GERMANY: Universities are shutting down ‘interfaith’ prayer rooms because Muslims turn them into Muslim-ONLY prayer rooms

locked-door1The Technical University in Dortmund has permanently closed down its prayer room – which was intended for people of all faiths. The university says that Muslim men had tried to take it over by imposing sharia-compliant gender segregation and spreading out Muslim prayer rugs all over the floor where they lift their asses to allah five times a day.


The Local  Three leading German universities have closed down pray rooms used by Muslims, sparking accusations they are singling Muslims out for unfair treatment. “The attempt to create a pan-religious meditation space has failed,” said a spokesperson (because Muslims are abusing the privilege and turning them into sharia-compliant prayer rooms).

But Muslim students accuse the university of placing them under general suspicion and 400 names were gathered for a petition accusing the university administration of discriminating against them.


Particularly upsetting was the university’s explanation that the room was closed for “security reasons” – potentially leading people to believe the Muslims using it were practizing radical forms of Islam such as Salafism. (The best reason)

At the university of Essen-Duisburg, a room for Muslim students that existed for more than 20 years has also been closed. Officials stated in an official letter that the room had to be closed due to “matters of space for the students to study.”

If they don't have their own prayer rooms, they'll just take it outside to throw their 'religion' in your face
If Muslims don’t have their own prayer rooms, they’ll just take the supremacist spectacle outside where they can throw their ‘religion’ in your face

But part of the reason could also be that the institution received complaints from non-Muslim students that during prayer times certain activities became taboo, such as using the lift and toilets in the vicinity.

At the Technical University in Berlin – an institution with 34,000 students – a Muslim prayer room which had been there for years has suddenly been closed. Again, the CYA argument seems to be one of space.