TEXAS Pastor tried to block a Muslim from serving on a Republican political committee because of his anti-American beliefs

During a meeting of the Harris County Republican Party in Houston, Texas, on May 16, Pastor Trebor Gordon introduced a motion to block Republican Syed Ali from serving on a committee “on the grounds that Islam does not have any basis or any foundation. It is the total opposite of our foundation.”


Washington Post  “Islam and Christianity do not mix,” Gordon said. Party chairman Paul Simpson said that Gordon serves as chaplain for the Harris County Republican Party and is a part-time pastor at a Houston-area church.

“During my prayer, this man did not bow his head. During the pledge of allegiance, he did not utter a word. He didn’t even try to fake it and move his lips,” Gordon said at the meeting, where attendees said nearly 200 people were present. “If you believe that a person can practice Islam and agree to the foundational principles of the Republican Party, it’s not right. It’s not true. It can’t happen. There are things on our platform that he and his beliefs are total opposite.”


The debate over the motion was brief but contentious. One man brought up the party’s rules prohibiting discrimination on the basis of religion. That prompted another man, identified by Simpson and Cravens as precinct chair Mike Robertson, to stand up to ask whether Islam is a religion at all.

“Can I have a point of information?” Robertson said. “Has there been any factual information provided that Islam is a religion?”

Unfortunately, the Muslim was instated by the ignorant  Republicans.