Would there be gag order on story about “3 Jewish men who brutally raped a mentally disabled Muslim girl and filmed it?”

Of course not, but when the actual story is about “Three Muslim men who brutally raped a mentally disabled Jewish girl in Tel Aviv,” it gets hushed up, demonstrating the blatant double standards of the mainstream media and the international community.


Israel Today  The lifting of the court gag order on this horrific incident that occurred in Tel Aviv two weeks ago revealed today that police arrested two young Arab Muslim men – one an Israeli citizen and the other from the Palestinian-occupied territories – on suspicion they and a third accomplice had brutally raped a mentally handicapped Jewish girl. The girl was found by police to be in severe mental distress.

Over the course of the investigation, it was discovered that one of the Arab Muslim suspects had filmed the assault on his cellphone. The footage, according to police, shows the two raping the 20-year-old Jewish girl while spitting on her and shouting racist slogans. The two men also threatened to kill the girl’s family if she told anyone what had happened.

In her ruling approving an extended remand for the suspects, the judge wrote, “This is a shocking incident of exploitation of a helpless and handicapped girl that had racist motives.”

The story was quickly picked up by most of the Hebrew press, but was nowhere to be found in the mainstream international English-language media. (Until now)

As one might imagine, had the roles been reversed – had three Jewish men violently raped a handicapped Arab girl while shouting racist slogans – it would take mere minutes for the story to become headline news around the globe.