Has Pope Francis converted to Islam yet? He seems to care way more about Muslims than he does about Christians being slaughtered by Muslims

After just declaring that spreading the Christian gospel is the same as Muslims waging violent jihad, now he’s urging France to rescind its NO MUSLIM HEADBAGS law. Hey Frankie, why don’t you stick to kissing Muslim feet and stop telling other countries how to deal with their Muslim problems.


Arab News  (h/t Doubt 101) Pope Francis has urged France to respect the right of Muslim women to profess their faith and wear the full face-covering hijab/niqab,  just like Christians are allowed to wear the cross. (Except Christians, the few who have not been killed by Muslims, are not allowed to wear crosses in most Muslim countries)

“If a Muslim woman wishes to wear a veil, she must be able to do so.  People must be free to profess their faith at the heart of their own culture not merely at its margins,” Francis told the French Catholic newspaper La Croix, according to The Guardian. 

Italy Pope Holy Thursday

France is home to a Muslim community of nearly six million, the largest in Europe. Supremacist Muslims in France have been complaining of restrictions on shoving their oppressive to women culture in the faces of secular France.

In 2004, France banned Muslims from wearing hijab, an obligatory code of dress, in public places and schools. France also outlawed the wearing of face-veil in public in 2011.

Italy Pope Holy Thursday

 The gift that keeps on giving:

The Pope has hailed the election of Sadiq Khan as “Muslim” mayor of London, claimed mass Muslim migration is “necessary” for Europe, and blamed Paris and Brussels for the attacks on European soil.


SHOCKER! The renegade pope said that Christians spreading the gospel is the same as Muslims waging jihad











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  1. For God’s sake…….you people will do anything to try and ;prove your opinion is true
    Yet there is no concrete proof that pope Francis is going Islamic……..I am not muslim but does not the bible say “to love your neighbour as you love yourself.

    There are 6.7 million, not 67 million as my previous posts said, muslims in the US and 1 million in Canada and I do not see any jihad breaking out among the muslims who are law abiding citizens……no killings by the muslims in both our countries.

    By the way those attacks were done by people who were never muslims to start with and also how come my country canada has had no muslim attacks. Get a life and realize that the word Allah means God in english. It is only a few radical muslims that are giving the peaceful muslims a bad name.

    What about the KKK who went to church on Sundays then lynched blacks monday to saturday. People in glass houses should not throw stones and also did not Christ say “he who is without sin let him cast the first stone.” So all of you are without sin?

  2. OurPope is Pope Benedict, there is no such thing as a retired Pope. Now there was an incident of two popes, but one was the anti-Pope. Francis is a Jesuit, & they long ago in the 1960s’ shamed themselves. Once they were the army of the Pope, & now just another group of Marxist/Communists.

  3. The pope is a dope, but the anti Catholic bigotry on this site is obscene. When was the last time your evangelical Christian church called a crusade, fielded armies and saved Europe? When was the last time your churches bass boats defeated in detail an invading Muslim fleet, such as at Lepanto, courtesy of the Holy ROMAN Empire? When was the last time Protestant armies lifted the siege of the caliphate’s army in the heart of Europe such as at Vienna in 1683? As I recall, those were the armies of Catholic Poland and southern German (Catholic) States, and the Germans had to rout Protestant forces allied with the Turks in order to get there on time.
    That just all history, but the history is all consistent. From Tours to Vienna, when the balloon goes up and it’s time again to save civilization through force of arms, there has been one consistent, dominant force in the west, and that has been the Roman Catholic Church. Show a little respect, then.

    • Not Evangelical Christian. Messianic Jew. Raised in the Roman Catholic Church, granddaughter to family that was driven off of their lands in Nicaragua by an uprising of Jesuits under the banner of Liberation Theology. My grandfather was killed there and my father’s oldest brother. Anti Catholic? Hardly! Bigoted? Hardly! You’re blind if you can’t recognize this imposter’s anti American, pro Communist, anti Christ propaganda!! You’re a pro Catholic bigot!!

    • And, btw, when was the last time that the CATHOLIC CHURCH called for a crusade, except when they were killing my family members in Nicaragua?? Give me a break! Everywhere that the Jesuits go erupts in violence. They stir people up with calls of victimhood, incite them to violence and then run and hide like little girls when challenged by intellectual equals. I might listen if I didn’t know how much money Jesuit Universities receive from the Saudis. Francis is more interested in holding on to Saudi Money than he is Jesus Christ!!

        • YOU ARE FREAKING ME OUT!! Don’t know how much you know about Catholicism, but at our First Confirmation, we pick a name.I loved Joan of Arc! Not because she was a warrior saint, but because every picture that I saw of her, she was on a horse!! I have always loved horses and Joan’s pictures spoke to me. Or rather, the pictures of the horses spoke to me. Bet you can’t guess what my Confirmation Name is!!! YIKES!! Then, there’s that whole sorry outcome r/ t being burned at the stake:'(

        • Thirty years ago I went to graduate school at a Jesuit university (Seattle); and although I loved the experience and the many fine people with whom I worked & studied, politically I’ve watched as that institution has turned left of Marx in many ways! I once heard some VERY ugly and disparaging words from its current president (a Jesuit priest, of course) about Sarah Palin, and I’ve never forgotten how shocked and disappointed I was in this so-called “religious” person. And just this past year, they awarded a big outstanding alumni award to two very wealthy and successful businessmen – one of whom was related to the Saudi royal family and, obviously, has given beaucoup dinero to the university (“play for pay?”). The Jesuit president regularly visits the Arabian Penninsula and encourages (wealthy) Saudi and other Arab students to apply and attend the university. He would probably gladly join with the Marxist Pope in kissing the feet of the Muslim rapefugees. If they were honest, however, they should invite a number of Muzzie refugee families to live in the dorms at the university!! Should be quite an education for the rest of the undergrads!!

  4. The pope really needs to read the Bible. Biblical Christianity is the ONLY “type” of Christianity. All other “types” of Christianity, are “rules and regulations” made up by PEOPLE, NOT God. To me, RC is the worst of all. RC has a few truths of Christianity, the Trinity, and virgin birth being 2 of them. In the 16th century, they decided that RC “traditions” took precedence over God’s Word. There are MANY things RC teaches, that contradict what the Bible tells us. People believe it, and don’t question it, because it’s all they’ve known. As do people of all religions, I suppose.

  5. All Jesuits have to answer to GOD & this Jesuit from the UN, will not be able to parse his words!

  6. Catholisism has nothing to do with Christianity but a continuation of Constantine’s Mithra sun god worshipping cult which is why the ‘christian’ holy day of rest is Sunday and not the Biblical Sabbath.
    There has been no Christianity in Europe since 692 when the Mithra cult of Rome swallowed up the Celtic or Culdee church or the Church of Jerusalem – The church that the Christ and his Apostles belonged to – at the Synod of Whitby.
    The Vatican venerates Paul (Apollo, Pol, Apollyon) as an Apostle although he never was – he was a Mithra sun god worshipper in the payroll of Rome. Mathew called him the wolf in sheeps clothing and James the Righteous, the Christ’s brother called him the ‘spouter of lies’ (google that up to see why Paul murdered James for his efforts)
    The church of Rome is a forgery and it’s leaders liars and deceivers. Beware of it as Matthew warned.

  7. NO! Muslims are NOT our brothers you DECEIVER Pope! You VICIOUS HATER of GOD!

    The Satanic Pope wants Muslim terrorists to conceal DEADLY Weapons and Exploding MURDER underneath hijabs and face veils.

    You Jesuit Black Pope — You HATER of Non-Muslims and HATER of Everything that is Beautiful, Pure and Good! You are going to BURN in HELL for ALL Eternity!

  8. the man is a usefull idiot of the left and a tool for islam .and a total asshole,i can say that i,m a catholic.and so can any one else who is harmed by his behavior.

  9. His predicessor Pope Benedict XV1 had a different view of Islam. Perhaps this is why he may have been push out rather then stepping down calling his age and lack of strength the reason to step down.

    From Wikipedia

    Main article: Pope Benedict XVI and Islam
    Pope Benedict’s relations with Islam were strained at times. On 12 September 2006 he delivered a lecture which touched on Islam at the University of Regensburg in Germany. The Pope had previously served there as a professor of theology, and his lecture was entitled “Faith, Reason and the University—Memories and Reflections”. The lecture received much attention from political and religious authorities. Many Islamic politicians and religious leaders registered their protest against what they labelled an insulting mischaracterisation of Islam, although his focus was aimed towards the rationality of religious violence, and its effect on the religion.[108][109] Muslims were particularly offended by this passage from the Pope’s speech: “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”[109]

    The passage originally appeared in the Dialogue Held with a Certain Persian, the Worthy Mouterizes, in Anakara of Galatia[110][111] written in 1391 as an expression of the views of the Byzantine emperor Manuel II Paleologus, one of the last Christian rulers before the Fall of Constantinople to the Muslim Ottoman Empire, on such issues as forced conversion, holy war, and the relationship between faith and reason. According to the German text, the Pope’s original comment was that the emperor “addresses his interlocutor in an astoundingly harsh—to us surprisingly harsh—way” (wendet er sich in erstaunlich schroffer, uns überraschend schroffer Form).[112] Pope Benedict apologised for any offence he had caused and made a point of visiting Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country, and praying in its Blue Mosque. Benedict planned on 5 March 2008, to meet with Muslim scholars and religious leaders autumn 2008 at a Catholic-Muslim seminar in Rome.[113] That meeting, the “First Meeting of the Catholic-Muslim Forum,” was held from 4–6 November 2008.[114] On 9 May 2009, Benedict visited the King Hussein Mosque, Amman, Jordan where he was addressed by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad.[94]

  10. The child rapist protector pope’s are burning in hell while this turd heralds the coming of the anti-Christ.

  11. Jesus maybe washed some feet …. of humble and repentant sinners …. but, I don’t recall any toe sucking …. of course, maybe Pope “Evita” knows something we don’t …. even though Islam didn’t hatch …. until 600+ AD ?

  12. What do all you catholics think of your guy now? Always knew the popes were phony assholes! Well, it always comes into the light in the end!! If he’s publicly denying the chrisitan faith and indeed Jesus Christ Himself, then you can see how near the end we are!

    • km you are absolutely right , there is coming an end to the world as we know it. One way or another….. ” may be morning, may be noon, may be evening, may be soon” I plan on being in the middle of the final war…

  13. Catholic women brace yourselves, you’re next for the headbag.

    If Catholics don’t leave in droves because of this quisling I’ll be surprised.

  14. People don’t realise how close to Islam he is. These are sinister comments coming from the first Pope identified with a sinister organisation… the Jesuits.

  15. I wonder if the Pope knows that in the Orient, the Near East and the Far East, that the feet, being the lowest part of the body and walks in dirt is considered impure?

    To point the feet, especially the bottom of the feet at someone is an insult in the East, and to kiss, suck, or lick the feet is a sign of abject humility, something a slave would do. (I am excluding sexual fetishes.) So Papa, thus, in Eastern mentality is acting like a slave washing and kissing their feet. And considering that many Easterners and Africans, have some nasty crusty feet, and not neatly washed, buffed and pedicured feet of fashion models and movie actors and actresses, it is also quite unsanitary. I can’t imagine kissing the feet of someone with overgrown toenails with nasty fungal growth, scabs, and crusty callouses.

    I know, I know, Papa is supposed to be emulating Christ in his humility when Christ washed the feet of his disciples. But he is sending the wrong message here. First, Jesus was washing the feet of his disciples, his closest and trusted friends. He wasn’t washing the feet of his enemies (except for perhaps Judas Iscariot who betrayed him, but even Judas was still a trusted member of Jesus entourage since he handled the money for the group until he turned against Jesus). So Papa is literally bowing and cowing to his enemies in submission like a vassal or serf. Secondly, you are dealing with a people who see humility and meekness and kindness as a sign of weakness. This is a culture that respects strength and you have to be forceful and show strength to gain respect. So the Pope is basically saying that he is a door mat to be walked on –not the kind of message the leader of the largest and most powerful church in the world should be sending!

  16. This is one of the reasons why I personally, although being a Baptized Roman Catholic, and having attended both a Catholic Elementary School, plus Attended and Graduated from a Catholic High School – am a “Fallen Away” Catholic, and no longer have any “Respect” for the “Papa”.

    • Pope Francis is an Antichrist he is last Pope according to prophecy. If not sure check the YouTube channel it was predicted by a profound Catholic years back. Unlike other Popes He is changing Catholics tradition and values. Many Catholics priest are against Pope Francis teaching. We Catholics are praying that soon judgement day come end the reign of Antichrist like Pope Francis.

  17. Why doesn’t the Pope take a little trip to ISIS country spread the love and kiss their feet. That would be good PR for ISIS. Maybe in respect, they might put his head on a stick after they wack it off. Or maybe he might convert while there and Christianity would have their first Muslim Pope.

  18. Old Frank will be complicit in bringing the anti Christ to power. Rome only wants to empower Rome and this heathen is no different.

  19. This Pope has one or two choirboys too many. YUKKK !!!!!!!!! BLACK toe-jam.

    https://youtu.be/NCKHFIYjvhg Please try that link, you will see that Frankie is just a bit arsehole and the Big Vatt is and has been the breeding ground of asreholes from the last two thousand years.

    The Illuminati can into being because the church would kill anyone who did not argee because of science,, in fact that death cult learnt all it’s arseholeness from Frankie’s forgoing colleagues .

  20. People killed and wounded at an Austrian outdoor concert. Does anyone know if the shooter is a muzz maggot?

    By seeing how this Pope will do nothing to help persecuted Christians… muzz maggots the world over will see this weakness and increase the persecution of Christians throughout the world.

      • BNI when I posted this it was in the early morning of the 23rd and I had seen it a couple hours earlier- so I am assuming it happened on the 22nd- keeping in mind Europe is “ahead of the USA” time wise. One, ordinary Austrian citizens are not allowed guns… so this man would have had to have been breaking the law if an ethnic Austrian or muzz in Europe seem to get guns without problems. Also, the Austrian authorities are giving NO information about the shooter who killed and wounded people at this concert.

        This is a warning flag to me… indicating possible muzz. Also, even if the name comes back as ethnic Austrian/Germanic…who says he can/t be a convert?

        My gut reaction is if this was NOT a muzz we would know EVERYTHING about this tragedy right now. Instead of all this silence.

  21. He needs to be publicly mocked by all Catholics with common sense. No wonder the churches of Europe and many in the US are empty leaving a void for Muslim barbarians to fill.

  22. I would like to see this traitor POS dressed like a goat to reveal his true self. I guess the gutless pope can sell his mouth to an Iman in some filthy alley.

  23. The worst and most sinister Pope ever.
    Europe hasn’t seen a crisis like this since the beginnings of the Third Reich.

  24. I am a Christian, but thank God I am not Catholic. If I were I would feel ashamed by him. Kissing some filthy feet to appease muslimes is beyond stupid, way beyond!!

  25. To this day I have killed this son of b**** Poe Francis 500 times in 300 different ways (In my mind!) and as far as I know I’m a proud roman Catholic living in Australia. To me he is a White Genocide loving, race mixing, horrible Imam. (couldn’t say more better than this)

    • Abe, don’t you have to wonder, if he is simply doing everything he can to make the church angry. Is his plan to foment and agitate to the extent that we will indeed go off half cocked and do foolish things. This girl is seriously becoming at time for careful planing, gather with like minded and preparing. Because this poop, the ofal in our ofal office, turdo in Canada , every damn one of the WESTS leaders are doing the same thing, stirring the pot constantly. Elivating isslime, at the terrific COST to CHRISTIANS, Holy war IS here, PLAN AND PREPARE WISELY.

  26. I have to tell leftist admirers of this man that he is NOT ‘ like Jesus’ as they suppose, kissing feet, because Jesus kissed nobody’s feet EVER. HIS feet were kissed.

  27. It seems right and fair to say that those who hold Respected Authority should be the most careful about the words they choose and sentences they make and the context of the contexts.Keep to generals when appealing to nations and make sure the wrongs done by one and all are put in proper prospective leaving necessary margins for the other side of the coin to have their genuine Reasoning to address their down-to-earth concerns.

    • Yep, and don’t forget the ‘ multiple ‘ so called wives Islam allows….I believe it’s four.

      Love to know this Bishop of Rome’ s take on FGM ?. I am Catholic but refuses to call this dangerous traitorous man Pope.

  28. THAT is certainly the most DISGUSTING thing I have seen today! Any further commenting will leave me sputtering…!

      • Hey Bonni you trying to keep poor Doyle “sputtering”😃.. I have to say if sputtering is motivating, then keep it coming, we CANNOT be complacent. This information and understanding MUST become common knowledge, no matter how hard the damnable old perveracating MSM want to keep it hidden.

  29. Who would have ever believed we would see and hear such bazaar things from a poop. The man needs to be quietly directed to a nice little “soft” room where he can wile away his days with meditation about some utopia where the devil and the Christ are walking in wonderful union.The pitiful soul is completely bereft of reality.

  30. I’d wager this pissant pope keeps young boys, goats, sheep and the occasional donkey in his private living quarters in Vatican City!

  31. Either he has a lot of faith that if he plays nice with the Muslims, they’ll stop chopping priests’ heads off, especially when there’s a such a shortage of priests already, or he’s a moron or both.

    There was a prophesy by a Catholic priest written several hundred years ago that this pope, Francis, would be the last pope of the Catholic Church. Seeing what he does, it’s not that difficult to believe the prophecy.

  32. This poop is a commie. He is a traitor to the west. Slowly but surely people will simply stop listening to him! I am not catholic but boy he is really doing a job on his people. Speechless!