ISLAMOPHOBIA-MANIA! Get over it, it isn’t going away, it’s getting more widespread

Cid28GtWsAAnLXx.jpg-largeIf Muslims think they can stop people from hating, fearing, and distrusting them simply by denying the abhorrent behavior they display wherever they go, they are mistaken. Instead of crying about “Islamophobia,” they should start reforming their death cult posing as a religion, which calls for forced conversions and killings of unbelievers as part of a violent jihad to spread Islam around the world. They need to stop justifying wife-beating, forced child marriages, rape, cutting off heads, and the inhumane slaughter of animals. Last but not least, they must stop trying to force the West to accommodate and submit to their offensive religious demands.

Until that time, what the Muslim Brotherhood has mis-labeled as “Islamophobia,” but in actuality, is a very rational fear of Islam, not only will NOT go away, it will increase significantly as millions more supremacist Muslims invade Europe and the West, bringing with them a culture of welfare dependency, non-assimmilated parallel societies, hatred for Christians and especially Jews, as well as rape and violence against non-Muslims.