MADRID & ROME: Thousands of patriots rally against the Muslim invasion

Thousands of Spanish patriots turned out to march against the Muslim invasion and in favor of putting Spanish people first. The huge crowd—which snaked through the city for blocks—marched under banners calling for an end to the invasion and chanted “Refugees no, Spanish yes,” among other slogans.


NEW OBSERVER  The rally was held in coordination with a similar march in Rome, organized by the Casapound Italia organization, and took place despite an attempt by the communist party mayor of Madrid to ban the march.

The main slogan under which the rally was organized was “Defend Spain, defend your people” and started from the Plaza de Spain, ending in the Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

Many attendees wore shirts with the HSM logo, which bear slogans such as “Defend Europe,” “Revolt against the modern world,” “Stand against a world in ruins,” and “The nation is strong.”


Earlier, the HSM group explained the reasons for the demonstration on its Facebook page as follows. “Sometimes, we try to avoid the problem by closing our eyes, and looking the other way. That makes us believe that the problem goes away, but it’s not like that.

“Passivity, and silence as demanded by the politically correct, wants us to believe that we are free, but by staying still we are complicit in the decline of our people, our identity, of our ways. Looking the other way just accelerates our own destruction, and sells our freedom to the highest bidder.

Ten thousand Italian patriots turned out  to take part in an anti-invasion and anti-European Union protest march though the main thoroughfares of Rome, organized by the Casapound Italia organization.

NEW OBSERVER The turnout, replete with flags and ordered formations, started at the main Rome “reception center” for invaders at the Piazza Vittorio square, before moving off in the direction of the Colosseum.


Along the way, the disciplined crowd chanted numerous slogans such as “Stop the invasion! This is my home.”

The crowd carried flags, let off tricolor flares, and carried banners reading “Italy rise, fight and win,” “First the Italians,” and “Defend Italy with the spirit of the heroes of the Piave.” (The latter slogan is a reference to the June 1918 World War I battle which resulted in a decisive victory for Italy.)


The rally, held under the slogan of “Casapound Defend Italy,” was completely peaceful. At the speeches which were made at the end point, near the Colosseum, movement leader Gianluca Iannone—sporting an impressive beard—said that the parade was being done in conjunction with similar events in other European cities.


“We want a strong state to take care of our citizens and our children, we are against privatization, we want priority for the Italian people, and we are against uncontrolled immigration,” Iannone said.

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  1. Normal, average, working class people who wish to retain their national, regional, religious and cultural identity, against the depredations of undemocratic Cultural Marxists, are now labelled. ‘Far Right’.

  2. Those marches and slogans should be spread all over the western countries. America PLEASE wake up.

  3. Ferdinand and Isabella saw them off, maybe the Spaniards can again but it will take a herculean effort and things will need to get a good deal worse. Continued poor employment prospects and increased violence may provide the impetus.

    The Spaniards need their own branch of Soldiers of Odin.

  4. The Best Of The Christian Crusades Is About To Come Into Existence.
    Islam is not a religion, it’s a theo political belief system that intends to establish Sharia law in countries through Hijra to colonize the unsuspecting people everywhere they migrate to.
    Allah predates Islam,and it’s refer to as the moon god.
    Every Muslim fanatic knows about the daughters of Allah.
    The Quran is just abook.
    Stand up and struggle for God, your country, your family, your parents, your wife, your daughters, your sons and for freedom.

  5. Silly! Parades, banners, slogans! So what?

    How did Charles Martel defeat the Muslim hordes at Tours?

    Better armor up. Learn to use them and train to fight!

    Lock & load!

    • Fred don’t be negative about this, every movement starts with people getting together and relating and being rational. Growing in number and clarifying purpose. There will come a time possibly, I actually hope not but certainly can see it, for the locking and loading

      • I agree with you full heartedly, Don. The problem with this war is THE PEOPLE and THE MEDA. WE THE PEOPLE waited a long time to fight back, even we voted Muslims in our high positions. Now, we must use our brains. We have a vicious Muslim as president and he would not hesitate to declare martial law and you can imagine the ugly consequences. Especially, with such useless Congress and perfidious main stream media.

        • “perfidious main stream media.”
          Now that is a great word ron. I most all the time, call them simply the old LYING MSM but I really like that sense of TREACHERY. I may have to borrow that. They are indeed TRATERIOUS, and I still like EVIL. I SURELY DO hate the evil perverted old PERFIDIOUS MSM!!!!!!! They are the greatest enemy we are actually facing at is time.

  6. Worse than useless. Keep it up. Muslims know that while you tip toe around them with the little bit of flag waving they buy time to build up their numbers and import their guns and ammo a cross no borders stupid Europe. Hopefully their will be coup after coup and a complete lock down to sort out the insane Euro zoo.

  7. Bloody predictive text , could be considered as bad as a mudslime for switching words and contexts without many realising.( Sir Geert Wilders)

  8. The movements are growing,the protests attract more people which inevitably brings more coverage and coverage brings more to the movement. Please people of Europe wake up!!! You seem to have opened one sleeping eye to the filth we are bringing in we need more of this, more more , take to the streets EDL,Soldiers of Odin,Pegida, Sir Greet welders knighted for his fantastic work against the growth of the murderous cult Islam. I would love to see all the anti Islamic groups unite under one umbrella, stand as one against this filth that be upon us!

    • Islam has been kicked out of Spain, east Europe and India before. It will happen again. . They murdered 400 million Indians in the invasion and occupation of their country. But they got them out again, yes after a loooong time but it will be easier to get them out these days. When we get the Marxists under control ( we will, probably via civil wars) we can then concentrate on removing Islam and we shall send the Marxists with them. The workers of the world will finally destroy Marxism. People must be aware they CAN BE REMOVED.. The people will rise up, destroy evil parliaments and the traitor politicians physically. Europe has done it many times before.

  9. It is certainly most encouraging to see Europe wake up against the mass invasion by unruly Muslim crowds.Spain and Italy have done it and hopefully the others will do the same when there is still time
    Europe! By all and every means make sure Islamists are kept in their place if need by UN intervention so only normal people-movement will happen but not this INVASION and Jihadi Islamization

  10. Nazi salute at 1:38. Fuck them. Lazy bastards. I lived and worked there in 1981 and I’ve been back since over the years. They have 50% unemployment. Literally one person per extended family household works. And God forbid you expect anything to be open or anyone to work during the daily 3 hour siesta. Joke of a country. Even the Moslems don’t want to live there.

    • “Lazy” is a subjective term, perhaps they choose to live in he way that they do, perhaps they could do it better. I’m not convinced the frenetic pace of life in America is all that better.
      Either way they should certainly have the right to protect their way of life from the vile stench of isslime.

      • Yeah god, the siesta is magnificent and a v long standing tradition. Places stay open into the night instead when its not as hot. Not only that there is medical evidence that its v good for health, adults having a rest/sleep during the day. I mean if you know things wont be open for a couple of hours just get what you want before. Then go take a nap. They wont be unemployed now , they have to fight for their culture, country, history, traditions, heritage etc etc etc. This is a massive job!!! Spain has already kicked out the scum muslims once and they will do it again. Keep up the good work and you will get bigger crowds. Spain had a civil war in the 30’s and they will probably need another before all this shocking evil crap is sorted out.

    • We, the Maltese also take siestas. It’s too hot in the afternoon so check the facts. All Mediterranean countries normally take siesta. Then they work hard later. When I was in Spain shops and restaurants opened all day. You cannot use a sweeping statement lazy because Spaniards take siestas.

  11. This is wonderful in Spain & Italy, each country should place their OWN citizens first. How About It Americans, are you content to remain 2nd class citizens to savages under black rule? Your White children are abused in schools, White Adults are in fear at their workplaces, & America is Silent. Get up off of your duffs & start demanding your GOD given rights! This is YOUR own Country, IT DOES NOT BELONG TO INVADERS.

    • With hope and the right new President (TURMP) not killary thing I pray will change. According to what I have on my calendar 253 days we will be rid of Oblama!!!
      I like Trumps idea of a very tall border wall on the spick (Mexican) But a wall on the Canada would be perfect. Canada has let in tooooooooo many muslimes.

    • in UK our quisling boydave wants muslims everywhere

      eg head of diversity in met police=muslim
      mayor of london=muslim–he has already said “too many white faces at TfL”
      head of security houses of parliament=muslim
      head of religious affairs at bbc=muslim
      many muslim MPs and peers
      many muslims high up in civil service
      etc etc

      i wonder what the eu has on boydave?

    • Yeah well… technically, “white” americans are invaders too…. just ask the Native americans… they let in the british and french invaders, and they ended up in tribal communities…

  12. We had ALL better be gathering in groups we feel we can be a part of, and ready to march with, I was out in the early “tea party” gatherings, but they have become somewhat of useless.