Son of Osama bin Laden is all grown up and allegedly being groomed to take the reins in the Islamic jihad against the West

4221396001_4421409986001_son-1.jpgUnconfirmed reports allege that Osama bin Laden’s son is being groomed to take over as Al-Qaeda leader with new ranting call to arms in Syria? Dubbed the ‘Crown Prince of Terror,’ Hamza bin Laden has released a chilling message calling on supporters to attack London, Washington, Paris, and Tel-Aviv.

UK Mirror  (h/t Mike F) Five years after his father’s death, 23-year-old Hamza Bin Laden has released a message beseeching ‘mujahideen’ from across the world to ‘unite’ to fight the West.


In his audio statement Hamza urges: ‘The Islamic umma (nation) should focus on jihad in Al-Sham (Syria) … and unite the ranks of mujahideen there. There is no longer an excuse for those who insist on division and disputes now that the whole world has mobilized against Muslims.’

His intervention comes days after Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri also called on jihadis in Syria to unite.  Hamza bin Laden, who supported his father’s reign of terror before he died in Pakistan in 2011 at the hands of US special forces troops, urges Al-Qaeda supporters to move the war away from the Middle East.


The video has an introduction by current terror chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, reports terror intelligence group SITE. Director Rita Katz says Al-Qaeda, which is losing power and influence to ISIS, is attempting to reinvigorate the terror group using the bin Laden name.

She tweeted: “AQ leadership wants Hamza as a future leader: someone loved & inspirational, without a negative reputation or participation in infighting. “Hamza Bin Laden calls to move the war from Kabul, Gaza, & Baghdad, to Washington, London, Paris, and Tel-Aviv. Urges: ‘This is your duty’.”


Interestingly, Hamza bin laden makes no mention of ISIS, which is attracting Islamic extremists from around the world and has created a ‘caliphate’ in Syria and Iraq. She added: “Though Hamza Bin Laden mentioned Jihadi fronts and leaders from around the world, no mention of ISIS and its leaders.”

According to intelligence sources Hamza was bin Laden’s closest confidante and brainwashed into terror acts in his early teens.

Hamza was just 17 when teams of American Seals burst into his father’s Pakistan headquarters, killing his father and members of his family. He somehow survived – although it is not known whether he escaped or was no longer living at the compound at the time of the raid.