GERMANY: Swimming pool bans Muslim women from wearing full-body burqinis after complaints from normal women

The sight of the Muslim supremacist freaks so offended other swimmers that town officials decided to post the ban on all burqinis being worn in future.


UK Daily Mail  A local newspaper report said there were loud complaints from the other female swimmers when the Muslim woman swam and did water aerobics in the all-over bacteria-spreading costume.

‘Why the burqini as a full-body suit would be necessary to wear during a women-only swim day is for me incomprehensible,’ said mayor Heinz Kiechle said. ‘Only generally typical apparel is to be worn,’ he added. 

Hitze in Berlin

‘Because the pool is financed publicly for all people it makes no sense to have special arrangements for individual religions if this adseresly affects the general public. ‘This also contradicts the fundamental ideas of integration and mutual understanding, which is always being discussed in many towns.’

He added that some refugees had tried to go swimming in their underwear and this was banned too. 

The burqini ban, while seemingly supported by townspeople, has offended some left wing politicians and human rights groups. ‘We see this case not only as a clear violation of fundamental rights but also as a blow to humanity and tolerance,’ stated the youth wing of the Green Party.