How far will the #NeverTrump people go to stop Donald Trump?


Trump’s problems are much larger than a group of violent protesters on the left. He is facing a HUGE upward battle against the elites in power, who will try to keep him out of office at all costs.

Donald Trump’s views on trade, a border wall with Mexico, America-first policies, and protectionist positions place him in direct opposition with the plan for a North American Union and ultimately the New World Order. The RINOS are fully supportive of the NAU, and this is why they hate Trump. Trump’s presidency would create a huge obstacle to their ambitions. 
It is known that protests against Trump are being organized by groups like the Open Society Foundation and the Daily Kos, which are both funded by George Soros. These groups have created large protests against Trump, but they are merely being used to accomplish the agenda of Soros, Rockefeller, George Will, William Crystal, Ross Douthat, and Glenn Beck. They will stop the Republican nominee at all costs, even if that means taking him out.