Are Christians and Yazidis in German refugee centers in more danger from Muslims than in the Muslim countries they were forced to flee?

christian-persecution-56The charity Open Doors has warned that violence against Christians and Yazidis by Muslims in refugee homes in Germany is being played down or ignored, as Muslim security guards look the other way. Aid groups are calling for separate housing for Christian and Yazidi refugees away from Muslims.


DW  Markus Rode, head of the Berlin-based organization Open Doors, a Christian group closely affiliated with the conservative German Protestant Alliance together with other Christian organizations, has accused both the government and the two main churches of playing down, or ignoring, attacks on Christians and Yazidis in refugee shelters. 

They complained of physical and mental abuse, insults, and even death threats. Every second respondent reported that members of security staff had been involved in the incidents.

“The paradigm of the isolated incident must stop,” said Berlin-based pastor Gottfried Martens. He said he’s heard of hundreds of cases in his region of Berlin and Brandenburg alone. Martens says that the many security staff are hired to work in refugee homes based solely on their “language skills and the size of their biceps.”

He says that while it’s important for the staff to be able to communicate with the refugees, there are now dozens of examples where Muslim security staff have sided with the attackers. He added that he knows of one case where an Afghan refugee shelter leader tore up Bibles and denied Christians a bed.