BLUE ANGELS MARINE PILOT Capt. Jeff Kuss could have ejected once he knew his plane was going to crash…but he didn’t

38267798Kuss appeared to have stayed with the plane because it was over a heavily populated residential area in Smryna, Tennessee and he wanted to make sure the plane crashed away from the homes. He is a real American hero. God bless his soul.


And now, a repugnant San Francisco leftist lawmaker has proposed  banning the renowned Navy squadron from flying over his city.

Stars & Stripes  John Avalos, a member of the board of supervisors, told the San Francisco Chronicle that the jets are a threat to safety and should not be allowed to fly over occupied areas.

“It’s about the terror that they cause in people when they strafe neighborhoods. That’s something I hear about all the time when Blue Angels fly overhead.” Avalos misused the term “strafing,” a term typically used to describe when pilots are flying their aircraft low to the ground, firing at targets while using machine guns or rotary cannons. 

Avalos has raised the issue before. Last fall, he said a Blue Angels performance over San Francisco reminded him of U.S. “imperialism.” The planes, he said, buzz San Francisco with “feel good jingoism.”