogue. The  guests were served barbarically-slaughtered halal food.


The program for the day included a mosque tour, a short presentation and a Q&A session. This Open Mosque Day will create more understanding and dispel misconceptions about what it means to be Muslim in America. (Yeah, right)