DUTCH MP Geert Wilders is on trial for saying there are “too many Moroccan (Muslims) in the Netherlands”

AND THIS IS ONE REASON WHY:  Female reporter pelted with rocks by angry mob of Moroccan Muslims when she goes to a neighborhood to report on how Moroccan Muslims are terrorizing Dutch residents. Police do nothing.

Moroccan Muslims have been terrorizing the Dutch inhabitants of district Veldhuizen – burning cars during the night, smashing windows, and throwing rocks at passersby since the beginning of May simply because a tea house they liked to use as a meeting point was closed down for demolition.


Mr. Wilders is presently fighting a court battle in the Netherlands for remarks he made in 2014, when he asked a group of his supporters whether they wanted to see fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands or not. When they chanted back “Fewer! Fewer!” he replied: “We’ll take care of that.”

Wilders said: “Moroccan scum should leave the Netherlands, and that Moroccans were over-represented in crime statistics and in the number of people receiving social benefit.”

Roni Stoker