UK: Sharia-compliant KFC bans hand wipes because they are offensive to Muslims

MVC-028FChicken eaters, at KFC restaurants designated as “Halal-only” locations in Britain, are being denied wet hand wipes as they apparently violate Sharia Islamic Law because they contain alcohol, which Muslims are not permitted to ingest. So, are they saying that Muslims might be tempted to eat the handwipes?


ThisIsEngland (h/t MZ)  Graham Noakes, 41, said he was astonished when staff at the fast food chain’s outlet in St George’s retail park refused to give him a hand-wipe because it was against its Halal policy.

Staff said this was because the wipes are soaked in an alcohol-infused liquid. Alcohol is forbidden in the Muslim Holy book, the Quran. Graham said: “They told me I might offend other customers.”

The 41-year-old added: ‘I’ve never experienced anything like this before, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.


‘Why shouldn’t I be allowed a wipe for my hands? They use wipes in hospital, what happens when we start being told we can’t have wipes there? I just can’t understand it.’

A KFC spokesman said the company had been running a halal trial since 2010, in “areas where there has been demand from our customers”, such as the restaurant in St George’s Retail Park.
Via The UK Times.


This report is in England, where there are also stories of Muslim nurses not cleaning as much as they should in hospitals for this same reason. There is a serious danger of infection to hospital patients, particularly the weak and the elderly, but the muslim nurses refuse to wash properly.

And, as demographic trends continue throughout the Western world, it won’t be long until we face this type of insanity in America too. (Not to worry, it’s already here)

KFC Dearborn, Michigan

KFC Dearborn, Michigan


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  1. Their handwipes are now alcohol free ones, at Halal KFC in UK saw one this week when had some chicken. Alcohol ones are better as they kill germs when cleaning hands so less chance of food poisoning.

  2. Next they’ll ban toilet paper and make you wipe your ass with your hand. Boycott KFC! Filthy disgusting animals

  3. BOYCOTT the Filthy KFC. They deserve to go bankrupt.

    “There is a serious danger of infection to hospital patients, particularly the weak and the elderly, but the muslim nurses refuse to wash properly.”

    Islam has many jihads. JIHAD of GERMS, DEATH and DISEASE is Only One of Many Jihads.

    Utterly IMMORAL British Authorities Allow Muslims to Carry Out Many Jihads Against Hated Infidels.

  4. What don’t those bastards bitch and moan about. But then companies seem to bend over and take it up their derriere. They should be told to fuc%€ING bad leave !!!

  5. Any non-Muslim that buys anything from a Halal outlet does not deserve my respect.
    He knew it was a Halal franchise. His problem.

    • It would seem that you are presuming that ALL halal compliant stores have signs for their customers to make an informed decision? Well, they don’t all have signs! Here’s a simple solution maybe the Moslems could simply not accept or not open the wipes if they’re offered to them? Instead of reducing very bodies ability to clean their hands before or after eating on the run!

  6. KFC was one of the first to go halal. Don’t eat in places that serve halal. I always ask first. The moslems are not only unclean in restaurants, their doctors and nurses refuse to wash too. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Satan loves the unclean.

  7. Oh,BNI, another enlightening “discussion” about what’s going on in the UK! Is it only certain KFC’s in the UK? Most of he KFC’s in San Antonio, stopped giving out the hand wipes in the 90’s. They said it wasn’t “cost effective”. I’m more concerned about the halal crap! I never liked cooking much, and I do, occasionally, stop at a local KFC. Who the hell runs KFC, now?? Obviously, not the joker pretending to be Sanders in the stupid commercials! My stomach is churning, once again.

      • Bonni
        Once you have dealt with big Corps. The only thing that comes out of the experience is The Corps. will do anything for the BUCK except help Christians.
        Read the first paragraph in the UCC Charter. Very interesting when you realize this was put into being by the Supreme Court. Not the Body of Legislators that have been given the power to Legislate.


  8. The moslems around here, especially the women, douse themselves with perfume to conceal the stink because they aren’t allowed to bathe. That is so gross, and they’re so backward they don’t realize the perfume is loaded with alcohol. Shake my freaking head! 🙂

  9. I was bought up in the sixties and early seventies and was taught that all civilisations are equal and have equal merit no matter what their social, religious or political norms are or were. The west was and is an oppressor of the huddled masses and was directly responsible for slavery, barbarism, racism and colonisation. That some of the norms of these societies were and are contributory to these phenomenon was ignored. So child marriage, polygamy, stoning women to death for adultery, clitorectomy, anti-semitism and killing gay people etc was and are just misunderstandings of another culture and their historical/religious/social roots.

    I was sceptical, then came to believe this crap and now I am what they call an Islamophobe.

    However this conversion did come at some cost to me but I do not regret it.

    • “now I am what they call an Islamophobe.”
      Imno, don’t allow yourself to be called an islamophobe, that is the term made up by the socio/commie, leftist, muzz enablers. I personally am isslime hater, hating evil is a good thing. Fearing evil is unnecessary and debilitating, hating motivates

    • I agree with the thoughts you’ve expressed. It’s stressful to change one’s world view. I’m still transitioning my own outlook to reflect this 21st century dystopian world we’ve inherited. i still believe in progressive programs for Americans — but I deplore inviting the rest of world to our never-ending buffet.

      Because people are overworked, underpaid and debt ridden, they have far fewer children. All profits now magically — and tragically — flow uphill. We’ve become a stratified wealth worshipping society whose elites, (many who are far from being liberals), have swung our border gates wide-open to admit multitudes in efforts to suppress wages, stoke capitalism’s voracious appetite for a larger consumer base, and push diversity as a means of limiting speech. I know the canard that all these immigrants/refugees will swell the Democratic rolls, but I have doubts about that. Hillary is a fraud, she represents the status quo. Trump is a windy douchebag who, as was said about George Bush, — was born on third base and believes he hit a triple. People here get excised about Obama bowing to His Royal Prickness while taking in The Magic Kingdom, but watching W snogging and hand holding with the Devil with an Italian restaurant ‘s tablecloth on his royal head was fucking cramp inducing as well. Dick Cheney’s hand up the Bush puppet’s ass created some collosal fuckups in the Mideast and led to the recent gruesome invasions. Obama is at best a huge disappointment, and at worst the elites’ tool to keep the Ponzi scheme going — I haven’t completely decided.

      So what to do? How do we experience the new normal, process it, and then form rational beliefs based upon this changed world? …..

  10. In British hospital, at the entrance to every ward, there is a dispenser which visitors should use to disinfect hands before entering the ward. Apparently, it is routinely ignored by muslim visitors. No-one in authority corrects them.

  11. Haven’t and wouldn’t use this shit hole if you paid me, in my county they do not employ whites.
    The organisation is racist.

  12. If there were some way to boycott
    ALL KFCs in the UK (or everywhere)
    by the current majority of CIVILIZED
    indigene citizens…

    Let the ‘social experiment’ in a minority
    of KFCs favored by the SAVAGES continue.

    If KFC could see a clear, say 5% drop
    in sales due to their fecklessness,
    they might be persuaded to rethink.

  13. Good, human hygiene is offensive to Muslims now and encouraging it will be hate speech, you watch, if Hillary Clinton gets into the Oval Office! Thanks, BNI for again, being on the cutting edge of telling us that Halal is in the USA in Dearbornistan, MI where Muslims publicly beat up nonMuslims who offend them! My, my, imagine the special herbs and spices there offered by Sharia Muslims who won’t use wipes but believe in forced conversion and killing of nonMuslims who request hand wipes!

  14. KFC should change alcohol with camel piss,its 100% halal and recommended by the pedophropet of islam himself

  15. Every day there is a “soooo incredibly stupid thing — this just couldn’t be real” story from the Islamic world.

    Most often, it seems these bizarre absurdities originate from that evil empire — Saudi Arabia — “The Magic Kingdom” — where it really is “a mauled world after all”

  16. I wonder how long it will be before demands are made to make toilet paper haram here in the west? Reverting to using stones or our hands is so much better right?… “Sir… Would you like some freshly excreted E-coli dipping sauce with those wings?” Gives a whole new meaning to “Finger Lickin’ Good” doesn’t it? (sarc off).

    It’s astounding how mankind who can land a probe on a speeding comet, rove across a Martian plain, crisply photograph a planet 2.6 billion miles away and yet allow itself through mindless appeasement devolve to 7th century practices and behavior. If this keeps up we won’t have to worry about nukes wiping out humanity anymore, evolutionary stupidity will do it for us.

    • “evolutionary stupidity will do it for us.”
      I too am amazed at the dazzling brilliance and the astonishing stupidity in the same person or people groups, these days Zub. Like the techs at CERN dancing to the Hindu earth destroyer Shiva. Brilliant stupidity, will destroy us. We have so confused good with evil, right with wrong, truth with lie, This old planet is about due fo some serious “attitude adjustment”.

  17. They are allowed alchohol externally for medicinal purposes. They just enjoy being greasy & want us to die from their germs!

    • They enjoy lording over non muslims and imposing their ideology upon us by stealth or otherwise. Our govts and leftard use ifiots allow their intrusion into non muslim lives.

  18. You may think it is easy to spot how shar$a law creeps into a western democracy but moslems are sneeky. In Australia, with a 3% moslime population, there are a dozen “halal” certification companies, set up by unknown people, but we can probably guess where they come from and who funds them. They convinced many companies (Including Kelloggs, Sanitarium, Cadbury’s to name a few) to pay a religious tax in order to print “halal certified” on the packaging. Sanitarium is still 100% owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church to my knowledge, so what on earth makes them want to promote islame?

    When people got wind of this sharia scam and complained all the companies listed above continued to pay the tax but no longer printed it on their labels. We have to utilise a website to see which company products to avoid. Dick Smith, Lindt products are all good.

  19. Boycott all halal establishments, especially pertaining to the preparation of food. muslums have ‘shitty’ hygiene based on their crazy and cult based nonsense rules laid out by a pedophile mysoginist mo ham mad.

  20. KFC is so easy to avoid. Greasy shit horrible food. Honestly, do you feel GOOD after eating KFC ??? Nobody needs KFC in their diet. Do your body a favour and eat healthy. Let the rats have the KFC. They can eat it with the same hand as they wipe their arse because it is also shit.

    • KFC sucks ass! Ate there once in the past 30 years and the chicken wasn’t cooked all the way. They can keep it.
      Best bet – buy your groceries and grill it, cook it at home. Too many people are eating out, nowadays. Too damned lazy to cook or think about their meals ahead of time. It’s no wonder there’s a fast food shop on every corner and people are so fat.
      Maybe cooking at home might teach their kids something, too…. but that’s me, I guess.

      • Totally with you here Had, I do very little eating out any more. I actually feel better after my own fixing than restraunt food and a l less expensive. Have friends and family over, do family and friends pot lucks, check around to see if loners are living nearby, inclued them. Pull people together and talk about things we learn here on this good site. We need each other!!!!

        • It used to be that eating out was left for special occasions, today, it’s a mainstay. Too damned rich for our own good. We need to get back to reality and the old way of doing things. Spoiled rotten, we’ve become (Yoda…lol)

  21. I would never eat at a Halal restaurant. When I see an aisle labelled HALAL in a grocery store I walk ten feet around it. That is how much I despise Islamic Sharia Law.

    • Haji, you better talk to the store manager. If there is a halal aisle, there might be halal meat which might not be labeled. The way to do this is to pretend you are a muslim. Tell the manager you can only eat halal meat and ask him to show you where it is.

  22. Would never eat barbaric halal, I always ask whether it’s fast food or restaurants or the grocery meat department. Fuck KFC, boycot the kernel, it may or may not make a difference but at least I can sleep at night.Plus I wouldn’t eat that shit if you paid me.

    • Dino: I won’t eat kfc, bad food (too greasy, not good) we go to another place home style cooking, also has chicken. I take baby wipes in ziploc bag to wipe hands or go to the wash room. Muslim places need to stock baby wipes instead and get some common sense.

  23. Total insanity. And a complete lack of understanding about “alcohol” as well as what muslims do with it. KFC have had a brain fart with this.
    Firstly, ethanol (the stuff in drinks that make them relaxing as well as addictive) is just one of the alcohols used in wipes – others are propanols (there are 2 of these). All are good antibacterial agents but ethanol stands out because a healthy body can deal easily with ethanol absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin. Yes you can get drunk by soaking your hands in medicinal alcohol! Don’t try this with methylated spirits because the ethanol in ms is adulterated with methanol a truly debilitating poison.
    Secondly, the muslims are also complaining about the lack of hand wipes, according to Telegraph stories I have read. Yes DRINKING alcohol is their problem, it seems.
    Thirdly, do muslims eat unleavened bread and ripe fruit? Both contain a percentage of alcohol. Both by fermentation of yeasts which give bread the holy texture as well and are present on all fruit (etc) and work on sugars in ripe fruit. Is EATING alcohol a problem?
    Alas the poor muslim surrounded by alcohol .. better to convert to a religion that doesn’t value insane belief systems, or should they starve?

    • islam is not a religion they would have to join a religion to be in one,like hindi fr`instance.LOL

  24. I cook my own chicken (nordic kosher) with sage and cayenne. Do not want any halal or msg ‘fastfood’ chicken. Send all antimatter universe moslems to Libya for halal execution and cannibalism. Better yet tattoo infidel on their scarred cockroach heads before deporting them.

  25. a country/nation is only as good as it treats their animals. obviously then the british are a pos for allowing animal torture.

  26. Bonni in NYC all of the street vendors sell Hallal hot dogs.
    I don’t see too many buying.

    When people understand the horror of halal organisations will ditch it.
    Shame on kfc, Cadbury etc…

    Next time I visit a Muslim doctor will be sure to give him some instructions on sanitation

  27. If he total absolute ignorant, dumb, illogical, twisted, glaring stupidity of isslime doesn’t begin to register in their atrophied brains soon I guess we CAN write off our pitiful bros. and sisters there in the sad ol UK.

  28. Toward the end of his life, Colonel Sanders was a devout Christian. He must be rolling in his grave.

  29. Gasahol is a terrible idea …. a waste of good corn to feed the pigs …. but, Muslims should hold their breath at gas stations …. to avoid inhaling the foul vapor …. it might make their tongues ping ?

  30. It’s isopropyl alcohol……………. hopefully muzzzzzlums WILL eat them ………………. LOTS of them…………….

  31. Muslims Dont Use Toilet Paper, Soap Or Purfume, So Why Use Hand Wipes. I Never Eat Anywhere Muslims Handle Food.