NEVER HIRE A MUSLIM Reason #157: Ramadan 30-day ‘no lunch-athon’


And so it begins. Ramadan, that is. 30 days of “fasting” which usually means just skipping lunch. But this Ramadan, the month of conquest and jihad according to ISIS, is going to be particularly testing…says Katie Hopkins, one of Britain’s most politically incorrect and spot-on critics of Islam.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Brenda K)  Held each year during the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, in 2016 this has coincided with a Northern Hemisphere’s summer equinox, in which the days are longest. By fasting from dawn to dusk, Muslims at northerly latitudes won’t eat for the best part of 20 hours out of 24 — before saying special prayers, feasting, sleeping and starting all over again the next day.

An employer named Paul called in to Katie Hopkins’ radio show to say he runs an engineering firm of 300 people. Last year, during Ramadan, one Muslim lost a few fingers in heavy machinery. This year, Paul has sent fasting Muslims home on full pay because he can’t afford the moral hazard of someone hurting themselves. But replacing them with temporary workers is costing a fortune. Legal advice says he certainly can’t afford to send them home on no pay because he will take the heat for religious discrimination. Thus the advisory: Never hire a Muslim in the first place.