GERMANY: “Unaccompanied minor refugees” arrested over the past few months have proven to be so violent, they can’t be detained in youth offender prisons

Maybe that’s because the majority of so-called “unaccompanied minor refugees” are neither children nor refugees.


New Observer  The Muslim invaders, pretending to be children, have smashed up the youth prisons, destroyed property, and assaulted guards—and are now under lockdown in more stringently-controlled facilities.

According to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), some of the Muslim invaders have refused to reveal their real names or ages—knowing very well that their chances of qualifying for “asylum” are reduced if they are identified.


As the FAZ reported, one of the invaders, using the name “Bilal,” claims “to be 20 years old but looks five or six years older.” He says he “does not know when he was born,” and FAZ says, in an understatement, “perhaps Bilal B. is also not his real name.”

He is in prison after being arrested for a series of robberies at the main Frankfurt railway station—and, it turns out, had already been arrested seven different times, each time under a different identity.


His refusal to give his real age means that the authorities might have to try him under his claimed age—which would only mean a youth custody sentence. However, FAZ reports, his extreme violence has meant that the youth custody institution in Wiesbaden—where he was originally detained—has refused to take him back.

FAZ reports on some more “Algerians” in the same prison as “Bilal,” all of them claiming to be “North African refugees,”—and who had been sent out to adult prisons because of their violence.


The head of the correctional facility in Wiesbaden confirmed to the FAZ that the institution was “increasingly being faced with difficult prisoners” as a result of the “refugee” invasion.

Among the “problem prisoners” were drug addicts, and violent criminals—all of whom had entered Germany courtesy of the Angela Merkel invitation. He said at least 190 such “unaccompanied minors” were in his facility alone.


They often smash their cells, and other prison property, and insult and abuse prison officers—particularly females. When the prisoners are called to order, he continued, their first reaction is to claim “racism” against the German guards.

The FAZ article went on to discuss some other cases: “Youssef K.” is now in prison in Darmstadt. He has been arrested under seven different names, sometimes claiming to be a Libyan and other times as a Moroccan. His arrest record is for rape and assault, and he has already spent several months in prison.