So, what are ‘moderate’ Muslims saying in Arabic about the Orlando massacre which the media will never show you?

Thanks to the good work of Twitter user @ahmedaa1k, you are able to see what was being said in Arabic by many Muslims in response to the Orlando shooting. Please keep in mind, Ahmed is the individual translating these tweets, not the individual making these abhorrent comments.

h/t GodlessSpell

If you run into any CAIR jihadists or other Muslims talking about solidarity between Muslims and the Gay community, show them these comments:

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  1. Islam is the exaggeration of a psychotic pedophile named Muhammad. Marrying a 6 year old like Muhammad did what a pervert. this is no religion this is blasphemy the book of Islam is blasphemy Muhammad is blasphemy

  2. A psycho walks into a club and murders dozens of innocent people in cold blood? Horrible. Then his fellow psychos have the GALL to celebrate and sing the murderer’s praises? Unspeakable. And all in the name of a totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion. Islam is a crime against humanity. It needs to be eradicated.

  3. Interesting now that the father of the Orlando shooter is a Taliban supporter, and now shows up in a Hilary rally in Florida, just miles from where his MUSLIM son showed up and killed innocent people!! BTW not all victims were gay, but all were Americans. That is very unnerving!! He shows up front and center for Hilary!! Whoo, we better do the math on that!!!

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  5. to say all gays hate religion is simplistic…we should use the word spirituality which is more appropriate, i am not anti christian or anti jew but we need to be truthful that there are very cruel doctrines and information in the old ( and even new testament ) that can be acted out that would harm minority groups like unbelievers and people who are born sexual minorities.Do not forget that only several decades ago, many god fearing pastor were screaming about scriptural support for slavery in the south, and many more were adamant that women should stay in the kitchen as it would be ungodly for a women to vote since the man should be head of the household. Fortunately christianity has evolved into a compassionate faith system unlike islam which is still stuck in the stone ages and the likelihood of change and acceptance of scientific discovery in the social sciences, biology, genetics and human sexuality are slow in coming…heck there are factions of the christian world that cannot even accept evolution as a fact much less understanding of human sexuality.

    The tragedy that unfold in orlando is due to the fact that the shooter was obviously conflicted in his sexuality, most likely he was born homosexual or else bisexual and then his religion islam teaches tht this is a sin and that he was destined to hellfire ( hello catholics sound familiar ? lol) , but the twist here is that islam has a pernicious and dangerous doctrine on top of that …and that is the only sure way to get to jannah/ paradise is to die as a martyr while fighting and killing infidels ( LGBT PEOPLE CERTAINLY QUALIFIES AS fact very soft target in the eyes of the jihadists ). He had recently gone on Hajj to Saudi arabia, and he goes to a mosque which 100% likelihood teaches this kind of islamic condemnation of lgbt people and also offers a solution to his supposed moral quandary ie being gay and at the same time wanting to go to paradise… how much better ( with a littel influence via internet from ISIS) to solve this intractable problem than to kill the objects of your desire …….

    you see by now he has evolved into a self loathing gay/bisexual muslim male ….sounds familiar eh ? Remember the evangelical pastor who was preaching hate and vitriol against gays, while at the same time furtively using church funds to pay for sexual favors from a male prostitute. Ironically the male prostitute had a higher moral than the pastor and outed him …hmm didnt the bible say something about hypocrisy as a cardinal sin ? well muslims are practising hypocrisy to the nth degree…they condemn the west for our supposed ‘corruption;, but engage in all kinds of perfidy and atrocities and perversion in their own societies. Highest hit for internet porn and animal sex comes from islamic countries. Probably half of the saudis are gay ( if you cant even look at a woman and you are sexually arouse, you have only 2 choices , a goat or a young boy lol), Afghanistan is famous for bachah bazi or the dancing boys of kabul and kandahar where the more vicious and macho a warlord you become the larger the harem of young boys you must keep. The muslim world condemn us infidels for your immorality, but they do not seem to think that marrying a l yr old or 6 yr old and deflowering her at 8 and 9 yrs per the sunnah of their prophet is something immoral. Interestingly even the worst nazis would not stone their wife to a ghastly death while she is buried in a hole,
    nor would a nazi honor kill his daughter because she refuses to weaer a hijab, neither would a nazi perform female genital mutilation , or engage in incest and inbreeding lst cousin marriage per the sunna of the prophet …..all this are horrific examples of the sin of hypocrisy.

    To reiterate, here you have a conflicted twisted individual who by virtue of religious indoctrination has turned into a self loathing person, and along comes this demonic doctrine of salvation to enter jannah/paradise which allah promises any muslim male if he would only kill infidels /gays and then get killed in the process making him a martyr ( shaheed ), whereupon he will instantly enter jannah at the shedding of the lst drop of his blood…..he will then enjoy eternal reward of paradise of food, wine, song , revelry and of course 72 virgins ( and 28 beardless youths or boys fair as scattered pearls— this is the inconvenient ayah that embarrased muslims alway conveniently leave out lol ) ….BUT HOLD YOUR HORSES…HE WILL ALSO GET TO ADVOCATE AND SOLICIT FOR 70 OF HIS CLOSE RELATIVES/FRIENDS TO ENTER JANNAH ALSO …imagine that what an kill infidels ( gays or christians, jews, hindus, buddhists, secularists,atheists etc this case he is self loathing and this is an excellent soltuion in his mind, you get to kill 2 birds with one bullet uuuh stone )…do you see how dangerous this evil doctrine of Shaheed or martyrdom is. Islam does not guarantee you paradise in all its doctrines, in fact even mohammad admints towards the end of his evil career that even he is not guaranteed paradise… hence the term ‘ inshallah’ or ‘ mashaallah ‘ …if allah wills , it is the grace and will of allah otherwords even good deeds will not assure your salvation…GTHE ONLY SURE WAY IS TO KILL INFIDELS AND DIE IN THE PROCESS TO BECOME A MARTYR SHAHEED FI SABEEL ul Allah …in the service of Allah !

    By the way it is not just a minority of l.5 billion muslims who believe in this hideous demonic doctrine of salvation by killing infidels and dying to become a martyr….remember since the Shaheed/martyr gets to advocate for 70 family members, Doing jihad and killing infidels become a family affair , in fact in palestine and other jihadi nations many family members even mothers are proud of their son dying to become jihad while they kill jews and christians and others , because they have a stake in it in the afterlife…your son gets to go prepare and buy you a ticket to paradise ..what more can you ask for ?!!!!!! ( see link : )

    An afterthought…just like the jihad in san bernardino against american infidels, one should be wary of the fact that this is not a lone wolf attack..all lone wolves do not appear out of a vacuum, there arre co-actors and co participants in the wing…this person is nurtured by his family who will of course shed crocodile tears and pretend to deny everything…the FBI should look into the family, the wife ( who claimed that she had knowledge and in fact drove him around when he was casing our checking out disney world and the pulse nightclub ), his siblings, hiis co -religionists and of course MOST IMPORTANTLY HIS LOCAL MOSQUES ….THIS IS A TRUE MANTRA THAT EVERY IFIDEL MUST MEMORIZE…ALL JIHAD EMANATES FROM AND HAVE CONNEXION TO A MOSQUE…THE MOSQUE IS UNLIKE A CHURCH OR SYNAGOGUE OR TEMPLE..IT IS A NEXUS OR HUB FOR THE TEACHING OF THE JIHAD DOCTRINE AND FOR THE PREPARATION OF AND IMPLEMENTATION OF JIHAD ….GET THAT INTO OUR THICK CLUELESS INFIDEL SKULLS !

    • as long as ONE moslem has memorized the koran as it exists there is rationale for jihad against non-moslems.

  6. It may come as a surprise to people, but Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam, is one of the most faggy assed countries in the world. So much of that country is sweet because of the lack of availability of women, and the fact that women are kept under virtual lock and key. It is a dirty secret of the Islamic world. And, of course, Iran, that other bastion of Islamic piety is probably not far behind in the faggy department. This is, of course, despite the fact that both countries have the death penalty for homosexuality.

    I would be willing to wager money that at least half of the commentators in Ahmed’s translations are closeted homosexuals. And, in fact, Omar Mateen, the mass murderer himself is suspected of being a closet homosexual.

    People who frequent this blog and who are educated in Islam already know about the hypocrisy that abounds in Islam and Islamic societies. Look up the term “Bacha Bazi” (literally “playing with boys”) to find a loophole (and not the only one) in Islam regarding homosexuality. Even this blog contains some information about this practice.

  7. The reaction of these savages doesn’t surprise me in the very least. What else could you expect from a bunch of goat fuckers. Yet liberals have the audacity to call anybody that points out this sickness “islamaphobia”. What a load of bollocks.
    NO other religion (if that’s what you can call it) receives even a fraction of the flack that the mooslimes do….Hmmm…I wonder why?

  8. Another difference between civilized people and the UNCIVILIZED; civilized people might not agree with a lifestyle, but they don’t KILL, because of it!!

  9. So where are the site moderators???…BTW, this is sarcasm…
    If this was you or I posting this, we’d be banned and reported to the police..Maybe arrested and prosecuted as well…
    Will the LBGT crowd learn anything from this? I doubt it. Some obviously will but the rest will still walk around with their heads firmly stuck in the sand… Of course, this is all Trumps fault and everyone who is Pro Gun is to be punished severely……

    This has absolutely NOTHING to do with ISLAM or MUSLIMS……It’s the fault of all those who want to STOP this from happening by using common sense actions..

    Yeah, I know I’m preaching to the converted here..WE actually know what the real root cause of all this crap is. A pity the establishment are too busy lining their pockets with dubious money rather than giving a damn about the rest of us..

  10. Thanks Bonni for posting this and thanks to “Ahmed” for translating these mini-rants. Everybody in the “LGBT community” needs to see these so they can wake up like the gay people in Phoenix who have had enough of this b.s. and have come out for Trump.

  11. Muslims love those that apologise on their behalf in the West. They see them as the useful idiots that they are. Allahu Akbar Obama being their biggest servant. Muslims love them because these idiots are dividing the non-Muslim world and creating endless confusion. Divide and conquer is the Muslims’ plan, and there is no doubt that they are a long way into achieving their plan. Europe is almost in their hands. Of course, the final aim is Sharia law everywhere, and those of us that don’t submit to the religion of pieces will suffer the same fate as those that perished in Orlando.

  12. They are all full of shit and lies! When there is no one left to kill for their “holy” reasons, they will start to kill each other for no reason ( they already started that anyway ). Religion of peaces ! It’s unbelievable how many retards are in the world, using sect as excuse for their evil acts.

  13. Once again another one of the backward thinking , low browed , knuckle dragging , anti Semitic , women hating, HOMOPHOBIC, troglodyte like followers , of that hate filled political ideology , that masks itself as a religion of peace , has gone on a terrorist rampage
    And ofcourse the other followers all agree with what happened
    Are we surprised at all?

  14. Thank you for posting this important piece. Every LGBT needs to see this. Though I don’t know how they could have missed the muslime agenda before.

  15. And whenever someone says something like “Let’s close Europe’s borders” online, they get crucified and thrown in jail, while Muslims are allowed to say shit against LGBT people online

  16. This is not a gay issue for ignorant rednecks to gloat over, like the LG of Texas. This is a moslem issue. Those gay people did not deserve to die at the hands of savages any more than anyone else. It is not God’s wrath, it is moslem savagery. Next time it might be your child’s school or your church or your baseball game or your mall. You can bet that moslems are planning attacks on every soft target in America. Do you deserve to be slaughtered by moslems because you were at the mall? No? Well, saying that these gays got what they deserved is just as stupid.

    This is not directed to anyone in particular here except the gay hater types. You can bet that this will wake some gays up. It’s a slow process. I hope we can bet the moslems to the finish line.

  17. And of course Hillary is saying that moderate Muslims do not support terrorism or ISIS.

    So what do you call this?

    I call it whole-hearted support by the Muslimes.Radical or not

    HH in Texas

  18. The death cult followers celebrate death and horror against people they don’t agree with. It’s pathetic.

  19. Firstly this disgusting evil piece of filth just also happened to be homosexual and frequented the club in question.

    Torn between his sexual desires and Satan worship, satan won out and allah is most pleased with his actions. Following to the letter the law and instructions of the Quran. He will dismiss his 72 virgins now and prefefence the28 boys

    Secondly these disgusting Arabs are all chomping at the bit the emigrate into the USA to destroy your country. Obama and Hillary are in a panic since they can’t get them to the USA fast enough and in huge numbers and give them as much cash as possible at the expense of the hard working true Americans.
    I hope your post goes viral bonni.

  20. What sane individual cannot absolutely SEE with their own eyes how horribly evil this so called “religion” is? They who WILL not see it for what it truly is…..islam is a disease and MUST be eradicated from the face of the earth or the world will NEVER know peace…..
    KILL. THEM. ALL ….. !!! NOW ….before it’s too late…

  21. And yet the same liberals champion the Muslims are they stupid or what? They run around apologizing for the west treatment of Islam. They need to be committed

  22. A “radical Muslim” wants to kill all non-Muslims while a “moderate Muslim” wants a “radical Muslim” to kill all non-Muslims.

  23. The irony is epic, though championed by LGBT community Moslems show them no mercy. The fact remains most “alternative lifestyle” practitioners are not only Liberals but attention-seeking, mouthy activist-types who have sympathized with and championed the followers of the pedophile “prophet” moo-HAM-mud because they too are a “minority” but how fitting is it in this instance that members of Bathhouse Barry Obama’s “community” (Gays) were targeted by their pets.

    Shall I or have I shed a tear over this attack? Nope! And I never will as it’s quite likely that the same patrons of that notorious club (“yes” it was “notorious” and caused lots of problems since it’s opening) would spit upon me and assault me as I left a Trump rally while screaming that I was a “bigot”,”racist”, “homophobe” and islamophobe”.

    • Unapologetic American;
      I love reading your blogs. You happen to say exactly what I’m thinking (like Trump does).
      I could care less what his ID and location are. He’s no doubt posting from an internet cafe in Karachi. Kinda hard to call the cops on him. lolol

      • Dyann:

        Thank you.

        I’m probably the ONLY one here who has had encounters with BOTH the Blind Sheik Omar Abdul Rakham and his bodyguard/driver/translator/co-conspirator in Jersey City, N.J. before the ’93 WTC Attack AND the Beltway Snipers John Allen Muhammud and Lee Boyd Malvo near the end of their terror spree along Interstate 95 outside Ashland Va.and have lived to tell the tale.

    • This isn’t a gay issue. This is a moslem issue. It could have just as easily been your child’s school. Ever heard of Beslan? I think your head is cross threaded. Unscrew it and screw it back on straight.

      • This sure as hell IS a “Gay” issue and tragically if YOU can’t see THAT you aren’t as intelligent as you claim to be,

        Fact; Orlando Jihadist Moslem was G-A-Y, GAY!

        Fact: GAYS side with Islamic Jihadists AND Moslems in general over the USA and “heterosexuals” because THAT’S exactly what “the Left” has brainwashed them to do from an early age.

        Fact: Obama is “angry” because:

        (1) He IS a “GAY”

        (2) He IS a “Moslem” and he’s been exposed as one, albeit a bumbling one.

  24. Please ask Ahmed for all of us (and for BNI) for the IDs and locations of these commentors. They must be OUTED – especially any that are located in the US, Canada and Europe!

  25. These Muslim Vermin gloat over the murder of unarmed party goers by another cowardly Muslim Vermin,this so called Religion of Peace (Clinton) practices amongst many perversions,Child Rape,Female Genital Mutilation,Female Rape and Slavery, its easy to see who the real Perverts are…..Islam and its PEDOPHILE founder Mohammed.I have a few young Gay friends who are genuine nice people on the other hand I have never met a decent Muslim,must be something about 1700 years of intensive inbreeding and daily doses of bile from their perverted Moon God.Death to Islam and all who follow it.

  26. Let’s get ready for more mass slaughters as we fly over more mud, to give us TB, and overwhelm the welfare rolls!

  27. Real disgusting. Islam is disgusting. A real piece of hate needing to be cleaned off the face of the earth. It’s only a little more disgusting then those fans of it who really know nothing about just what Islam wants to do to them.

    • poor horse nothing I see him and he looks well loved shiny black coat and all , would talk trade on that mexican high back western saddle he’s toatin looks comfortable

  28. You know that they are proclaiming this in every America-occupying mosque across the country when the kafirs aren’t listening.

  29. these assholes dont know if they are coming or going. raping boys is acceptable but gays must be killed.