FRANCE: Sudanese Muslim freeloader sets fire to government welfare offices when they don’t give him a nice house right away

A Sudanese Muslim who had just obtained the status of refugee was arrested after having set fire to the branch of the city council welfare offices. He claimed the employees had not found him a home “right away,” which, according to him, was his “due,” in view of his new refugee status.


DVM  The employees of Pôle Solidarités [Government Welfare Office] in Annecy still can’t come back to it. On Tuesday 17 May, a so-called refugee locked himself in their offices and set everything on fire before leaving and being arrested in a square. 

According to the police, the individual is a 28-year-old man. At the end of April, he obtained the status of refugee. It was thus with this refugee card that he presented himself, on Tuesday evening, at the welfare office, which manages social housing, to demand that he be quickly given a home in Annecy. The employees explained to him that it wasn’t possible, gave him a form to fill in and asked him to come back in the afternoon. He did this. 


Upon his return, he became angry when the employees again asked him to fill in a form. He didn’t want to wait. The employees then called 115 to at least get emergency accommodation for him, but none was available. The tone then sharpened, insults started to fly … as well as the computers. 

The man threw the equipment around. The employees left the office. He locked himself in and destroyed everything, the computers, the windows…then he started a fire with a lighter, according to the police. “He waited until it took, then he exited into a square where we arrested him,” it was said in the police station, where an alert had been given in the meantime by the employees. 

Still according to the police, in the end two offices had been well burned and a third had been damaged. According to an initial estimate, there has been 100,000 euros of damage.