Huffington Post finds a moral equivalency in a man pulling off a Muslim woman’s headbag and a Muslim terrorist slaughtering hundreds of innocent people

192-300x225-1A North Carolina passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight ripped off a Muslim woman’s Islamic supremacist headbag, while screaming ‘This Is America!’ at her, which is now considered a ‘hate crime’ in America.

Huffington Post  The incident on the Southwest flight came less than two weeks after the Muslim terrorist attack in San Bernandino, California, which killed 14 and one month after the terror attack in Paris, which killed 132…and just three days after Donald Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim entering the U.S.


Gill Parker Payne, 37, of Gastonia, North Carolina, pleaded guilty in a New Mexico federal court Friday to a misdemeanor hate crime charge of using force to intentionally obstruct the woman’s free exercise of her religious beliefs.

In a plea agreement, Payne admitted to being aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Dec. 11, 2015, when he saw a woman wearing a headbag sitting a few rows in front of him.

A few weeks ago, a headbag-wearing Musllim woman was removed from a Southwest flight for making passengers nervous
A few weeks ago, a headbag-wearing Musllim woman was removed from a Southwest flight for making the other passengers nervous

Near the end of the flight, Payne, who acknowledged that he knew the hijab is of religious significance to Muslims, walked up the aisle of the plane and stood next to the Muslim woman, whom he did not know, and whom prosecutors have identified only as “K.A.”

Payne then said something along the lines of “Take it off! This is America!” before pulling the hijab off K.A.’s head. Prosecutors said K.A. felt violated and quickly put her hijab back on.

Payne’s plea agreement calls for two months of home detention. According to his attorney, Amber Fayerberg, the court approved the plea agreement Friday. A sentencing hearing that has yet to be scheduled will determine the length and conditions of his probation.

Southwest Airlines’ popularity with Americans has skyrocketed since its anti-terrorism policies against Muslim passengers have become widely reported Anti-Muslim Southwest Airlines