NEWT GINGRICH, Trump advisor, floats idea of creating a ‘test’ to see if Muslim airport workers support Islamic sharia

TPM  Asked by Fox News host Sandra Smith, standing in for Megyn Kelly, whether he’s confident in the country’s ability to vet airport workers, Gingrich replied, “No, no, no.”

“We don’t even have the right standards. You know, the first test – and this is very hard to do – the first test ought to be, are we dealing with people who believe in Sharia and who want to impose Islamic supremacism?” Gingrich said. “We don’t have any tests for that.”He went on to say the Obama administration would say “that was an Islamophobic comment and therefore was totally inappropriate.”

There has been speculation that a Muslim airline worker in Paris was involved in placing a bomb on the plane. But officials have not confirmed the cause of the crash and the search for wreckage is still underway.