“BECAUSE I’M ENTITLED!” Muslim freeloader in Germany shoplifts two bottles of booze and refuses to pay for them

I thought Muslims don’t drink alcohol? Thanks to Angela Merkel’s open door policy, stores are being robbed blind by Muslim entitlement whores posing as ‘refugees’ who are living in free housing where they get free food and spending money. (Awwww…not enough for wine, I guess)


MadWorldNews (h/t bleeps)   When the store clerk stopped the Muslim telling him he would have to pay for the wine, he declined, arguing with employees in his native tongue while refusing to let go of the bottles. Thank goodness a neighborhood watch group was in the store and grabbed the bottle out of the man’s hands.

Then they tried to physically remove the man from the store, but the shoplifter fought back and even shoved one of the group members. “Huh?! What do you want from me? Huh,” the thief could be heard shouting. “What do you want from me?! Pigs! Get out of here! Pigs! Piss off.”

 The three-man group then began beating up the Muslim for his resistance. From there, they were able to force the man out of the store relatively easily. Showing just how frustrating the refugee crisis has been, employees explain that police had already been out to the store twice that day. Furthermore, a woman in the background could be heard saying, “It’s sad that we need to rely on a neighborhood watch group” to protect us.