EGYPT: Is this the meanest TV prank ever?

Actress is tricked into thinking she has been kidnapped by ISIS terrorists on a studio set and is made to beg for her life.


UK Daily Mail  This is the moment cruel TV pranksters tricked a terrified actress into thinking she had been kidnapped by ISIS and was made to beg for her life on video. Footage taken in Egypt shows the frightened woman, named as Heba Magdi, surrounded by men dressed as militants from the terror group carrying a range of weapons.

A balaclava-wearing ‘terrorist’ waves a machine gun at her head and orders her to pose for pictures infront of an ISIS flag as she pleads for her own release. The screaming actress covers her face with her hands as the fake fanatics pretend to get irate.

At one point she starts sobbing uncontrollably and tries to cower behind a wooden chair as they bark instructions at her. Hidden cameras then show the men attempting to place a suicide vest over her shoulders – prompting her to make a bid for freedom.


Paralyzed with fear, she then cowers on a sofa covering her face with the sound of police sirens outside the door. The man wearing the balaclava then emerges carrying what appears to be a hand held rocket launcher and aims it at the door.

Amid mocked-up explosions and gunfire, the woman continues to beg for her life – unaware that she is being tricked, AhlulBayt News Agency reports.

Eventually, one of the men sits down beside her apparently revealing she had been the subject of a prank. But the actress remains visibly shocked as the video comes to an end.