CNN apologizes for calling Muslim terrorists “terrorists” after they killed and wounded several Israelis at Tel Aviv cafe

Unknown CNN then “swiftly removed the headline and issued an apology via Twitter, calling their use of quotation marks around the word terrorist in their news headline ‘a mistake’” following this week’s Palestinian terrorist attack in Tel Aviv’s Sarona market that left four Israeli Jews dead and 16 more wounded.

Jerusalem Post  However, in a press release, CNN said that the attacks were, without question, “terrorist attacks.”


Similarly, the British news network SKY also neglected to use the word “terror” or “terrorism” in their report of the attack at Sarona. The BBC’s headline “Tel Aviv shooting: Three killed in attack in shopping centre attack” was also markedly void of the keywords. The Telegraph as well as the Guardian also labeled the terror attack as “shooting” incidences in their headlines. 


The media hates Israel. Media coverage of Palestinian terror attacks against Israelis proves it.

JNS  Such factual errors—as well as alterations to the context surrounding Islamic terrorist attacks and other violence by Palestinians against Israelis—are frequently documented by CAMERA. 

Two “Palestinians” came into a synagogue, murdered 4 people, caused another to die later in the day, and wounded many others. They caused 26 children to lose their father. They caused suffering all over the world. And CNN focused on the death of the disgusting terrorists, may their souls never know rest.


In the wake of a terrorist attack on the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood on Tuesday morning—which killed five people, including three American citizens, and wounded at least seven other Jewish worshippers—Western media organizations rushed to downplay the culpability of the Palestinian terrorists in the attack.

Canada’s CBC news had as it’s headline:


The Guardian also removed all references to Palestinians from the text of the article, writing only that “two men” had perpetuated the attack. “Two men armed with axes, knives and a pistol have killed four Israelis and wounded several others in a Jerusalem synagogue …”

CBS totally obfuscated the attack, implying that the synagogue was a contested religious site.


CNN actually mislabeled its initial TV coverage of the terror attack with the headline, “Deadly attack on Jerusalem mosque.”


CNN ran a headline stating that four Israelis and two Palestinians were killed in the attack, failing to note that the two Palestinians were the terrorists.

The headline below from CNN does more than sympathize with the terrorists. It demonizes Israel. From that headline alone, one would think that the terrorists were innocently wandering the streets in Israel when the vicious Israeli police murdered them in cold blood.

2014_11_18 CNN Headline 2

What a difference 16 hours makes in the life of a New York Times headline about Palestinian violence. Shortly after a Palestinian stabbed to death Israeli soldier Almog Shiloni yesterday outside a Tel Aviv train station, the straightforward headline was “Palestinian Stabs Israeli Soldier at Tel Aviv Train Station.” The headline clearly identified the perpetrator (a Palestinian), what he did (stabbed), and his victim (an Israeli soldier).

inyt Palestinian stabs

Apparently, the clear identification of a Palestinian as being responsible for a violent attack was uncomfortable for one or more Times editors. The article’s headline now appears online as:

nyt Palestinian suspected

Then we have this misleading headline from the Los Angeles Times for a story about Palestinian teenagers killed after multiple stabbing attacks on Israelis:


When a Palestinian driver ran over pedestrians in Jerusalem last month—after which point police officers responded by shooting the assailant, as they likely would do if such an incident occurred anywhere else—the initial Associated Press headline was “Israeli Police shoot man in east Jerusalem.” This headline, though later revised, was online for some time and omitted the entire terror attack that provided the context for the police shooting.


ap headline israeli police shoot man sm

CAMERA also pointed out what it called “passive language” in the initial New York Times headline on the synagogue attack. The headline had stated, “Four Killed in Jerusalem Synagogue Complex,” without any mention of terrorism.

nyt headline four killed synagogue attack

The Boston Globe print edition’s front page, meanwhile, on Nov. 19 ran the headline “5 dead in Jerusalem Attack” along with the subhead “2 Palestinian assailants also killed in violence at synagogue,” seemingly giving moral equivalence to the deaths of Jewish worshippers and the terrorists who murdered them.


Below is a screenshot of the initial report as published on the BBC’s website in the hours after the Jerusalem attack” “Driver hits pedestrians…” Could happen anywhere, right? And if we, the BBC, want to avoid being judgmental, well, that’s understandable, no?

nyt palestinians killed after hit and run

A Palestinian driver has rammed a van into several pedestrians in Jerusalem, killing a policeman, hours after clashes at the city’s holiest site. Some 13 people were hurt in the attack on Wednesday. The driver was shot dead. Hamas militants said they carried out the attack. Israel’s prime minister said it was a result of “incitement” by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.


What’s striking here, apart from the circumlocutions? The word terror appears in this lengthy article exactly zero times, reflecting the morally-compromised and self-damaging guidelines at work within one of the world’s most influential sources of news and opinion.

Daily Wire  For nearly 48 hours, Israeli civilians shuttered in fear as one terrorist after another stabbed, mauled, and attacked people indiscriminately. You wouldn’t know that from the egregious headlines posted by the world’s most widely-read news sources. Here are a few examples:

nyt invert

The BBC undermines the reality of Palestinian terror. The absurdity of placing quotation marks around the violent acts of Palestinian terrorists, as if the incident is somehow under dispute, shows the extent of the BBC’s efforts to de-legitimize the sovereign State of Israel. 


Unfortunately, it gets much worse.

Aside from the sensationalist and deceitful headline, the Guardian (UK) went above and beyond to peddle some sort of conspiracy theory about Israelis security forces. Despite evidence on the ground, the Guardian still makes sure to cast doubt on the Israeli Security forces’ recollection of the events. They “allege” there was an attack, pontificates the Guardian. The distortion is only compounded by the newspaper’s (if you can call it that) suggestion that since no officers were gravely harmed during the encounter, there must have not been an attack. 


Australia’s Sky News went full anti-Israel, refusing to even play rhetorical games. Instead, they just replaced the word “terrorists” with “teenagers,” acting as though Israel arbitrarily guns down children without rhyme or reason. 


 CNN Deserves First Prize for Anti-Israel, Biased Reporting If we don’t make enough noise, CNN, BBC and CBS (to name a few) will have succeeded in making the world think Israel is worse than our enemies and together, they will all cry for the destruction of Israel.

One could imagine if 9/11 happened today how the mainstream media would characterize it: