ISRAEL: “Kill the Jewish kids”

In Israel, there are safe rooms for children everywhere. Oh, not the kind of safe rooms American students run to whenever someone says something that is politically incorrect in their opinion.


THE UNITED WEST and Capt. Dan Gordon of the IDF give you a brief glimpse into what life is like living  on a Israeli Kibbutz very close to the Gaza Strip and the Hamas terrorists. Israel is the R&D facility for global terrorism. The terror that starts in Israel ends up in the United States and Europe.

In addition to the thousands of rockets and mortars fired from Gaza over the last two years, the residents of Saad have a new and equally deadly threat –  Hamas tunnels built from Gaza into Israel and recently found 1500 yards from Kibbutz Saad.  Captain Dan Gordon informed us that not only were the Hamas terrorists discovered heavily armed but also had zip tie handcuffs with them for taking taking Israeli hostages.