AMERICANS: Did you know the Obama Regime is spending $20,000 of your money per Muslim refugee even before they go on welfare, get food stamps and free healthcare?

new report reveals that taxpayers are on the hook for almost $20,000 for each refugee and asylum seeker who comes to the U.S.


FOX News  The eye-opening study from Negative Population Growth showed that number – which doesn’t even include welfare, medical assistance, food stamps, and housing – will jump even higher if President Obama gets his way and brings an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in later this year.

On “Fox and Friends Weekend,” former Navy SEAL and Virginia congressional candidate Scott Taylor said that federal oversight is extremely important. He explained that if states and government agencies are financially incentivized to accept more refugees, it blurs the line between humanitarian aid and financial gain.


Pete Hegseth pointed out that a large number of refugees receive further federal support, including food stamps, Medicaid and housing assistance, which could also incentivize refugees to flee to the U.S. as opposed to other destinations.

Taylor noted that average Americans and legal immigrants don’t get the same “federal safety net” as these asylum seekers.