MUSLIMS – The ultimate ‘snowflake’ generation

its-not-ok-23v1c2hcqu814hwcoj0l9a3oWho hasn’t gotten called names by other students in school sometime in one’s life? Nobody, I presume. Just like no teenager would ever dream of shopping an alleged ‘name-calling’ incident to a major news network and expect it to get a featured report on it.  Nobody, that is, except a Muslim…recruited by CAIR to play the perpetual victim card on a regular basis.

WXYZ  (h/t Rob E) In any given week on the CAIR Twitter feed, you can find stories about crybaby Muslims whining about some kind of “Islamophobic” verbal attack…something to be expected when reports of Islamic terrorism made the headlines  every week.

Case in point: Bloomfield Hills, MI – It was late May when a 17 year old graduating senior at Cranbrook Schools. says she was walking the campus with her mother. “As we were leaving the parking lot we heard a few boys scream out the Arabic slogan”Allahu Akbar” (Our god is greater),” the teen says.

Later that same day, she says she left her dorm to take a run. “As I was going through a trail, I was approached by five guys about 17 or 18, …they surrounded me. They started screaming racial and religious slurs, such as “Arab go back to your country, you don’t belong here.” She says, “It was absolutely terrifying.