OHIO: Man who shot two people including a deputy sheriff with an AK-47 is a MUSLIM

Sheriff Larry Sims reported the deputy shot was Katie Barnes who responded to the first domestic violence call. The call was  about an individual named Mohammed Abdou Laghaoui, 19, who  was threatening to shoot his father and brother.

Cincinnati  Barnes arrived there to discuss the threats being made by Mohammed, threatening to kill his brother and father. Barnes spent 40 minutes talking to the father and brother to see if they would file charges. They did not want to seek criminal charges, so Barnes left, according to Sims.

About an hour later, the Warren County Sheriff’s Office received a second domestic violence call. Laghaoui had punched his father in the face, with continued threats being made. Within six minutes of that call, Barnes arrived back to the Orchard, parking “strategically so that she could approach this apartment complex without being seen right away,” Sims said.

As Barnes approached the second floor, where Apartment C is located, Lagahoui immediately opened fire on her with an AK-47 assault rifle. At least six spent rounds were found near Barnes, with five rounds found elsewhere. She fired four times, Sims said.


Within a minute, Barnes called for help and returned fire. Barnes was struck by one of the rounds at that point, then another deputy arrived and he was able to get Barnes out of there, Sims said. Thinking the shots were firecrackers, two neighbors went outside and became face-to-face with Lagahoui. One of them, Jason Ratliff, was shot at twice but is unharmed, Sims said.

It wasn’t until 4:30 a.m., when Lagahoui returned to his apartment, that the Warren County Sheriff’s Office took him into custody without incident, Sims said. Barnes was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and was released at about 2:30 a.m. The round hit her in her lower abdomen.

The female deputy who was shot is conscious and alert. The condition of the other shooting victim is unknown, but authorities said his injuries are no-life threatening.



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  1. If he is known by police why didn’t they send special response team?? A lone deputy sherrif with a pistol against a guy with an assault rifle is not a good idea.

  2. They need to deny firearm permits to Mooslime. Either because they are mentally unstable, or religiously prone to violence. Take ur pick.

  3. Why does the West, the USA in particular, keep denying the existence of Islamic violence, Islam is a cult that wants to achieve world domination, they do not want to co exist, but to dominate. All the apologetics in the world will not change that, they are a group of people who think they are superior to everyone else, and demand that their medieval practices be accepted by the west, they demand the right to have Sharia courts. They must be eliminated from the USA including all Mosque’s, Islamic Centers all of it

  4. When it was known that the suspect was identified as a MUSLIM by his name, why was a lone deputy sent out instead of a SWAT team?

    Mohammad’s prefer to shoot and KILL American Christians rather than their family members. JIHAD is TAUGHT in THE QURAN.

    Thank God that the Muslim FILTH import didn’t succeed in his attempted MURDER of the American deputy.

  5. What will it take to wake people the fuck up ? A million people spontaneously combusting to a Nuke ? This needs to be dealt with with NO mercy and NOW

  6. send his disgusting ass back so the dumb pos can kill his relates! and next time wait until they have killed their relates!

  7. …as long as its muzzle-on-muzzie violence on your own family, go for it mohammed.


    PPS, happy ramadan, towelhead

    • Real Deal;

      It is not correct to call them towel heads. What they wear is more like a small sheet on their heads, so you should call them little sheet heads!

      As a former LEO, I also want to know why the deputy was sent out alone on this Muslime involved incident. She should have at least had another deputy with her.

      I know I would have.

      HH in Texas

  8. One good thing about domestic violence calls in CA. Family doesn’t have a choice. It’s up to responding officers. In this circumstance, moooohooomooo would go to jail!

    Still puking over all the coverage of mooohamed ali! Msm still parading out spokespersons for pisslam crying about islamaphobia and what a wonderful example he was for their religion which espouses “peace”!! Of course, the “consciousness objector ” went on to acquire millions beating in the heads of others!!! “Open up wide. Swallow down deep. A spoonful of sugar, will make it taste sweet.”

    • I watched it too, Emma. The Black Christian pastor was good. Billy C. (can’t remember how his name is spelled) was good.The hippie, FAR left Rabbi, made me want to puke! Forget who said Ali wanted to build bridges, obviously doesn’t have a clue about islam.I doubt Ali did either.

  9. So why are Muslims so violent even when they claim there are moderate Muslims.. There are a lot of people who said, they may act moderate and harmless, but they are no moderate Muslims..

    It is so confusing to the People of other religion that are peaceful..