THE GOOD NEWS: The number of Muslims in Canada is not nearly as high as Canadians imagine it to be.

canada-islam1THE BAD NEWS: Stealing a page from the Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR playbook, Muslims in Canada are inflating their numbers on the Census to make it appear that there are a lot more of them than there actually are.


Whether born of xenophobic angst or pluralist exuberance, the average figure given by Canadians when asked for Muslims’ share of the general population is 20%, according to a survey conducted last autumn by Ipsos ReidThis imagined figure exceeds the actual one — 3.2 per cent — sixfold. The gap between actual Muslim Canadians and those who exist only in the public imagination is over 5.5 million people

Toronto Sun  That said, Canada’s 2016 census provide us with an insight into the darker side of Canada’s multiculturalism. In an attempt to enhance the presence of one linguistic group over another, Canadian Muslims of Pakistani origin encourage their community to give inaccurate information on the census form to make it appear there are more Muslims in Canada than there actually are.


They asked Pakistani-Canadians to disown their own mother tongue, which is “Punjabi”, and instead list “Urdu”, so as to enhance Islamic numbers in Canada. In addition, they apparently didn’t want the Sikh community, who also speak Punjabi, to benefit from having more Sikh Punjabi speakers in Canada.

The reason why most Canadians have no idea this happened is that the controversy occurred entirely within the confines of one religious and racial minority community, where few outsiders have access. This is another curse of multiculturalism that encourages insular communities and linguistic ghettos.

Now that Muslims are allowed to vote wearing Islamic facemasks, Canadians are protesting by voting with their faces covered, too
Muslims are allowed to vote wearing Islamic facemasks in Canada, so there is no way to identify them

The first indication an effort was afoot to distort the census came to me from a social media posting where the writer urged Pakistani and Indian Muslims, regardless of the regional language they spoke, to list Urdu as their mother tongue, so the government would count the total number of Pakistani and Indian Muslims living in Canada.

It also urged Pakistani-Canadians who are Christian to list their language as Urdu in support of other Pakistani Muslims.

To most Canadians, this would seem to be a tempest in a teacup, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The issue is not just one of competing languages, but the promotion of Urdu in Canada, a language that for the last century has become a symbol of pan-Islamism and has been used by Pakistan’s Islamists as the language of Islam, rather than of a people.

Having a prime minister who spends a lot of time on his knees praying to Allah in mosques also makes people think Islam is everywhere
Having a prime minister who spends a lot of time on his knees praying to Allah in mosques also makes people think Islam is everywhere


But the specific case of Urdu as an Islamist tool has been raised by Tariq Rahman, a Pakistani academic and author of many books on linguistics. As a native speaker of Urdu himself, Rahman writes: “Urdu… is associated with Islam in South Asia. In Pakistan, Urdu and Islam are the main symbolic components of the Pakistani Muslim identity that resists the expression of the [indigenous] ethnic identities of that country.”

While the attraction of Urdu to Islamists is a powerful one, Urdu is the mother tongue of only about 7% of Pakistanis, and was a major reason for the country’s breakup in 1971. This language of northern India has today become a tool in the hands of the Islamic jihadists.

Muslim perpetual whining makes it seem like there are more of them than there are
Perpetual Muslim whining also makes it seem like there are more of them than there are

Those of us who know their workings, on the other hand, are widely dismissed by the political left in Canada as alarmists. We are, in fact, the canaries in the coal mine. Ignore us at your peril.

Of course, what this article fails to address is that this misconception also is caused by the pushy, supremacist attitude of Muslims in Canada and their relentless demands for special religious accommodations from every public institution and even from private businesses, denial of which leads to lawsuits and accusations of “Islamophobia.” That, plus their tendency to create NO GO zones where only Muslims are welcome as well as trying to build mosques everywhere you look, is behind the belief that there are more Muslims than there are.

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