Are the BBC and ISIS in cahoots to keep British fans from wearing Crusader costumes at a big soccer tournament?

CKuiK0LWEAAftKN293x300-viBBC warns soccer fans that dressing as Crusaders  when attending the Euro 2016 tournament would be “offensive to Muslims.” ISIS (Islamic State) terrorists warn that English soccer fans who dress like Crusaders could be targeted.

Breitbart  Posing the question: “Is it wrong to dress as a crusader for an England match?” the answer from the Euroweenies appears to be a resounding “yes”.


“Crusaders were the perpetrators of violent attacks across Europe and the Middle East on Muslims, Jews and pagans,” the website intones, suggesting that fans may simply want to don the English flag instead, as “this has nothing to do with crusaders or what they stood for”.

And although it can’t help musing: “The English flag used to have connotations with far-right nationalism,” it is forced to concede that: “Today the flag is flown by local authorities and individuals in a purely patriotic sense.”


The ‘iWonder’ website  depicts crusaders as “wading ankle deep in blood, killing civilians and resorting to cannibalism, while a source is cited describing the leader of the Muslim forces, Nur ed-Din as “a just prince, valiant and wise, and according to the traditions of his race, a religious man”.

Breezing past the fact that the Christian Holy Roman Empire was “losing territory to Muslim Turks in the East,” the website recounts the history of the crusades in terms depicting the Christian forces as the equivalent of today’s Islamic State: religion-crazed extremists who ravaged the Middle East in an attempt to win favour in heaven. ISIS-MAIN_2910705a

The Sun  Earlier this week cops unearthed an ISIS plot to attack England supporters during the tournament later this month. Muslim terrorists were allegedly planning to deploy suicide bombers armed with guns to attack fans in Marseilles. 

ISIS use the term “crusader” to describe their enemies in the West such as Britain and the US.

Intelligence chiefs fear militants are planning “a summer of carnage” after retrieving data from the laptops and mobile phones of terror suspects Mohamed Abrini and Salah Abdeslam – the suspected mastermind of the Paris and Brussels attacks – which outlined a plan to attack England supporters at the match against Russia on June 11.

Chris Doyle, director of the Council For The Advancement of Arab-British Understanding, has said Crusader outfits could make some people targets.