DENMARK: Muslim sharia patrols harass bar owners, intimidate bar patrons, telling them there is no drinking in ‘sharia zones’

DENMARK'S DISMAYBar owners in Nørrebro are screaming for police protection against Muslim jihadists who have formed ‘sharia patrols’ which vandalize bars and pubs in the area and scare away customers around the area. The bar owners report that they have had their premises vandalized by Muslim gangs opposed to alcohol, gambling and other acts that are considered offensive under Islamic law.


RT  “Recently some young men came in and shouted that Nørrebro is covered by Sharia, so alcohol is forbidden,” Heidi Dyrnesli, owner of the Café Heimdal told Radio 24syv.

Pub owners in the Nørrebro suburb of Copenhagen have for months tried to get the Copenhagen Police to take action against a group of youths from an immigrant background, who have been threatening, extorting, and vandalizing bars in broad daylight.

The concept of Sharia zones was introduced by a group called ‘Call to Islam’ some five years ago. Using volunteers, pockets of activists embark on daily patrols of the neighborhood and approach those who drink, gamble, or engage in other activities seen by the group as running contrary to Islamic beliefs.


“Recently some young men came into the bar and shouted that all guests should leave,” Heidi Dyrnesli from Cafe Heimdal told Radio24syv. “They shouted so that the site belongs to them and that Nørrebro is Sharia zone, so there is no drinking alcohol.”

The gangs also use firecrackers and stones to smash windows and assault premises, while the police seem to unable to stop such behavior from youths. Mucki Bar owner, Birgitte Fischer, claims that the gang asked them for at least 60,000 DKK ($9,200) as so-called “protection money.”

This is the Muslim noise pollution that people have to put up with in the streets of Copenhagen: