“WE ARE AFRAID,” say Swedish schoolchildren in letters to the school principal about the abuse and attacks on them by Muslim invader children

PMwhfKbMore and more parents in Sweden are keeping their children home from school, after they are being attacked by newly arrived Muslim immigrant students who attend the Central School in Kristianstad. Children being beaten, kicked, choked, and suffering other degrading treatment has now become everyday life at the Central School in Kristianstad.

Speisa (h/t Brenda K)   The school has received a large number of new Muslim students from the recent asylum chaos, and has two preparatory classes for newly arrived immigrants. 

– My kids have been home since Wednesday, they have not felt safe and I have not wanted to force them there, says Malin, who is the worried mother of two boys who go to the school. The headmaster and teachers have urged the Swedish children to “walk away” if there are fights or conflict with immigrant children, a recipe that does not work.

– When they leave, they are persecuted by this gang who call them bad words, they use a very abusive language towards children in second and third grade, says Malin.”

– When one of the boys said he did not want to play football because the immigrants cheat, two of them attacked him. It ended with this boy being completely covered in blood before some adults intervened.


Malin is not the only parent who let her children stay home because they do not feel safe at school. Madeleine is another mother who also has two boys in first and second grade at the school. They stay at home because they are afraid to go to school also.

– My children were at home on Friday as their best friend was getting strangled on Thursday, she says. They had fear in their stomachs, my little boy who is seven, and in first grade, was tripped and fell. His knees are bruised.

Malin and Madeleine is clear that they do not want a witch hunt at the school and that the only thing they want is that everything will be fine again. Moreover, they are far from the only ones to pay attention to the problems. On Friday parents from seven families met with the principal, Annika Persson, to talk about the problems with the violent immigrant children.

At first, the principal refused to even talk to the affected pupils’ parents, but after a while she gave in and set up a meeting. Madeleine brought a letter (below) that her two sons wrote to the principal, where their fear is expressed.

– The principal told us at the meeting that one must have an understanding for this, as they have left the war, they are perhaps born in refugee camps and may have traumatic backgrounds, she says and continues:

– Then I asked the headmaster and wondered how to explain to my children that it is okay to become a little strangled or beaten, or they say go home and “fu@k dad’s di@k”, and to feel sorry for them because they come from war. I do not understand how I can explain this to my children?

At the meeting with the principal yesterday, parents were told that between 90 and 95 percent of the students at the school now are children of foreign origin. “Our children have become a minority and the principal said that’s why it has become so messy as it is,” says Malin.


Madeleine does not know what she will do on Monday, if her children will continue to stay home from school or have to go there despite the threat of more violence. “I’m afraid so. I can not stay home from work, so I do not know how it will be on Monday, she says and adds I’ll check if my dad can be with the kids on Monday, but I do not know.”

Malin has, however, begun looking for a new school for her boys, something that is difficult because all the schools are overcrowded.

– I told the principal yesterday at the meeting that I do not feel good about this, and I do not know if I will be able to send my children to school on Monday. Then she said to me; You will send your children on Monday! I’m breaking the law if I keep them at home, she says. But yesterday we visited a new school.




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    • Sweedens goverment needs to take care of our country and not let thoose muslim shits in to our country! I’m tired of hearing muslims talking in our corridors, its time to get them shut out! good luck in your country to keep it safe, Stay safe and thanks for supporting the quiet battle against the goverment, 🙂

  1. When I was a kid most head teachers were tough, no-nonsense men. Schools have now become infested with ’empathizing’ female head teachers who spend their time making excuses for violent or bad behavior and giving a pass to bullies, instead of educating them out of their anti-social ways. They think tough love is cruel but, in effect, they are giving a permit for the weakest and most vulnerable to be terrorized..

    • Tell me, in what year were the majority of school teachers comprised of men? The generalization you’ve made about women based on anecdotal reasoning is doing nothing for your cause, whatever that was supposed to be.

    • When I was in grade and high school in the Sixties and early Seventies, most teachers were ugly “old biddies” in their 40’s, 50’s, or 60’s.

      Today, teachers are frequently little older than their student charges. The young female teachers of today were raised in a “slut culture”, and dress and act accordingly. Small wonder that they so often engage in sexual escapades with their male students.

      That is a significant part of the educational problem in a nutshell, particularly in a society as traditionally promiscuous as is Sweden.

    • Swedes need to stand up plan and exterminate before they are exterminated. standing up for yourself is not racist. It is Nature. Left wing governments WILL be overthrown and those in power arrested and charged for war crimes against their own peoples. What the fuck is going on please do something to boost your Testosterone Perhaps OD on some strong Zinc pills and learn it’s ok to treat people who treat you like shit In YOUR own country with tenfold responses be it Bloody or explosive

  2. This crap in Sweden really makes me absolutely livid! I have said before, my Grandmother,(mother’s mom), was born and raised in Sweden. She married my American-born grandfather, and came to the US, in the early 1900’s. She’d be so disgusted! What happened to the Viking warrior mode? These muzscums are predomantly not from war torn anything! They’ re in the West to “rape,kill, burn,” and destroy anyone who dares to stop them! The parents of the Swedish kids are accomplishing nothing by removing their kids from school! In each school, the adults(parents,etc.) need to take action, as a group, and demand safety for their kids, as a # 1, priority! Legalize guns, please, and self defense class’s should be mandatory, for the “true Swedes”! So glad I live in Texas where we still have real, burly men,that can kick ass, and shoot to kill, if needed. Many of us women aren’t any different! I learned how to ” take down ” a normal -sized man in the US Air Force! This was in the mental health field,and I never,ever forgot the training. Of course guns help to even the field. Just sayin!

  3. If it were my kid & the school did nothing, I would go there & kick the little Muslims asses! How about volunteer monitors?

  4. The problem is your politicians.
    European families do not need to put up with this shit.
    When the Europeans start being angry & start fighting back, the price these immigrants
    will pay will be very high.
    The way I look at it, it will be very soon.
    These immigrants will destroy Europe..
    Just to let you know I am not white European but have visited Europe many
    many times. Beautiful place & please if you need be I love it .

  5. Which direction can a child ‘walk away’ when being totally surrounded by a pack of aggressive Muslimes? UP?

    • In my youth we were brought up to be able to fight WTF is going on ? This war needs to start now and no mercy either

  6. You all voted for i ..now suck it up!!!….no sympathy whatsoeverSwedens parent are the biggest case of child abuse in history …thick as shit in the neck of a bottle arrogant cretins one and all

  7. I predict we will need to assist Swedish militias and Citizen protection groups like the Sons of Odin to help them rid their country of the parasites they tried to help. You can’t change the hearts of the heartless scum muslims who’s cult is based on murder, rape, death, and pedophilia.

    • If someone can get me there I will go and fight no issues there but since money is tight due to These morons sponging from us I can do the next best thing. Send a mob of “Migrants” to Ireland , preferably to Cork Or up in the Six Northern counties and watch the News that night lol

  8. Their parents and their own politicians, academics, media and even religious leaders should be ashamed of themselves – they are the ones who allowed this to happen.

  9. Looky, flexible young Somali girls …. kickin’ da ball …. rubbery almost inhuman contortions …. I’d love them to go under the Limbo bar …. with all those rags ?

  10. Muslim Children are taught along with their mother’s milk to HATE and MURDER Non-Muslims. Muslims are regarded by our Leaders as the Most Desirable People to colonise our once SAFE, HAPPY FREE nations with.

    Islam calls for the MASS Breaking of God’s HOLY, Eternal, Biblical Laws. BARBARICALLY SLAUGHTERING INFIDELS is Regarded as a VIRTUE.

    Palestinian children taught to “shoot all jews”

  11. You lost the war. doesnt matter how many small battle you will win.
    Better sell your house now at a good price before the parasites will run down the entire town real estate property and you will be left with a house in the ghetto.

    • The “War” has and trust me when I say this Has not even started so whilst Abdullah & Co. are smirking and thinking oh how easy it is to attack Europeans and rape etc
      We Native Europeans are like the Spider that sits still in his web waiting for a fly to get brave and land then BOOM!!!!! Game over and the fly has no comprehension of the pain he is about to endure.

  12. “WE ARE AFRAID,” say Swedish schoolchildren.

    Dear Pure and INNOCENT Children: You are non-Muslims. You don’t worship Mohammad’s Dark Death god. The Swedish government; the UN, EU, OIC, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Brown, Cameron, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sarkoze, Juncker, Hollande and Merkel WANT you to be Afraid.

    Our Wicked leaders Want You to be TERRIFIED.

    It’s what the Quran teaches. And why our leader Massively Imported Muslims into our countries. Our God-hater leaders are Eager for Muslims to be given Full Freedom to OBEY Quran commands to Wage Jihad on Hated Infidels.

    And Use the Tax Money of our Own People to Perpetrate Their Great Wickedness.

    In response to the desperate pleas of hated infidel parents the principal gave the same Filthy Demonic Response they have been Told by our Traitor leaders to give:

    TRAITOR PRINCIPAL: “One must have an understanding. They left war and may have traumatic backgrounds.” A DIRTY LIE FROM the PIT of HELL. The overwhelming majority of invaders are NOT from countries experiencing war.

    Almost All of the Invaders are Strong, Hostile Muslim Males of WAR fighting age who left the women behind in their countries to GET OUR WOMEN.

    TRUE Refugees Fleeing War and Severe Muslim Persecution are Peaceful and Very Humble. They are Deeply Grateful for Every Act of Kindness. And Fiercely Patriotic to the Country that will take them in. They are regarded with contempt by our leaders.

    ‘Infidel Children Beaten, Kicked, Choked and Strangled has become everyday life. One boy ended completely covered in blood.’

    Our leaders will be DELIGHTED. It’s what our leaders want and what the Quran teaches.

    TERRIFIED PARENT: “I do not know if I will be able to send my children to school.” TRAITOR PRINCIPAL: “You will send your children on Monday!” TERRIFIED PARENT: ” I’m breaking the law if I keep them at home.”

    Our Evil SATANIC Leaders are Determined that Hated infidel Children will SUBMIT to Constant Beatings, Choking, Molestations and Rapes by Muslims or Face PUNISHMENT if they don’t. It’s what the Quran teaches.

    Quran (3:56) – “As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help.”

    Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers

    Form Defence Groups. Quickly.

    Bullying of local children by refugee minors covered up by media

    • Is that pictute of the little girl on the right from the meme of the underage victim of a rapist hillary clinton defended and got off the hook when she was a lawyer??

  13. You can thank the EU for all of this mess! Merkel has turned Europe into Eurabia, and the invaders get special treatment.

    • Sweden did this to themselves before Merkel jumped on the bandwagon of slow mass suicide for the rest of the EU. Why can’t the left see what they are doing? If Trump doesn’t win this will happen to the US and to Britain if Brexit doesn’t pass.


    • As I said in another post, The spider and the fly story is being played out. They all come and think the spider won’t budge or attack but he is just biding his time to have a feast instead of one little fly. and boy will he feast

  15. The headmaster and teacher are cowardly cringing dhimmis who should not be allowed to supervise the well being of a crateful of mice never mind a school full of children. This has been allowed to go too far and, alas, the parents must now choose between letting their children be threatened, bullied, and brutalized and facing retaliation from the Islamo-collaborationist school officials. Looks like open defiance is their only valid choice.

    • The Headmaster should be sent to North Africa and disposed of by force out of a Hecules transport plane by being pushed and a sign saying YOU ARE NEXT

  16. Reminds me of Halifax where some 400 muslim refugee kids in an elementary school are acting the same way. The principal of the school had the same reply.
    It will not get better. They wanted them, now let them live with them.

    • Of course, I don’t think it’s fair to condemn a whole country because of the consequences of the stupid actions by its leaders.

        • Jane, thanks for the info……well now knowing that, it just changed my sympathy for what Sweden is allowing to happen to its own country.

  17. You are, of course, so right, Pat. Let those who have ears to hear let them hear.
    It is really amazing, what is happening. Islam is the most violent and dangerous system ever existed proven by their evil Koran and action all over the world. Still, the West is welcoming the Muslims with open arms. The people are suffering from the horrible influx of those criminal invaders, yet the doors are wide open for them.

  18. The massive rapes are to impregnate the swedish women and produce mutts! Hopefully, they will get furious at some point, and start pushing back! Don’t roll over – roll through!

  19. Enrol your kids in martial arts classes and teach them to ignore the principal and fight back. Get them a good body camera so they can record migrant student attacks and then use the videos to sue the pants off the migrant parents, many of whom have money in their countries of origin. Or if they have no money, get liens on their lives so their grandchildren will be indebted to your grandchildren. Heh.

    If all that fails, enlist older brothers and fathers and uncles and aunts and sisters and grandparents to talk some sense into the migrant kids. And their parents.

    Don’t bother the authorities; take care of it yourself.

    • What is Sweden’s policy on private gun ownership?

      That might be something for these concerned parents to look into.

  20. 90 – 95 PERCENT are children of foreign origin !!!!!…..good God….that is truly unsustainable.
    Not to mention, violent, feral with a 3rd World background and culture that has ZERO intent of fitting in to Sweden’s society…..let alone schools.

    Can’t wait to see how Sweden is going to pay for these savages and their lifestyle’s. We know 90 -95 percent of the pajama clad men and she devil muzzies don’t work…..ought to be interesting.

  21. has anyone noticed how the Muslims beat up swedes, germans French and other Euro
    trash folks. It is simply. Most of these immigrants are much stronger, lean and hard compared to the Eurotrash folks who living their soft life style are weak, soft, flabby. For decades they have not had to fight to get anything. Now along comes a tougher person and will take away from these Eurotrash everything they own because the eurotrash are way too weak to fight back. Europe is dead, MAy as well leave and turn the lights out on the way out. But dont come to America we do not want socialist weaklings.

    • Unfortunately, they are already coming here.

      What’s happening in Sweden, Germany, etc. will soon become commonplace on our streets before much longer!

    • I don’t think it’s fair to denigrate a whole population, because of the idiotic policy of a few heads of state.

      This “Eurotrash” is starting to wake up to the Pandora’s box that their governments have opened up.

    • No the “Migrants” are certainly not stronger , they are doing it because they single out lone people while they are in a group themselves also just because alot of our own people are pussies because of the PC shite. The simple truth is they are going to die in a dark miserable way pleading for their lives but it will be too late for mercy and will Alakbar be smirking then ?

  22. Sweden needs to look at her neighbours NOW. The right wing in Denmark is rising with superior numbers in the polls. Norway is deporting the radical riff raff pisslimes. Trust your fellow Scandinavians. Not the invaders who are putting your nation into despair.

  23. So, even if these Swedish parents enroll their children in a new school… and schools pop up with mostly Swedish children; look for the leftist Swedish government to ban such schools or come up with some way to “diversify” the student body.

    By forcing the schools to take in more muzz bodies or face penalties. Or perhaps close the schools down or come up with a Swedish version or busing.

    Also, THE WAR ARGUMENT IS CRAP. As many of these muzz children are not even from war torn areas… simply from muzz nations where they are indoctrinated via the islamic death cult to be superior to non-muslims.

    Also, as a neutral nation… Sweden took in a lot of refugees during and after WWII and you never saw those groups- including Danish Jews secretly evacuated to Sweden become violent. And the Danish Jews had lived under a brutal Nazi occupation.

    Then in the 1970s Sweden took in its share of Vietnamese Boat People…. as well as some other Indo-Chinese refugees. So, you had people escaping the horrors of the North Vietnamese VietCong and perhaps the Cambodian Killing Fields….. and guess what? No savage behavior like you get from these worthless piles of child muzz shits.

    Say, wonder if the 10 year old muzz are really 10? Or are they 14 or 15? Are the 13 year old muzz really 13 or are they 21 or 29? What happens when Swedish middle school and high school students have to be forced to have 25 or 36 or 40 year old “teen age self identified” middle aged muzz classmates?

    You know thats coming.

    Also, in Malmo, Sweden…. elderly Jewish Swedes are no longer invited to the classrooms to speak about the Holocaust for fear of their safety by muzz children. Thats ridiculous. If some muzz brat attacks and elderly person in the classroom…. have the teachers look the other way as some older Swedish kids toss said muzz shit kid across the room and against the chalkboard. But yea… I know that would never happen no matter how much it needs to happen.

    • ONE MORE PATHETIC DETAIL ABOUT SWEDEN. In the 1980s Sweden was the shining example of ultra-leftist thinking and was this touchy feely paradise of liberalism. So much so that many places in Sweden BANNED (YES, B-A-N-N-E-D) the movie E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

      Why? Because in the movie the “mom” played by actress Dee Wallace “raises her voice and yells at the children.” Well, if you saw the movie then you know the scenes were perfect for the plot.

      However, in 1980s Sweden…. the fragile little snowflake blond and blue eyed moppets of Swedish childhood… could not handle or be exposed to movies about space aliens where the human mommy raises her voice at innocent little precocious white children.

      Good gracious and heaven forbid! And now in the 2010s?

      Children of the 1980s have their own children now. And the generation that was forbidden to see ET in movie theaters because of “child abuse”… now have a government who while still thinking itself politically correct and liberal and “open minded” and looking out for child welfare….

      Allows indigenous white Swedish children to be molested, raped, beaten, choked, robbed and killed by muzz maggot invading forces.

      1980s… don’t watch ET white Swedish children as it will “traumatize you” that the mommy yells at kids.

      2010s… we will let muzz maggot children and adults have all the rights and benefits of living in prosperous Sweden and we will let Swedish children be humiliated and molested by said muzz maggots….

      My how times have changed.

      • Well it looks like at least a few Swedish students and teachers are now experiencing the consequences of their naivete, and starting, albeit belatedly, to react.

    • The situation in Malmo is a disgrace! This is traditional, bare, naked anti-semitism at its worse, NOT an expression of opposition to Israeli policy or Zionism.

  24. You could be referring to any now diminished and tainted western country. The former soviets to the east now migrating and planting in the west while the rich pickings last, seem to be fully present in their neck of the woods to the Muslim ideology of killing and sacrificing us (me and you that is) to their moon god a-la-carte. With nothing doing now, then our future is all corrupting, enslaving and wiping out. Our grand children will hunt us down in the afterlife.

  25. UK Prime Minister Cameron CONDEMNED the new London Muslim Mayor for being a TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER.

    BIG MUSLIM-LOVER Cameron, the LIAR and HYPOCRITE, has now teamed up with the Pakistani Muslim Mayor he condemned as a Terrorist Sympathizer, in a Campaign for Britain to Stay in the European Union.

    “We embrace other cultures” declares the Muslim Mayor Deceiver — When Muslims Conquer a non-Muslim country, Muslims DESTROY the Rich, Thousands of Years Unique Culture of that Defeated nation.

    It is as if that nation Never Existed. It’s Precisely what the UN, EU, OIC, Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Brown, Cameron, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sarkoze, Juncker, Hollande and Merkel NATION DESTROYERS Want for SWEDEN and ALL non-Muslim nations.

    Along with ANNIHILATING our Freedom and Safety and even our Lives. It’s taught in the Quran.

    Will Cameron soon declare that the Muslim Mayor who he Condemned for being a Terrorist Sympathizer has his full support for being the NEXT Prime Minister of the once great nation of Britain?

    Sadiq Khan & David Cameron love-in for stay in-EU campaign (30May16)

  26. I cannot see it getting any better for the Swedes. Sorry to bring bad news. You need a Trump …… but it seems none of your men have testicles. Your culture is doomed to die in the swamp of politcal correctness.

    • Unfortunately, men in the US are also fast losing their testicles to feminazism and gynosupremacist harassment.

  27. Children are on the front line in this war, out of sight of the politicians that inflict these failed utopian delusions on the people.
    The conflict will continue to grow.

    • Totally agree. Schools are a modern construct in the history of peoples. They only work if EVERYONE is prepared to make them work. The swedish principal is failing in her duty which is to keep her school working. She should go or take immediate action. Will there be a follow-up?

  28. Left wing liberals will deny this stuff goes on until they are blue in the face , even if their kids came home abused by mooslimes they would deny it

  29. Jesus we are resigned and in denial like the creatures about to be disfigured, hanged or beheaded by Muslims. Just there. Waiting. Not watching. Just resigned. Waiting. Meanwhile party on. I hope the Muslims don’t get their hands on a nuke. I hope we don’t elect Hilary.

    • I’ve got bad news for you, Al.

      Pakistan already has its hand on the “Islamic Bomb”!

      I wish that neighboring India would unleash its nuclear arsenal on Pakistan while the Indians still have the opportunity!