WASHINGTON STATE: What the media don’t want to tell you about the opposition to a mosque in Mukilteo

Vandals targeting Muslims in Snohomish County have targeted the yet-to-be-constructed Islamic Center of Mukilteo last week.  When cops arrived, they found the mosque’s sign damaged and fliers suggesting that Islam should be banned in America.


q13FOX  Mohammed Riaz Khan, with the Islamic Center of Mukilteo, said he was shocked to learn someone has been spreading anti-Islamic rhetoric at the site where the facility is slated to break ground. “Our intention is to build a place of God, (Allah, NOT God)” said Khan.

The signpost was broken but Khan’s message remains strong. He said the Muslim community of Mukilteo is determined to build their house of worship, even in the face of intolerance. (Oh, you can be sure it there will be more intolerance for the most intolerant people on earth)


“People talk of discrimination, it’s called sin, I feel,” Khan said. Mukilteo Police took the fliers into evidence, saying while the content of the message may be offensive to some, property damage won’t be tolerated.

The dhimmi mayor of Mukilteo blasted the vandals’ behavior. Jennifer Gregerson released a statement to Q13 News that said in part: “This vandalism represents the views of an intolerant few, it does not represent the vest majority of our residents who value diversity.” (That’s what YOU think)

But this is what the news video below doesn’t tell you about the people behind this mosque: 

Herald Net  A Muslim group seeking to open a mosque in Mukilteo on Friday called for the Boeing Co. and other major businesses to end their contracts with Mukilteo-based aerospace supplier Electroimpact Inc., asserting that its founder and owner is promoting anti-Muslim bias. (In his private emails)

Peter Zieve, president of Electroimpact, helped orchestrate an anonymous, citywide postcard mailing about the mosque project and established an email address, mukilteostay [email protected]  The aerospace firm is one of the city’s biggest employers, and Zieve one of the community’s most celebrated business leaders. Electroimpact is a prominent maker of automated machines for jetliner assembly and counts the Boeing Co. as a major customer. The company also does business with Airbus and other airplane makers.

Electroimpact's president, Peter Zieve, has been linked to postcards sent to people in Mukilteo raising questions about plans for a mosque in the community.
Electroimpact’s president, Peter Zieve, has been linked to postcards sent to people in Mukilteo raising questions about plans for a mosque in the community.

In a statement released Friday, supporters of the Islamic Center of Mukilteo said they are urging companies that do business with Electroimpact to reconsider their relationships.

“We urge major aerospace companies including Boeing Co., and General Electric to realize that the safety of their own employees’ families and children is put at risk by Peter Zieve’s public promotion of anti-Muslim bias, and to take immediate action to end their contracts with Electroimpact,” the statement said.

An April 9 email from Zieve says mosque opponents are considering a lawsuit to stop the project “if we can find a cause of legal action.” The email also suggests that opponents “understand the danger” associated with a mosque opening in Mukilteo. “Those of you that understand the danger, you need to be calling Mayor (Jennifer) Gregerson, and the city council,” the email continues.


Herald Net  Another email ends with what appears to be Zieve’s email signature and personal cellphone number. It was sent to dozens of people around Mukilteo and elsewhere in the state. That message, which is titled “Mukilteostaysafe post card blitz,” discusses the mailing that appeared in area mailboxes late last week questioning plans for the Mukilteo mosque.

Zieve’s email was sent to dozens of people, including current and past elected office holders, as well as Kerry Hooks, state director of ACT for America. The organization focuses on terrorism, including what it considers to be threats linked to Islam.

Below is an example of the kind of emails sent by Zieve:


Sisay Besalegn, who lives in Mukilteo, said Zieve asked him Tuesday to speak for the group. “We are concerned that this mosque might be a place for radicalization,” Besalegn said. “Wherever there is a mosque, there will be a teaching and the teaching radicalizes people.”

Besalegn, who lived in Ethiopia for 40 years, said he has seen instances in Africa where a Muslim majority harmed others. “There is always persecution of other faiths,” he said.

Anti-Muslim fears have run high across the US recently, leading to protests in communities nationwide. Recently, people in several states including Massachusetts, Texas and Minnesota complained about Muslim cemeteries in their towns, with some managing to bring their construction to a halt.

You can watch the video here. They won’t let BNI download it: