NOW IN GERMANY, illegal alien Muslim invaders burn down their camp in Dusseldorf, demand better housing

SIX MUSLIM INVADERS were arrested for deliberately setting their asylum center on fire which was home to more than 280 other Muslim illegals posing as refugees. The reason? They didn’t think the accommodations were good enough for them.


It took more than 70 firefighters to put out the blaze. One Muslim arsonist took pictures and filmed himself as he started the fire, bragging about it on social media. Allegedly the motivation was “bad conditions” and to receive better housings, preferably separate apartments. Looks like it worked because the Muslim scum are now temporarily housed in a 4-Star Maritim Hotel in the city center.

German media went silent about the story as soon as it became clear that was the Muslims themselves burned down their camp and not as they first reported another “hate crime” motivated by the rising popularity of the Right Wing Party AfD.

h/t Face of a dying Nation – Backup

And speaking of arson, in Greece, at the Souda refugee camp on island of Chios, Muslim ingrates set garbage cans on fire which damaged tents and containers with clothes that belonged to the United Nations Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other non-governmental organizations operating in the camp.