KANSAS patriot says: “We need to keep an eye on mosques and Muslim-owned buildings and be ready to strike because they are storing ammunition or explosives that could be used in a terrorist attack”

Islam_Star_and_CrescentRetired engineer and veteran, Neil Jednoralski from Saline, Kansas, contends that all mosques in Kansas should be watched and explained why he posted a Facebook threat to “strike” a local mosque — clarifying what he meant by admitting he’d show up and cheer if someone burned it down.

Wichita Eagle  A Saline, Kansas 69-year-old retired engineer  who attempted to have Barack Hussein Obama in 2011 for illegally holding office as a foreign citizen has been keeping an eye on mosques throughout the state, and recently wrote on Facebook, “We need to keep an eye on muslim owned buildings. and ready to strike.”

Neil Jednoralski, veteran
Neil Jednoralski, veteran

When he used the word “strike,” he said, he meant to remove any ammunition or explosives that could be stored at mosques for terrorist attacks. His views provide insight into the beliefs of some of the Kansas groups actively opposed to Muslims.

Speaking with the Eagle after his comments drew the attention within the domestic terrorism community, he claimed he only meant to go after mosques storing  ammunition or explosives that could be used in a terrorist attack.


It was among the anti-Muslim comments posted on Facebook by Kansas militia groups after talk of an armed protest against a Wichita mosque. “We need to keep an eye on muslim owned buildings. and ready to strike,” the April 2 Facebook post said. It was from a group identifying itself as Saline County Kansas Security Force-Defense Force.

The comment struck Daryl Johnson, a former senior analyst with the Department of Homeland Security, as a domestic terrorist threat that should be investigated by authorities at a time when anti-government militias are increasingly targeting Muslims in America.


Asked why he has singled out Muslims, Jednoralski stated that their religion is illegal in the U.S. “I think they’re a dangerous cult. They’re not a religion,” he explained. “I think the Muslim religion is against the law in the U.S. I took an oath when I served in the military to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic and I feel that oath is forever.”

Which mosques was he referring to when he said “ready to strike”? “I think I meant for all mosques in Kansas,” answered Jednoralski. In a September Facebook post, he listed the addresses of about 20 mosques or Muslim facilities in the state.


Pressed about a series of fires set at mosques around the U.S. and abroad, he said he wouldn’t be opposed to setting them on fire before adding, “I would have been like the people in Europe that cheered.”

As far as how he keeps tabs on the twenty Muslim facilities in Kansas, Jednoralski said he and other local anti-Muslim activists keep an eye on them, looking for suspicious activities and reporting back to the local authorities.

“I don’t think we can rely on our present government to keep an eye on them,” he explained, adding that by “present government,” he means the Obama administration.